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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA Spetember 5, 2002
By Brian Rasic with thanks to moy!!

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Topic: Review and great pix of the Jimi Hendrix tribute yesterday (Mick Taylor Content) Return to archive
09-08-02 07:16 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Posted with authorization by Jim from the great SW5 list

That was some Street Scene last night in San Diego. No, I don't have a recording but I think alot of people will have a chance to see this performance in the months ahead because there were some serious cameras rolling.

The whole Tribute ran a little over 90 minutes & Mick's performance was the longest at around 15 minutes. Red House - one song.

His playing was the most soulful with the most quality & depth. Most everybody else was alot of notes. Stills came in second, in my opinion, with his Hey Joe with Billy Cox & Mitch Mitchell. The 3 of them closed the Tribute.

Mick's band members weren't introduced except as Indigenous, I hope I spelled that right, & I didn't recognize them. A bass player, a drummer & another guitar player I'll refer to as Nanji since I think I saw that on his strap. There were a bunch of amps behind them, mostly Marshalls, & 2 places up front where guitar players plugged in.

The position closer to the bass player was connected to an amp that wasn't loud enough. This is what I heard on the "house" system, you may hear it well balanced on the video. Mick was plugged into the amp that was well heard. After a few verses he let Nanji take the first lead, which seemed good but I almost had to use my imagination to help fill in the sound. Then when Mick played his lead the tone rang out clear. He played a "verse" without slide then there was some pause as he dug the slide back out of his pocket, played some slide lines & went on to that alternating between slide & fretted notes. Good stuff.

His phrasing & tone at times captured the tone of Hendrix - not the effects & fast playing but the tone from the fingers stuff. It wasn't in-your-face dramatic but you could recognize inflections that were more Hendrix.

These bits of phrases & tones that definately reminded me of the deeper, soulful, blues influenced side of Hendrix playing. I hope he releases something to take advantage of this exposure.

If you're wondering if it was worth it to attend considering the Taylor performance was only 15 minutes my opinion is yes because there was alot more to this Street Scene. San Diego did a good one with a large variety of music, food & shops that attracted a large crowd. I really appreciated the tasty sample a Greek chef offered me. There were several city blocks dedicated to this big, over 21 only, party. All the
staff & police were ready to help.

Back to the music - after hearing sets from Blues Traveler & Ziggy Marley , Bernard Allison started the Tribute. It was too bad some loud amplifier static ruined the enjoyment of his playing. The steel guitar playing of Robert Randolf was very entertaining but it wasn't real steel playing - it was the imitation of Hendrix that sounded good.

Buddy Miles is still good. The guys from Los Lobos seemed out of their element. Slash was boring, all these other guys play too many notes.

After 30 seconds of trying to impress you wonder what else they can do.

I can't imagine somebody who's not already a Slash fan seeing/hearing this performance & wanting to hear more. That's not the case with Mick.

I think there will be many who hear him & will want to seek out more.

- Jim F. /i>

Thanks Jim!!!
09-08-02 09:06 PM
stoneslib I'll post some of my MT Street Scene pics Monday. I was in row 3, dead center, snapping away his whole set (number).

09-08-02 09:11 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Thanks Stoneslib, We'll be waiting!
09-08-02 09:23 PM
Tom The name of the tour is "The Red House Tour" so Mick is taking the lead. I don't think there's better cover of Red House than Mick's, and wow, 15 minutes of Red House, maybe this is the longest version ever.

Who backed him up?
[Edited by Tom]
09-09-02 08:15 AM
Honky Tonk Man Slash was boring?????


Angry Alex
09-09-02 06:14 PM
stoneslib I have posted 2 pics I took of MT performing at the Saturday Hendrix tribute in San Diego:

I'll assemble a proper web page (with more pics) there as soon as I can.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-09-02 06:45 PM
stoneslib Two more posted:

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09-09-02 06:55 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Harold, you rule!!!

Thank You Than You Thank YOU
09-09-02 10:49 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Harold

From Curtis, Gary, Carol and the whole SW5 list, this is to let you know that we all want to thank you for this. I also linked your great website at the Mick Taylor list for all to see the STP 1972 shots of Lil' Mick you have there.

Again thank you.
09-09-02 11:31 PM
stoneslib Thank you for the kind words. I'm happy to share the
imagery - the whole show and shoot was fun, although next time I wanna be down in the press pit, snapping, instead of in the 3rd row behind a big head or two.

Oddly, I ended up with more Slash pics than MT ones. The former poses well, at least.

09-10-02 03:49 AM
beer A Hendrix tribute tour and they're not playin Jimi's home town of Seattle?

In the pic, wonder why Mick autographed his own guitar? or maybe he's playin someone elses?
[Edited by beer]