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FleetCenter,Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Another "Belated" United Center Review Return to archive
09-12-02 10:01 PM
steel driving hammer United Center Review, 3 Words...
"Hit Me Ronnie!!!"
I don't what he's on (or off) but Ron Wood is earning back what he lost.
Took a friend of mine who just moved there on Lake Wood Ave from Farmington Hills Mich, 2 blocks south of Wrigley. Loaded up my rental (didn't wanna take my car since I was going to drive hard) Took a lot of wrong turns driving up (some on purpose) and BLARING the New Jersey 81 boot w/ all the windows down, I finally rolled up to his place like ain't no big thang, you know. Got out of the car, stretched, made sure I had my money, ticket, all that shit. Went up to see his place to wash my face and hands... He gave me a tour and I envy his view on top the patio. He can see Wrigley but not the field. But the Sears Tower and 'Handcock' is in full view. After some Lake Michigan frisbee (loved that btw), a real nice Chicago steak dinner of which I gave my compliments to the chef, talks, rememberences, drinks and yada yada yada, we took a yellow cab to see the Stones.
Arrived there about 7:00, the weather was cool w/ a nice breeze. God shun upon us for it was hot and humid the entire day until maybe 5:00 PM. Then the Cold Front from the North made it's destination. They were so many Rolling Stones tounges (on clothes and electric) flapping just to please. Seemed like everyone had a RS shirt on! They were some BEAUtiful women dressed up in leather, no bra, no undies, no socks. It was just like a dream for a small town steel driving man for I don't see too many concerts or hang out in the big cities let alone live there. At the entrance of the United Center the tall red tounge banners was very nice, I wonder what they do with those after they were finished? The lit moving tounges anouncing this show was something else. I was wearing blue jeans, white tennies, Exile tee shirt and a gray silk sports jacket. In my possesion was a small pc camera (holds 320 pics, you'll see them soon via thumb gallery) binoculars, cell phone, (sorry Sahraia, got no time) pack o smokes etc...Security needed I think to be good. It was but could of been better. Why? Because the ticket said NO CAMERAS and I had one! Just kidding. Ok, we walk in, and everybody is running, jumping all scattered about. Well not really but you know. We did about 2 full laps inside to just look around and what not. Didn't plan things too good for instance, never met, Stonesface, Dano, Parmeda, Boomhauer, Stones 73 and Sir Moonie who were all there too. I went there sober (just 5 glasses of wine w/ dinner) and glad I did I think. While we were at a smoking table we heard a little roar of the crowd, can you picture the scene? The Pretenders...We then poped our heads in to take a look at the stage and I just gazed at it in a deep thought thinking to myself surely looks a treat, no flashy shit, just the guitar playing boy. We walked back out, mingled, pissed, but the pissing took a long time since I have a shy bladder and I have to kick in a stall. After pissing I looked my self in the mirror staring back at me and did 3 over the head claps w/ boogie! Adam was waiting out the baffroom and we entered the arena. Sat down in our plush cotton padded seats and was treated w/ songs of Muddy, Lighting Hopkins (love him) Jimmy Reed, etc up the Ya Ya! They had 2 levels of computer scrolls w/ Red Tounges floating, one clock wise, the other counter. So fucking mellow. Adam broke out some great Chicago stuff to smoke. No one minded infact the party next to mine asked if we'd share, we did. Man it was so good, sitting there, so laxed, smoking grass, cigarettes listening to some GREAT Blues music and watching those Red Tounges mezmorize! Everyone was mellow, as a Chicago style audience does.
Then the lamps turn low, the crowd goes high, and the rumble begins. There was not much special effects for the intro like no special lighting, smoke, sparks. But got a definite feeling the Stones were right back stage! Felt a draft of cold air blowing right at the start, guess the turned down the air. Then, enter The Rolling Stones. THE Rolling Stones! That SFM LICK. I jaw just dropped and my eyes were super glued to the band like I just saw Jesus. Like I was a Slave to them. The band was on stage/one of those nights. I don't want to give you a song by song review, I just hope you get the bootleg for this show and let the guitar play for you. Of course every song was great. No rushing through none of them! When CYHMK played, I was sad. Sad because I love them so much.
Glad I have songs like CYHMK E mother fucking TC to look foward too for my listening in my living room to let it loose.
But seeing them infront of me, I was just simply flabbergasted (sp).
They are like fragile porcilan dolls who've seen it all and wrote the fucking book.
I Love Them, oh the power of an understatement and inner power.
09-12-02 10:20 PM
Scot Rocks Beautiful SDH,

2003 looks a long way away, how many more of these amazing reviews, can I handle!!!


09-12-02 10:36 PM
steel driving hammer You have the sun,
you have the moon,
you have the air to breathe -
and you've got The Rolling Stones!

They just rocked hard. All Grand Fathers!
My being only 32, I say to todays music,,, Get Out Kid.

First 5 songs were just The Stones, no horns, no back up singers.

Just pure, saturated, fermented %30 Rock, %50 Roll and %20 Blues.

What more could you ask for in a Rock and Roll band?

If you do ask, you got no idea what your talking about.

Cheers to you!

Seeing them in 2003 eh?

Wouldn't be suprised if I see them in 2007.

I blow a kiss.
09-12-02 11:49 PM
Martha Steelie said:
I jaw just dropped and my eyes were super glued to the band like I just saw Jesus. Like I was a Slave to them.

I love that image of you seeing them Steelie..I have had that experience too....when I saw Bob Dylan.

When I saw the Stones form the 20th row in 1997...

when I saw Page and Plant in Cleveland in '98...

just complete and total awe and respect for what was in front of me.

I LOVE rock and roll!!!

Hell, I'm seeing them in October and I don't know how many more GREAT reviews I can take either! lol!

Just know when you're seeing them in 2003...I will be wishing I was seeing them again too!

Oh yeah, you spelled flabbergasted correctly.
09-13-02 12:13 AM
parmeda Steel...

You "Hammered" your review...right on the money! Sweety, you gave me a flashback, THANKS! And let me tell you, you were in the best company when you mentioned how your jaw dropped with SFM as an, me and about 20,000 others that were stunned. Wasn't that like a kick in the teeth that you're afraid to have happen, but soooo glad when it did?
Thanks for your review Steel, I had a smile on my face the entire time reading it. I could feel the excitement in your words as well as the excitement that I experienced myself.
I think my only regret for the evening was that some of us weren't able to meet. So close and yet so far...another time, my friend.

09-13-02 01:15 AM
Nasty Habits Hey Steelie

What's up with "I Can't Turn You Loose"? Is it Out of Our Heads wailin' Otis tearin' strong love or is it backed off guitar, horn driven harlem shuffle?

Just wanna know whatI'm infor
09-13-02 02:01 AM
Boomhauer All of these reviews are making me wonder what the DVD is going to be like. Hopefully it will have three different venue shows. It should; it is the theme of the tour. Though, I do have a hunch it's gonna be a stadium show that will be made into a DVD.

09-13-02 07:26 AM
Factory Girl Hey Steelie! Cool review, Thanks!
09-13-02 08:36 AM
Maxlugar Steelie,

Your attention to detail is both piercing and mirthful.

Thanks for you.

I give you one big "FUCK YUP!" and three over the head hand claps w/boogie.

It is with sadness that I remember you will not be coming to MSG…..

09-13-02 08:39 AM
Sir Stonesalot Your comment about taking wrong turns did not surprise me at was, in fact, expected. I've been a passeenger in your vehicle before.

You didn't blow anyone did you?

Congratulations on making it out alive. There's nothing quite like that feeling when the show there? Feels like your chest is gonna explode, but in a good way.

The 18th. Row 12. I am so beyond ready.
09-13-02 09:20 AM
steel driving hammer Yep, that feeling before the show........

Didn't blow anybody who'm was not worthy of it. LOL.

And thanks for those 72 SBD shows!

Had to get them from BOBM, but it's still nice.

I know your beyond ready! Just don't loose your tickets. Hex.
09-13-02 09:33 AM
Joey Steelie .............

That was one of the most beautiful reviews that I have ever had the distinct pleasure of reading ......................

The Academy is very proud of you today !

" Ronald Reagan was a Democrat the first fifty years of his life Ronnie "

Snaggle Joe

09-13-02 09:45 AM
steel driving hammer Can't go to New York Maxy.

I have to go back to work this Wed to help this country
get out of this Clinton Recsession Mess.

Wasn't it funny how last week Congress and Washington
went back to work, and on the same day, The Stones
started their massive world tour!

I remember watching "Today" w/ Kaite Couric and Matt Lauer
on the day after they opened in Boston. Just before the
weather, Al Roker made a comment like, "The Stones
haven't even gone to bed yet" then Matt interups Al
and says, "How's the weather?"

At least Palua Zahn had some good stuff to say about them.

Reagan was a Democrat, but we all are, when we are,
Young, Dumb and Full of Cum.
09-13-02 09:54 AM
Maxlugar I know Steelie!

Check this out:

09-13-02 10:11 AM
Joey Hello Steelie .................

What little Buddy ???????

< ------------- Oh , Ok !!!! I will tell them !

" Tanks , Bombs , ships , jet fighters --- they are all examples of human folly and their very creation and accumulation represents man's failure on this planet . Dams , electrification of the countryside , new and better housing --- that represents man's success and survival . "

-- Lyndon Baines Johnson ( 1965 )


09-13-02 10:27 AM
Riffhard "A person who is not a liberal before 30 has no heart and one who is not conservative after 30 has no brain" - Winston Churchill.


A double shot with a backflip and roundhouse kick Fuck Yup3 on that one Maxy my man!This is the same guy who told that poofster Neville to kick some ass in Germany!Just like Bush is telling the irrelevant,limp wristed,sashay twitchty walking UN to do in Iraq!!What a speech yesterday!Go get 'em George!!

Obligatory Stones content-The Stones are cooking on all cylinders f#@!ers!!!Oh,yeah!!Two weeks baby!!YeeHaw!!!


PS-Hey Steelie great f'ing review!You kicking like a stud in the stall waiting for the shows!!
[Edited by Riffhard]
09-13-02 10:33 AM
Joey " PS-Hey Steelie great f'ing review!You kicking like a stud in the stall waiting for the shows!! "

Speaking of stalls ......a shy bladder beats a flirtatious prostate anyday .......

Huh ??????????????????