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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Number of songs Return to archive
09-11-02 08:02 AM
Maxlugar I could be wrong here but I would be willing to bet that the Stones have played more different songs even this early on, then they have on each of the last three tours. I'm not talking combined.

Can someone put on their white lab coat and safety googles and go figure this one out?


Snaggle Max.
09-11-02 01:28 PM
Maxlugar Is no one going to figure this out?

Gazza, you could do it.

I bet Maxy is right!

Anyone wanna bet against me?

Maxy Snaggle Skittles!
09-11-02 01:49 PM
marko its close by now,,,,89-90 they changed only 1-2 songs a
night,,,,1990 hardly at all...1994-1995 tours they changed
about 2-5 songs a night.
1997-1998,,,,the same as 1994-95,usually 2-4 per night,in
1999,the same style,biggest difference was maybe 1998
european tour and 1999 european tour,,,but somehow the set was the same,but,played other way around,,,satisfaction was
opener 97-98,it was an encore 99...
09-11-02 02:03 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl In the whole 1997-1998 tours they played 62 songs

Check this space at IORR with full stats
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-11-02 02:07 PM
Moonisup I hope that they will keep this up when they'll hit Europe!! India and China will definetly be 'greatest hits shows'.

09-11-02 03:22 PM
Maxlugar That's what I meant Voodoo.

So how many songs have they played this year so far?

I bet it close.

Maxlugar, C10.
09-11-02 04:13 PM
BOBM Not yet, but it's a sure bet. They did 61 songs I believe during the BTB tour, and more if you count the short Euro '99 leg as BTB instead of No Security tour. I used to know, but forgot how many they did ion 1994-1995 (maybe 70 something). So far this tour my rough count is 52.

Bob Dylan did 83 in just two months during a recent tour, so the Stones aren't doing anything phenominal.

09-11-02 05:35 PM
Boomhauer They need to get some songs off of those wonderful 80's gems (ER, UC, and DW).
09-11-02 06:38 PM
Gazza i think theyve played 50 different songs so far - dont forget also,theres a few songs played at the club show in Toronto (Sad sad sad,Torn & frayed) that havent been played on the main tour as yet

I'm about to start on the new setlists page,but off the top of my head,this is what theyve played so far,year by year

Unreleased covers Rock me baby, Cant Turn you Loose, love Train (3)

40 Licks (2002) ; Dont Stop (1)
VL (1994) ; YGMR, The Worst, Brand new Car (3)
Steel Wheels (1989): Sad sad sad, slipping Away, Rock and a hard place (3)
Undercover (1983) : Undercover (1)
Still Life (1982) : Going To A Go Go (1)
Tattoo you (1981) : Start me up, Neighbours (2)
Emotional Rescue (1980) : Dance (1)
Some girls (1978) : miss You, whip, far away eyes, before they make me run, beast of Burden, Shattered (6)
Love you Live (1977) : mannish Boy (1)
Black and Blue (1976) : hand of fate, Hot stuff (2)
IORR (1974) : IORR, If you cant rock me (2)
GHS (1973) : Angie (1)
EOMS (1972) : Rocks off,Rip this joint, TDice, Loving Cup, Torn and frayed, happy, All down the line (7)
Sticky Fingers (1971) : brown sugar, CYHMK, Wild horses (3)
Let It Bleed & singles (1969) : HTW, Monkey man, Gimme shelter, Midnight rambler, YCAGWYW (5)
Beggars banquet & singles (1968) : JJF, Stray cat,SF man,Sympathy, Parachute woman (5)
1965 - satisfaction, Everybody needs somebody (2)
1964 - Heart of stone (1)

09-12-02 10:20 AM
Maxlugar Thanks Gazza! They'll be playing more songs on this tour than ever before.

Fuck Yup!

09-12-02 10:35 AM
glencar Anybody else remember buying those albums you could buy in the late 70's that listed every song the Stones had done up until the 1970? It was a little fold-out called 256 Reasons Why the RS Are the World's Greatest... or something like that.
09-12-02 10:51 AM
Joey " Anybody else remember buying those albums you could buy in the late 70's that listed every song the Stones had done up until the 1970? "

No , but if you hum a few bars .......................


09-12-02 12:00 PM
juantcb Yeah - totally. I got mine in "Hot Rocks" around '82. Wasn't there a miniature recreation in the original "High Tide & Green Grass" CD, too?
09-12-02 12:35 PM
Moonisup Sad sad sad - 1

Hand Of Fate - 1

Going To A Go Go - 1

Midnight Rambler - 1

Gimme Shelter -1

Monkey Man -1

Neighbours -1

Parachute Woman -1

Rip This Joint - 1

Rock And A Hard Place - 1

Hot Stuff - 1

Rocks Off - 1

Loving Cup - 1

Far Away Eyes - 1

EveryBody Needs Somebody To Love - 1

Dance - 1

Brand New Car - 1

Beast Of Burden - 1

The Worst - 1

Torn And Frayed - 1

Angie - 1

Undercover Of The Night - 1

When The Whip Comes Down - 1

You Can't Always Get What You Want - 1

Rock Me Baby - 1

Before They Make Me Run - 2

All Down The Line - 2

Heart Of Stone - 2

Miss You - 2

Shattered - 2

Start Me Up - 2

Mannish Boy - 2

Love Train - 2

Wild Horses - 2

Happy - 3

You Got Me Rocking - 3

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - 3

I Can't Turn You Loose - 3

Stray Cat Blues - 3

If You Can't Rock Me - 3

Sympathy For The Devil - 3

Street Fighting Man - 3

Slipping Away - 3

Tumbling Dice - 4

Don't Stop - 4

Can't You Hear Me Knocking - 4

Brown Sugar - 5

Jumpin' Jack Flash - 5

Honky Tonk Women - 5

It's Only Rock 'n Roll - 5

These are all the songs played so far!!

Got this from the love you live site from H mulder.

50 songs so far!!


[Edited by Moonisup]