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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA Spetember 5, 2002
By Brian Rasic with thanks to moy!!

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Topic: teens, and how they look at The Stones Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-09-02 07:17 PM
fna69 First i just wanted to say thanks for all the replies about the ?'s i had. You guys are VERY helpful, and I hope i can learn some good Stones info from you. anyways I have read various postings of how alot of the younger generation(my generation) isnt into the stones and does not listen to them. For the most part No, alot of people have never heared the songs midnight rambler,saint of me,child of the moon,etc. But alot of teens know the VERY well known songs. I had a girlfriend who does cheerleading and they would always use start me up in their dance rountines. So really the kids do like the stones just never are really FULLY exposed to them. If i could pick out 2 songs that most kids will know I would say they are 1. satisfaction, and 2. start me up. satisfaction i think everybody on earth has heared wether its the GOD AWFUL britney spears version or the REAL thing by the stones, and start me up just is a rocking party tune, that still gets played at baseball/football games. I think that 40 licks will open the younger generation to the music of the stone. I already have like 17 friends who are gonna buy it(thanks to my Anyways what i am trying to say, is that alot of kids do like music by the stones, just not HARDCORE like us. All they need to do is see them live and they will be stuck on them. I am goin to the houston show and OK city show in jan. cant wait.
09-09-02 07:46 PM
luxury1 Glad you are into the Stones, I am afraid I have done something horribly wrong with my kids' rearing. ONe of my 12 yr old twin sons came home with this poem today (it was for an assignment on an allusion):
WHen my mom opens the CD player, I surely groan.
I know I'm gonna hear music from the Rolling Stones.
Or one of Mick and Keith's solo CD's,
So I run outside very, very, quickly.

NIce kid, huh?!!
P.S. He digs Green Day and Blink 182--
09-09-02 08:28 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! It sounds like you really need to take your son to a Stones show. He probably will change his tune rather quickly!
09-09-02 08:42 PM
Honky Tonker I'm taking my sons (ages 12 & 7) to the Atlanta show. It was a great day in my life when my oldest said, "I really like that "Paint It, Black" song." My youngest wants to hear JJF and "Rock & a Hard Place". Thank goodness it's not Eminem, Britney (not bad to look at, though), etc.
09-09-02 08:56 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I felt like the only kid in school who liked the Stones - until *everybody* stared at my T-Shirt on September 4 and said "you *went*? How were they? I like (fillinthewarhorse), did they play it?"

Not a lot of kids buy all their albums, but they certainly know the songs. A few of them have Hot Rocks and/or Jump Back.

I think 40 Licks, as you say, will be huge with kids, when they realize that yes, they still own all the modern-day competition.

-tSYX --- Know my moves, way ahead of time...
09-09-02 09:04 PM
Mickjagger1963 Savage- How old are you ?

Btw- I saw a Stones' Boston shirt in my High school the other day.... Troy High, in New York ... The person went to CMGI field she was telling evey1 about it in study hall so there is some amount of recognition they have... I hope to make my friends buy ar at least liten for Forty Licks

Peace All
09-09-02 09:18 PM
Soul Survivor The stones can keep up with the times and still keep their sound. Like when punk was coming out, they made "Some Girls". In the early/mid eighties, electrona type stuff was big.........."Undercover". They can sound modern and still have their rock sound....thats the good thing about the stones. Aerosmith tries to sound modern, and they dont even sound like a rock band anymore
09-09-02 09:37 PM
Mickjagger1963 I cant stand AeroStink lately... the only modern bands I like are jam bands... Like Phish . moe. O.A.R.

I think even if not alot of kids are big Stones fans' there is a certain respect that is always there... Like when I wear one of my various T-shirts to school I get lots of comments from peers and teachers and extra credit once even. Haha

Peace All
09-09-02 09:43 PM
fna69 you mean STEVENsmith. i saw their video for girls of summer, and its all steven, with lil blirps of the band in tv screens. The way i see it Aerosmith saved themsleves with that i dont wanna miss a thing song(yes ita a nice love song, and its actually me and my girls song)and that superbowl performance. They are GOOD live, but as for making any more NEW good material. as they would say DREAM ON. i would say they sank as a rock band after livin on the edge, their last great rock song.
09-09-02 10:29 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Jagger1963, I'm 16 (Junior in High School).

40 Licks, I think, will give the Stones a shot in the arm.

And today, I just had a pang - I *had* to listen to "Don't Stop". So I found it and listened to it - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

It's so damn good...

-tSYX --- Can't you see the party's over?
09-09-02 10:36 PM
no_cole_porter I don't know. I'm 18 and all of my friends and I love The Stones and other things like The Beatles, The Who, Zeppelin, The Faces, Bowie and things like that...God knows I'm out of touch with my generation...The whole teen pop/nu metal/rap-rock is mostly bullshit. I think people my age surprise me sometimes...Most of the people I meet like Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground and things like that...So who knows...
09-09-02 10:37 PM
no_cole_porter Then most of the songs people know are the hot rocks bit, JJF, Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Paint It, Black, Honky Tonk Women...Though a few people talked about Time Is On My Side, Get Off Of My Cloud and Angie not knowing it was The Stones.
09-10-02 12:49 AM
no_cole_porter wrote:
I don't know. I'm 18 and all of my friends and I love The Stones and other things like The Beatles, The Who, Zeppelin, The Faces, Bowie and things like that...God knows I'm out of touch with my generation...The whole teen pop/nu metal/rap-rock is mostly bullshit. I think people my age surprise me sometimes...Most of the people I meet like Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground and things like that...So who knows...

I with you man!!!
09-10-02 02:03 AM
Moonisup All my friends aren't stonesfan but fans of LZ ore bowie, but the have a good taste!!

09-10-02 06:29 AM
RubyFriday The difference is that the Stones could make a 200 licks album.Lz and Bowie would hardly get a 10 licks...;-)
09-10-02 07:01 AM
Staffan I guess everyone has an opinion about them. Not always positive I think.
Most kids, like 95 percent, in this country at least, listen to shitty music. Then there is always some groupings that are interesting. We have a lot of "left-wingers" that are into the music of the 60's but I think thats more Velvet and mod-groups really.
So I'm alone being a Stones maniac, but I know a lot of people who appriciate (sp?) their music, thankfully.
09-10-02 07:26 AM
Soul Survivor the thing is about today's cant get into a band. Sure, you may hear a catchy tune on the radio, but then the band/artist fades away. The Stones have staying power, and no band will even last 20 years. The stones are 40 and counting......
09-10-02 07:41 AM
fmk438j I'm surprised to see how many young people you know also like the stones. I'm 21 and have to say my peers are totally oblivious to them. I mean they just have no idea, nor do they want to. I've tried conversion with no luck.

You see all the chicks walking round with *the* tounge across their tits, but I put it to you that 99% of these girls have no idea tongue = stones. They just think it's another logo. I've asked.

09-10-02 10:00 AM
Charliegirl I'm 20 and the first time I saw the Stones was in '97 on the Bridges to Babylon tour. Since then I saw them on the No Security Tour and then again on the B2B tour. I was hooked the first time I saw them. None of my friends are into them and the first response I get when I tell people the Stones are my favorite band is, "why, they're so old?", like that is a real reason not to like them. That's one of the reasons I love them cause they've lasted so long! Anyway I can't wait for them to come to LA and I'm so happy that they have better T-shirts for women this time around! Now I can actually wear a Stones' shirt that fits!
As a side note, I was watching the "other half", which sucks, but there was a model on that wrote a book and has slept with a whole bunch of celebrity men, including Mick. And she said that Mick was by far most the Best!
09-10-02 11:42 AM
Scot Rocks I'm 18, I have a few friends how like the Stones, however for the most part we are in the significant minority, when I say that the Stones are my favourite band it is the usual reponse that you all recieve too "old...etc" and you are also right about the tounge, I donno how many fuckin idiots on MTV I have seen wearing it, how don't have a clue about music...

09-10-02 12:02 PM
Saint Sway I think the Stones music would be more accessible to teens and college students if the ticket prices werent so ridiculous

how can young rock fans get into a band whose ticket prices are $100 to $350?????

if I was in HS today, I'd just drop my 20 bucks on the White Stripes show and never get to experience the Stones

the Stones are actually shooting themselves in the foot by shutting out the young fanbase

I'd also rather have more young and exhuberant fans fill the arena than old, lazy baby boomers sitting on their asses talking on cell phones and complaining about people standing

the Stones have more life and energy than people 1/3 their age. Unfortunately, the old farts that come out to see them suck the life out of the show
09-10-02 12:50 PM
Maxlugar "I had a girlfriend who does cheerleading and they would always use start me up in their dance rountines."

Oh that's COOL!

Does it go something like this:

One two three four!
Make a dead man cum some more!

Say what? CUM!
Say what? CUM!


Five six seven eight!
Tonight our eyes will dilate!

Say What? CUM!
Say What? CUM!


We're not like that other team!
We spread that oil and gasoline!

Say What? CUM!
Say What? CUM!


Score a touchdown mean machine
We'll take you places you've never seen!

Say What? CUM!
Never stop! FUN!



Gooooo TEAM!
Wooooo hooooo! (Lots of jumping and pom pom shaking)

I miss high school.


09-10-02 01:16 PM
jb People under 30 are a lost generation. They are perhaps the laziest, valueless, clueless, and stupid generation we have ever produced. Write them off, just like the Stones did..they are simply a pathetic lot who may very well lead our country to it's demise. I'm glad my kids won't have to worry about being subjected to these losers!
[Edited by jb]
09-10-02 01:26 PM
Moonisup jb, I think I fall right in your category!! With my 19 years of age!!!

09-10-02 01:27 PM
jb Sorry Rik, that was a broad generalization which you, as a stones fan, are obviously not included in...
09-10-02 01:32 PM
Moonisup Well as a upcoming teacher, as I will be. I see that the upcoming generation is very spoiled!! That isn't good!! You'll get various problems if they grow up and don't get what they, like they are used to!!

09-10-02 01:35 PM
jb 1
[Edited by jb]
09-10-02 01:38 PM
Moonisup Well I think in Holland it ain't that bad, there is one particular group that is ruining our culture, it is very bad to say so I won't!!! It would make me look like someone who doesn't respect other cultures
But in Holland we are more liberal at some things that is easier for kids, that don't have to drink illegal and so on!!

[Edited by Moonisup]
09-10-02 01:40 PM
jb Please don't be like a nazi....nazi's must be hunted and are a nice person so stay clear of the neo-nazi movement!
09-10-02 01:43 PM
Moonisup No I meant, if I say that the group who is making living dificult in the big cities I would be discriminating, it are the same people who flew an airplane in the towers, almost a year ago! Don't get me wrong, there are some great people in there, but not in the big cities
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