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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA Spetember 5, 2002
By Brian Rasic with thanks to moy!!

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Topic: teens, and how they look at The Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-10-02 01:46 PM
jb .
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09-10-02 01:48 PM
Moonisup yeah most of them do yeah!! Not all off them, I have some great friends who are from the Middle east, but they have the strange desire to get us all muslim, just like the Popes did in 1600-1700
You know what just crossed my mind!! The song Highwire is getting important now, with the attack on Irak looming!! I hope that if the attack goes on it doesn't effect the tour!!

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09-10-02 02:42 PM
Nasty Habits You won't get no satisfaction!
Our defense puts you in traction!
Hit 'em one time!
Hit 'em two times!
Hit 'em three times!


There was a small county school based in Bellflower, Missouri who made an experiment with their high school sports teams in the 70s. They allowed the student body to vote on their new team mascot and some young genius campaigned to change their name to the Bellflower Rolling Stones and that idea actually went through! The teams actually had tongue logo jersies and everything! Naturally, the school had the highest amount of morale and school spirit of any educational organization in history.

Naming your high school mascot after a contemporary, favored band proved a chancey proposition, however. Morale at the school dropped sharply when the student body revoted in the early 80s to change their name to the Bellflower Police.

09-10-02 02:54 PM
nankerphelge I have a young Stones fan in training! 9 years old and she says "how can people not like the Rolling Stones?" Good question my dear -- how indeed! The other day the oldest asked me to put Shahira (?) in the car CD player which, being the wonderful father that I am, I did. At the end of the CD, the player went to the next CD -- Handsom Girls disc 4 -- Hound Dog comes on and my 9 year old says "turn it up!"

What a good kid!
09-10-02 02:56 PM
jb Can someone please make me a copy of handsome girls....I hjust can't get my hands on that one..please describe more fully Nanker>
09-10-02 03:20 PM
nankerphelge Balls to the wall rock and roll. Personally my favorite boot of those I have heard. 4 discs is what I have, altho I understand there are multiple versions out there. Pieces of different shows apparently -- the guitars are crisp and clean (unlike '81), Jagger is out of control singing (unlike '81), Wyman/Watts are unbelievable, Stew and Mac in back but good (unlike '81) -- no BS at all. Mostly Some Girls songs with Chuck B covers and a few hits thrown in to round it out. I listen to it daily!
09-10-02 06:30 PM
thunders I need to hear that.I NEED MY FIRST BOOT!! Thank you,Johnny Thunders!
09-10-02 06:56 PM
jb wrote:
People under 30 are a lost generation. They are perhaps the laziest, valueless, clueless, and stupid generation we have ever produced. Write them off, just like the Stones did..they are simply a pathetic lot who may very well lead our country to it's demise. I'm glad my kids won't have to worry about being subjected to these losers!

Every generation so far has thought that about the generation proceeding it - was your generation any better, hippies and drug addicts and addled peaceniks? I find the biggest problem with our generation is apathy - but don't you dare write us off! We're going to be choosing your nursing home! And I think we have a tremendous potential that is actually being squandered by the generation before us in advertising campaigns promoting their version of perfection and music pre-programmed by the companies to draw in the most amount of money possible.

-tSYX --- The choice is ours, as they say!
09-10-02 07:12 PM
luxury1 Does anyone else on the board have a hard time believing tSYX is only 16?? His writing belies his age!
09-10-02 08:19 PM
luxury1 wrote:
Does anyone else on the board have a hard time believing tSYX is only 16?? His writing belies his age!

Haha! I get that a lot - yeah, I'm really 16! I PMed you with a longer explination, luxury, hope it helps!

-tSYX --- You're sixteen, you're beautiful, and you're mine!
09-10-02 09:54 PM
Soul Survivor Rap is crap

Rock is a gift

Eminem = Rap
Stones = Rock

Do the math
09-10-02 10:15 PM
Boomhauer to make a long story short:

-Kids don't like the Stones because they are the most versatile and talented band ever.

-rap should have been a trend. too many suburban kids who have no idea about that culture buy the albums (actually, more than african-american people).

When I was in the band in my school years, people who didn't know anything about music said people in the band were "band-fags." Well, while they were thumbing their asses, I learned something. Teens today are just lazy musically, so rap suits them perfectly. Or if they like the Stones and don't play an instrument, it's OK.
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