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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Is it worth to buy the new peter wolf cd with mick and keith?? Return to archive
09-12-02 11:19 AM
Moonisup I just wanna know, shall I buy it ore not? Is it good?

09-12-02 12:01 PM
Sammy1 Thank you for bringing that up. I don't have it so I may not be of any help. I did go to the site. They have a great review of the album (take that for what it's worth). Regardless, they do have some 30 second samples. The Mick track sounds amazing. Unfortunately the Keith track is not available. This is not "Freeze Frame II". Thanks again for the reminder.
09-12-02 12:19 PM
winter The last Peter Wolf album was excellent, but very mellow. I haven't picked this one up yet, but I have a friend who did, and said the Mick song alone makes it a worthwhile purchase. He also said the rest of the album is good.

Hope this helps. I'll probably pick it up this afternoon. Maybe I'll post some thoughts tonight/tomorrow.

09-12-02 12:20 PM
Moonisup thank you very much, I look forward to read your review!!

09-12-02 12:22 PM
Nellcote Having seen J Geils some 15 times, I probably am not the most partial person to submit this, however, here goes.

This is Wolf continuing his last album, Fools Parade, with more twists. His collaborations all work here, some very reflective writing takes you to places Wolf has never been. There are no "Lights Out" type tracks, rather, some good r & b that he has as his idols. The Keith track definitely works!

Wolf probably is the most unappreciated artist of his period. He has weathered more of his share of label management snafus, which have caused his lack of promotion.
He is a legend in the Beantown area, plays impromptu gigs
periodically, was the Stones host during their visit here last week. Hopefully, this time, he gets recognition.
09-12-02 12:42 PM
winter Nellcote my friend, how the hell are you? A continuation of Fool's Parade sound good to me.

BTW, I absolutely agree with your take on Peter. Did you catch the firefighters benefit a couple of years back at the ORPHEUM - great show!

I think J Geils biggest problem is the fact that freeze frame was their last and most successful studio release. While it was a huge commercial success, it was, well, very '80s, tainting the image of J Geils in many people's mind as an '80s band.

I'm hoping Peter does some small local gigs to promote this one.

Are you still on for Giants/Hartford?

09-12-02 02:25 PM
Nellcote Wintah;

How the hell are you.....I imagine the Orpheum was all it was billed up to be....Yes, we are still on for Hartford, will skip Giants, one stadium show is plenty.
Wolf was on ZLX two weeks ago today, he was his usual entertaining self. He's revamped his site, good story on his recording with Keith. Next to the Stones, J. Geils was the best live act around. Yes, we made it to the Orpheum for the firefighters benefit, that and the first Great Woods show that year took this duffer right back to 1974, Cape Cod Collesium!

How is 12 X 5, have not heard from him all week.
Last time I spoke with him, he had just met Lisa Fischer outside the Orpheum...

09-12-02 02:30 PM
Moonisup maybe he's with her!! Is Lisa single actually?
09-12-02 02:49 PM
lotsajizz I'd like to think so :-) !!
09-12-02 03:08 PM
winter Moon is Up -

I've just given it one listen, unfortunately, I'm at work so the volume is down a bit, BUT - my initial thoughts are that the album is very good - the Mick song is excellent (although Mick is not featured in the song, his backing vocals come in at the end). I was on a call during the Keith song, so I didn't get a good listen.

I'll post more thoughts after a second listen,

Nellcote -

I hear you on Giant's stadium, but to me it's a good reason to get down to NYC for a weekend. Anyway, I'll see you in Hartford. As for 12X5, I spoke to him yesterday and I think he's doing Giants stadium and Hartford.


09-12-02 03:10 PM
Moonisup Well have fun at your job!! it is here 21.12 in the evening!! I am enjoying me evening now!
09-12-02 03:26 PM
Nellcote Wintah;

So, is 12 X 5 still with Ms. Fischer....

Wolf claims to be putting a band together, so probably the Middle East, or pubs in the 'burbs. We will have to keep watch. Had a chance to see Johnny Winter in Woonsocket on 10/4, however I chose Hartford on 10/5. Got to keep all concerned happy....Where is everyone meeting in Hartford..
It will have to go a long way to beat Sully's, that was pissa! Back there in January, amen!
09-12-02 03:42 PM
winter I don't know anything about 12X5 and Lisa. Give me the low down, if you can.

I don't think I've ever been to Hartford, so I'm no help when it comes to the pre-party.

Sully's was great for a pre-party, but it needed STONES music!

09-12-02 04:05 PM
Nellcote Wintah;

You know what I know...maybe the start of some dirt, who knows....

We went to a great brew pub/bar across the street from
the arena in '99, I'll have to remember the name. We'll have to watch Shidobee's board for "the spot".
09-12-02 08:09 PM
souldoggie The new Peter Wolf CD is worth it. The song Mick sings on is fantastic. He really sings it well and with his heart. Blows a cool harp on it, too. The Keith track is a great old blues number, raw and rough. Sounds great.
09-13-02 07:37 AM
bez85 get it, it's the best solo thing Wolf has ever done, besides mick and keith on it there is Dylan's bass player and guitar player on most tracks..dig it...
09-13-02 10:00 AM
Nellcote wrote:



, was the Stones host during their visit here last week. Hopefully, this time, he gets recognition.

not exactly

I do know that Wolf showed up at, at least two
of the Stones parties. Me thinks the Stones hosted
09-13-02 10:33 AM
Nellcote Ken;

Wolf OWNS Beantown, make no mistake. He took Mick
to the posh "Via Matta" new Italian restaraunt on Boylston St, on 08/27, when everyone else thougt the Stones were either still in Toronto or on the Vineyard. Although I read where Wolf joined the band at a party after the Orpheum, Wolf is legendary for his night owl crawling thru the dining/nightlife scene in Boston.
09-14-02 12:38 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Nellcote,how the hell are ya? You should've came down to
the Orpheum because,you may not want to read this but,they
released 20 tickets the day of the show.I met Wolf on Tremont St. before the show.He was heading over to meet
Jagger at the Four Seasons.They showed the two of them on
ch.7 on Monday's noontime news going into Aria.As for me
and Lisa F. I've been flossing my choppers since she left
town.Yeah right!