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FleetCenter,Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: arena stage set-up Return to archive
09-10-02 06:07 PM
stonedickie We are planning a family outing to see the Stones at the First Union Center in Philly next week--our kids (17, 15, and 12) have never seen the Stones and we thought it our parental duty to make sure they do--and we have tickets in Section 117, which is lower level but NEXT to the stage. At the Fleet Center, was it an open stage, with the speakers, etc., elevated? Will we be able to see them unobstructed from where we will be sitting? Or were the sides of the stage piled high with towers, speakers, equipment, etc.?
09-10-02 06:12 PM
posada I don't know, but I was also wondering about this and wanted to know if you can see from seats behind the stage as in the past few tours? Does anyone know?
09-11-02 10:41 AM
voodoopug Was at the United Center last night, so i can try to help you out. First off, behind the stage sees NOTHING, there is a large video wall behind the stage that blocks the rear of the stage. I sat in section 121 last night, which is right off the side of the stage (check the stage set up on You should be fine on the side
09-11-02 10:46 AM
jb Philadelphia should be ashamed that they can't even sell out 40,000 at the Vet! You don't deserve 3 shows and your baseball team sucks!
09-11-02 01:59 PM
stonedickie So JB, do I know you or something? Or are you just someone who has too much time on his hands?
09-11-02 07:46 PM
Busch1 jb,
Try saying something like that in Philly and see what happens.
For your information, the Vet seats closer to 50k for a Stones show, and up until recently, when seats opened up like they always do in the week or so before the concert, the best tickets available on Ticketmaster were nosebleeds, except for some $300-tickets, which are still available for most stadium and arena shows.
So next time, before you want to disparage one of the greatest cities in the country, get your facts straight. I don't know where you come from and I don't really care, but for the good of the rest of the nation, hopefully you'll stay there. .... For those interested in the Vet show, I understand good $90-tickets have opened up in secs A and D on the floor through ticketmaster.
09-11-02 08:02 PM
Rescued Stonedickie, The arena stage at the United Center was well lit with minimal obstruction. Video wall was behind and well done. Side viewing was good. Very elegant stage and set up so that music was the focal point. The speaker sets hung from the ceiling and the sound was absolutely awsome. Your seats should be fine. The Stones are really doing things right this tour. You should have a great time. Your kids will experience the best stripped down loud rock band in the world and in history - amazingly at the height of their powers as a live act again. Man, have a great time!
09-11-02 08:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot ENOUGH JB!

I look the other way a lot with you....but when you disparage the great city of Philadelphia AND my beloved Phillies...well, I don't know that I can look the other way much longer.

You are walking on VERY thin ice, lawyerman.

You better straighten up and fly right, or you are gonna have my armor clad boot stuffed up your gaping asshole.

And NOBODY wants that.
09-11-02 08:24 PM
nankerphelge Steelie might!
09-11-02 08:32 PM
Sir Stonesalot I said boot, not cock!
09-11-02 08:37 PM
nankerphelge I don't know much about the whole thing, but I'm not so sure it makes that much a difference!
09-11-02 10:07 PM
big red rooster Are there seats behind the satge? Are there any good pictures online of how the stage looks?
09-11-02 10:35 PM
Rescued Rooster, At United Center there were no seats sold behind the approximately 40-50 foot wide, 4 story video screen. But starting about 20 degrees out from either side of the screen the seats were filled - all the way up. There are small, classy raised platforms on either end of the stage. These platforms are set back and the people in those seats behind the stage can see them well. Mick, especially tried to work these at times and would sing to those obstructed view seats. He is a great performer, and these moments seemed completely natural, not contrived.
09-11-02 11:06 PM
parmeda Rooster....
Rescued was correct in what the description of the seating looks like behind and to the side of the stage. Last night, my friends and I took a stroll before the show to check out "the vantage points" of the arena. While we had excellent seats, I was curious to see what the stage looked like for others. It's true that there's no way anyone could be seated directly behind the stage area...the sides that were angled towards the back had about a 33% view of the entire stage, but only on the side you might happen to be sitting on...there was no way to see the rest of the stage. However, we noticed that there were video screens suspended from above, one on each side of the back of the stage in order for those seat holders to see what was being projected from the much larger screen up in front. It's true that Mick "worked" the entire stage throughout the night and paid attention to those that were seated around the backside, however, those folks never really had the opportunity to physically see Charlie (ever), and rarely Ronnie and Keith.

Would I want to be sitting there?

09-12-02 09:17 PM
Rescued Hey Pam,
Thanks for following me up. My post kind of sounded like an endorsement of those seats. You are right on with your observations.
Be cheering along with you at Comiskey. Have the BEST night!