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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA Spetember 5, 2002
By Brian Rasic with thanks to moy!!

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09-09-02 03:14 PM
Soul Survivor Keith was a very artistic child. He didn't like football. If a ball came near him, he'd run away. We'd come to watch him play. He hated being tackled. He didn't like to be hurt. Keith didn't want to be on the rough side of life; just drawing and painting.

- Doris Richards, Keith's mother

That kind of makes him sound like a pansy. At least it shows that even HE has a sensitive side

Are there any mp3's up from last nights club show?
09-09-02 04:09 PM
sammy davis jr. mmmmmm....just as I fugured. Keith's all talk.
09-09-02 04:41 PM
VoodooTattoo He isnt all talk. I saw keith hit some guy with his guitar on a video. I also heard that Keith broke a guitar over a dude's head twice. And then he kicked that dude in the face in 1964. And he punched the hell out of Brian when he ate his chicken dinner backstage once. And punched Ronnie in 1981 and then stranged him in 1997. I wish he would kick people in the face now and maybe shoot people. That would be funny if he didnt get in trouble.
09-09-02 05:10 PM
Pattie " I wish he could kick people now and maybe shoot people" haha! He does have a 38 I hear, but I think Keith is more artistic than butch.
09-09-02 05:30 PM
Soul Survivor wrote:

At least it shows that even HE has a sensitive side

hey soulie - i would have thought that was fairly obvious to anyone who had ever heard "you got the silver"

and as for him being a a "pansy" , well check out "gimme shelter" - he may have been chock full of coke inspired hubris but, whatever the reason, he is probably one of very few people who've had the courage/fearlessness (stupidity?) to point out and stare down a hell's angel and tell him that he doesn't like him (while surrounded by dozens of other other hell's angels) - and live to tell the tale or at least not wind up in hospital


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
09-09-02 05:33 PM
Pattie LIke you said he was stoned, and he was onstage and he had a guitar to protect him
09-09-02 05:46 PM
Pattie wrote:
LIke you said he was stoned, and he was onstage and he had a guitar to protect him

true pattie, but the were also a few of the angels (who were also stoned) on the stage as well and i don't know how one guy, even if armed with a guitar, could have withstood an attack from two or more angels - and i think you can rest assured that if one got into a scrap there would have instantly been any number of his "brothers" ready to join the fray

to me that moment - when k stood up to the angel's - was the one where the whole thing could've really turned into a bloodbath... imagine if one of the angels had had a go at keith all hell would have broken loose (as if what actually happened wasn't bad enough)

09-09-02 06:40 PM

...and what mother is gonna say, "yeah he loved geting the shite beat outta him on the field" except perhaps for the mothers of the Glen Ridge, NJ teams in the 70's & 80's ?

Pleaase. When the situation calls for it, Keith ain't one to forgot either the switchblade in his back pocket (though now with the heitened security/who knows? all those airports!) OR the Dillinger in his boot~

~~ And he's used them both ; )
09-09-02 07:06 PM
Pants Make the Man Keith is a lover of beauty, in it's many forms, it seems to me. It also seems that he takes shit off of NOBODY (Chuck Berry excluded). Whatever happened to those French peasants that swiped his guitars in '72? I'd rather not know.
09-09-02 10:06 PM
sammy davis jr. First of all, Keith never even connected with that dude in Hartford with his guitar. Hell, he could barely pick the thing up over his head. Secondly, where do you think all those things you "heard" about Keith punching people originated? From Keith, of course. It's all part of the shtick.
09-09-02 10:24 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Keith and Ronnie both agree about this story in 82, one of my favorites. Ronnie says Jo (his wife) had run down to Keith, tears in her eyes, telling him Ronnie couldn't handle his coke. Somehow Keith got the idea (or Ronnie thought that Keith got the idea) into his head that Ronnie was cheating on Jo (probably was - you never know with drunk Ronnie), so he runs down there, picking up various members of the entourage as he goes, until he gets to the door, busts in, sees Ronnie doing his lines, and just floors him. Ronnie, being three or four or however many more years younger than Keith, isn't about to take any of this from a man who falls over on stage and can't get back up. So he staggers up and swings at Keith, and the two of them collapse on the floor punching the hell out of each other. They keep this up, stop, make amends, give each other a good clap on the back, then wander next door, covered in blood, to Mick and Charlie. Ronnie says "Whaddya think of this?" and Mick looks up, then says "How does the middle eight of "Summer Romance" go?"

And yes, Keith did hit some poor sucker onna head with a guitar after he got up on stage during the last show in the 81/82 tour, while the cameras were rolling. Ronnie yelled at him for it, but Keith wasn't about to take any chances after Lennon.

-tSYX --- Whassamatter with the boy? He don't come around no more!
09-10-02 04:29 AM
Pattie So he can beat guys up, but hes not into sports so hes only semi butch.
09-10-02 08:01 AM
Pattie wrote:
LIke you said he was stoned, and he was onstage and he had a guitar to protect him

pattie, upon reflection i think i may have misinterpreted your post

you are right - that's probably exactly why he got away with it - he did seem to use his guitar as some sort of psychological shield

thankfully, the angels understood at least one of the principle's of gig security... don't hassle the musicians

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
09-10-02 08:32 AM
FotiniD I admit I really like Keith's "Lord of Darkness" attitude sometimes but I think it's obvious that it's his way of self-defence. It's his protection from the world. I'm sure (articles, biographies, interviews etc.) he is sensitive, kind-hearted and warm when he should, and with his dark "don't-mess-with-me" side when needed. Perfect mix, if you ask me
09-10-02 08:48 AM
Pattie I like Keith even when hes pissed off, most people like him, but Mick said that Keith doesnt really get along with people that well. Ronnie gets along with everybody, so does Charlie.
09-10-02 09:27 AM
Riffhard The best story I've ever read regarding Keith's bad ass side is in Booth's book True Adventures....The one from Blackpool where in '64 the boys were on stage when all of the sudden some of the drunks at the foot of the stage start spiting on Keith.He took it all in stride until it got way out of hand.One idiot in particular really hit him good with a gob right in the face.Well that one pissed Keith right off.He was wearing pointed toed Beatle boots.He ran to the lip of the stage and kicked the guy as hard as he could right in the face.Apparently the guy hit the floor in a bloody heap.Then,good night Irene,all bets were off.The crowd went nuts and started rushing the stage and The Stones had to run for their lives.Everyone got away scott free except,you guessed it,Brian.He was beaten and bloodied,but none the worse for wear.
This is the same story where Ian came back with fragment of the instruments.Handing Charlie a peice of wood saying,"That's your drum kit."and another peice of splintered wood,"Here's the piano."

Funny stuff!It just goes to show The Stones really started to live up to their prefabricated reputation around this time.The thing is Keith adopted this rep as a lifestyle which he still lives out.

09-10-02 10:00 AM
nankerphelge One of my favorite things about this band is how well they have crafted and protected their image. I think it is probably their biggest talent of all 40 years running -- Oldham certainly started the ball rolling but these guys understood PR better than anyone -- still do in my mind. Keith the badass is just part of it. Not that some of it isn't deserved -- sure it is. But much of it was cast by their handlers.

The funny thing is the disconnect and confusion it creates. There's Keith the badass at Altamont all dressed in Red sequins. 'Splain that one. He has that very creative and artsy style that doesn't always fit into the bad-ass mold. I think all the ballads of late is that hard exterior finally falling away some.
09-10-02 03:23 PM
Soul Survivor Anyone got any other Keith stories? Or for that matter, what about Mick, Chaz, etc...
09-10-02 03:59 PM
beer Charlie punched Mick in the face.
09-10-02 04:00 PM
Moonisup in holland
09-10-02 04:00 PM
Soul Survivor Why
09-10-02 04:03 PM
Moonisup he called charlie something like: his drummerboy!!
just watch 25X5 it is al inthere ore the book ' a life on the road"

09-10-02 04:04 PM
Soul Survivor 25X5? I just watched it yesterday and didnt see anything
09-10-02 04:04 PM
jb that a penis? Please explain significance.
09-10-02 04:06 PM
beer jagger was drunk and he called charlie and woke him up and said somethin like, "get down here little drummer boy!" charlie didn't appreciate it, so he got up, went and found mick, and smacked him. it was at a hotel in holland i think. maybe '95?
09-10-02 04:06 PM
Soul Survivor its a penis dressed up to look like Keef
09-10-02 04:07 PM
Soul Survivor
beer wrote:
jagger was drunk and he called charlie and woke him up and said somethin like, "get down here little drummer boy!" charlie didn't appreciate it, so he got up, went and found mick, and smacked him. it was at a hotel in holland i think. maybe '95?

I would have never thoguht that Chaz would do such a thing.
09-10-02 04:58 PM
swapwoodfortaylor ...he must be soft.....or he would have punched Wood's lights out by now!!!
09-10-02 04:59 PM
Moonisup No that slapping happenend in the eighties!! during a "future of the band discussion"

09-10-02 05:44 PM
beer OK, it happened in the 80's then. Charlie probably smacked Mick for making him take part in the Dirty Work album.

Swapwoodfortaylor, your avatar frightens me.
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