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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA Spetember 5, 2002
By Brian Rasic with thanks to moy!!

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Topic: For Joey (NSC) Return to archive
09-11-02 01:07 PM
Maxlugar I came across this, dear friend, and thought of you.

Seems our two hero's outside the Stones had a little fun one time:


My hero still lives though...
09-11-02 01:26 PM
Joey " I set up the studio to do this secret launch. We had a half-baked song, Jimmy and I , we didnít have to play it more than twice and they were on it. We did 4 or 5 cuts and it just sounded and felt like we shouldnít go anywhere else - we should just get rehearsing and carry this band. But unfortunately legal problems crept in, and Keith, what he was doing as giving a 2 fingered gesture to the Who, because he could do this and once he found security in the knowledge thath e could do this, he probably went back and said Ďright I know Iím safe with these guys if all else fails,í but it didnít. "

Maxy , where on earth do you find these links ??????

You are much loved by the Joey

Thanks ,


09-11-02 01:31 PM
jb Max and have developed a healthy dose of respect for one another and I, for one, am glad to see it!
09-11-02 01:39 PM
nankerphelge I agree! The harmony, the karma, the love is back!

Makes ya wanna get out We Love You and sing along....

09-11-02 01:42 PM
jb Hows the DC show look Nanker..I heard ticket sales have picked up and only uppers left. Please confirm or deny..Esq
09-11-02 01:50 PM
nankerphelge No idea really jb. You have to understand that I am no big fan of the area in which I live. It is fucking gross hot in the summer. The traffic is beyond miserable. The whole town is populated by one-dimensional snots that think they are THE SHIT because they once talked to George Steppedontopofus at a party.

I'd rather live in the crack of my ass than here in DC.

But you know how it goes, they pay you that DC wage and you are trapped.

So anyway it comes as no surprise to me that we couldn't sell out a show. It didn't sell out for B2B either -- lotsa empty seats in the uppers.
09-11-02 02:00 PM
Maxlugar I am a living example of what happens when you take the first step in friendship.

Take that chance. You will be surprised at just what love can do.

"But you know how it goes, they pay you that DC wage and you are trapped."

I hear you Nanks. I'm am utterly trapped here in NYC because of the almighty $. I want so much to work in a place that those Towel Heads are not jealous of. Like, say, Nebraska. Just seems like they won't be flying 747's into anyones corn silo anytime soon.

09-11-02 02:03 PM
jb I have to work twice as hard as nanker and Max to make what I would be paid in New York or Washington. I don't know about you, but 300,000 is pretty fucking good down here!
09-11-02 02:28 PM
Joey Thanks to Maxy's unexpected act of kindness , look what I have been reading :

" For me, Keith Moon had been more than just a world-famous rock star, more than simply a brilliant drummer, more even than the most irrepressible and carefree character of rock'n'roll's last (and British rock's first) fifteen years. He had been a human being, an approachable, affable man who had never forgotten what it was like to be a fan or a dreamer. More than that, for those few minutes that August on The Mall, he had been as a friend. "

That link contains copious amounts of untold information and lively stories about one Keith Moon -- a real rock legend .

" Nothing in life is more unforgettable than an unexpected act of kindness . "

-- RFK ( 1987 )


09-11-02 02:47 PM
Maxlugar Bless you Joey! Read up my friend!

The Jeff Beck Starter Set II is going into production Friday September 13th, 2002. Alcohol and CD's have been prepared and song lists are being written.

It shall be heading "Nebraska way" next week.


Bunny Lugar!
09-11-02 02:52 PM
Joey " It shall be heading "Nebraska way" next week. "

You make Joey all giddy !!!!!!

Thanks Max , if it is 1/2 as good as the " Jeff Beck Starter Kit I " then I shall be swimming in Beck heaven .

I would like to nuzzle you !

H. R. Puffin Joe

09-11-02 03:03 PM
patioaintdry nankerphelge wrote:

"The whole town is populated by one-dimensional snots that think they are THE SHIT because they once talked to George Steppedontopofus at a party."

Nank! I'm one of those one-dimensional snots that thinks I'm THE SHIT, but have never spoken to George Stephnanimrealshort. We've covered this before, but wanted to add to the list of things wrong with this Swamp is the lack of RADIO THAT'S LISTENABLE! Looking forward to MSG 9/26 to hear good, varied radio again before the show.
09-11-02 03:04 PM
jb Nanker, my 9 yr old is going to some camp called Greenbrair in Virginia? Ever hear of it?
09-11-02 03:08 PM
nankerphelge Patio -- I don't believe you for a second that you are a one-dimensional snot -- the fact that you post here belies that self-criticism!

jb -- The Greenbriar is a posh resort out in the mountains that for many years during the Cold War housed a secret bunker where Congress was to assemble in case of a nuclear war -- asuming that they weren't fried immediately of course
09-11-02 03:22 PM
patioaintdry that's kind of you, Nank. As the Beav' would say to Wally, gee you're swell.

09-11-02 03:22 PM
jb Well, it is now a camp...4000 dollars for 30 days...