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Topic: Harrison's Final Album (NSC) Return to archive
09-10-02 09:12 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Whaddya think Keith's gonna say about this one?

From -


The studio album former Beatles guitarist George Harrison was working on prior to his death last December will be released this fall. "Brainwashed," produced by Harrison and his son Dhani in tandem with Electric Light Orchestra principal Jeff Lynne, is due Nov. 19 via a new partnership between Harrison's own Dark Horse imprint and EMI. The set features 11 Harrison originals and an as-yet-unannounced cover. It will be his first new studio set since 1987's "Cloud Nine," which featured the No. 1 hit "Got My Mind Set on You."

"Before we started working on the album, George and Dhani had collaborated extensively on pre-production," Lynne said in a statement. "George would come round my house and he'd always have a new song with him. He would strum them on a guitar or ukulele. The songs just knocked me out.

"George constantly talked about how he wanted the album to sound," Lynne continued, "and there was always that spiritual energy that went into the lyrics as well as the music."

Harrison's original working title for the project was "Portrait of a Leg End." Traffic member Jim Capaldi and veteran session drummer Jim Keltner laid down backing tracks for the set, which is expected to feature such songs as "Valentine," "Pisces Fish," and the title cut, "Brainwashed," a caustic rock soliloquy about his former manager.

"I need to get that last song out of my system," Harrison told late Billboard editor in chief Timothy White in 1999. "To have someone sit at your table with your family every night and then betray your trust is one of the worst experiences imaginable. Sometimes songwriting is the only way I can respond to the outside world, to exorcise its demons."

As previously reported, Harrison collaborated with his son on one final song before his death, "Horse to the Water." The track appeared on bandleader Jools Holland's album, "Small World Big Band," bearing the forbidding copyright "R.I.P. Limited 2001."

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

I mean, sure, if the album was pretty much finished it's ok, but if it's people singing along with a tape again, God help us... I'm sure the Stones'll all say stuff about it when it gets released.

I think it'll be a top 40 album "on the wings of death" alone.

-tSYX --- Startling album cover clues lead many to believe George Harrison is dead.
09-10-02 10:36 AM
glencar And besides, you just know it'll be followed by several other "new" aalbums.
09-10-02 11:19 AM
jb It's too bad the Beatles music did'nt die with him as well!!!
[Edited by jb]
[Edited by jb]
09-10-02 11:25 AM
brandosnny Without the Beatles there are no Stones. Period. However, the flip of this would be without Sgt. Pepper, there is no Satanic Majesty either. Maybe the world would have been better off without that.

The album is done. It was done several months before George passed away. I believe that the only post death work that was done was some remixing.
09-10-02 11:31 AM
Moonisup hahaha, I have to agree with jb here
09-10-02 03:44 PM
brandosnny wrote:
Without the Beatles there are no Stones. Period. However, the flip of this would be without Sgt. Pepper, there is no Satanic Majesty either. Maybe the world would have been better off without that.

Couldn't have said it better.
09-10-02 03:50 PM
jb Bullshit! The beatles may have made it easier, but the Stones were going to be successful in spite of that most unfortunate band. Stop putting down the Stones you Beatle -loving suck-up!
[Edited by jb]
And I'lll take Santanic Majesty over any piece of garbage that dead band put out!!! How dare you!!!
[Edited by jb]
09-10-02 03:56 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Oh, God, jb...

Just... just do me a favor, OK? So this doesn't turn into another flame war with you going off and sulking?

Quit reading this post. If you want to talk about the Stones, I posted it loud and clear at the top of this so you wouldn't come in - NO STONES CONTENT. Alright? It's related to the era, and you don't make any viable points why the Beatles suck except "because I say so", and while that's certainly good enough for you, lots of people, even those on this board that don't care for them, know full well that it was the Beatles that opened the door for the Stones - Hell, man, I wrote my US History term paper on the impact of the Beatles on American culture, with a whole section dedicated to how the acknolwedged top three bands ever (Beatles, Stones, Who) are all British, and the other two owe the Beatles their success in the then-stagnant US market - all documented, all bibliographied.

I got an "A".

So who's driving that plane up your ass? Get over it, stop reading this so we don't have a fight and we can comment on interesting issues regarding this - like - is this a real Harrison album or a Harrison album like "Real Love" was a Beatles song? From what I've heard (and what this board has said), it's his with his son and the incredible Jeff Lynne producing and re-mixing. And how much of it is going to sell because people will buy it on the "oh, wow, he's dead" factor?

-tSYX --- God, God, God! Get us out of this mess!
09-10-02 03:56 PM
Riffhard Here we go again.

09-10-02 04:02 PM
jb I simply resent your crediting the Bastards for "opening the door"... The Stones opened their own doors and never looked backed. Yes, the bastards came first, are more popular, and sell more albums...but to compare their pop music to the incredible music the stones made, and continue to make, is an insult to all stones fans.
09-10-02 04:10 PM
Moonisup This is a stonesboard!! No harrison board!! (may he rest in peace) Jezus a tour is going on and we have to talk about harrison?????

a bit odd
09-10-02 04:26 PM
jb They won't stop the Beatle attacks!!!
09-10-02 04:33 PM
Moonisup Evil as always will pass by!!!
well the stones are still there!
the sleasers????

09-10-02 04:38 PM
brandosnny Wow, well, this is interesting. Most boards I visit are frequented my music fans. I think blindly saying that the Beatles suck just because you are a Stones fan is a little extreme. I mean, calling a band bastards? Thats wierd man. I'm a Beatles fan, a Stones fan, a Black Crowes fan, a Who fan, a Willie Nelson fan. They all make great music and enrich the world for doing so. But hey, if you're going to deprive yourself of great music just because they're not the Stones.....well.....that's your right. The Stones are great man, but open your world up a little if you can.
[Edited by brandosnny]
09-10-02 04:40 PM
jb I can't do that...I will never betray the Stones!!!
09-11-02 07:26 AM
Child of the Moon It's actually pretty easy to like two groups at once, y'know. The Stones may be my favorite band, but that does not, in any way, diminish how much I dig the Beatles. It's because of the Beatles that I even got into the Stones, y'know?

I'll buy George's album. Not just out of respect - because the man was a true musician.
09-11-02 09:09 AM
egon jb,

booked that ticket to france yet?