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Rehearsing in México City, Palacio de los Deportes - January 1995
Longest stop in the middle of a tour ever: January 7 to January 25
Photo by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: My review of the Orpheum Theatre show Return to archive
09-09-02 08:15 PM
brandosnny Wow, you know, whew. I'll try and make some sence here, but I'm still a little Torn and Frayed, as Sway would say.

Well, well, well. The Rolling Stones have showed me the light. Having seen them 6 years ago in Giants Stadium in less than great form, I have been looking forward to seeing them again ever since. I was lucky enough to grab a pair of tickets to the Orpheum Theatre show. This was a historic show, and I planned a whole weekend around it. Elion joined me, and I’m sure he’ll add his review on somewhere. First, the hotel was great. We had a really nice room within walking distance of the Orpheum, the Hard Rock Café, Legal Seafood, the Boston Common, and a bunch of other stuff. Great location and the town was Stones Crazy. Everyone was talking about the Stones, lots of folks had tickets, and there were several other guests who had purchased the Stones Fan Club package for tickets to all three shows.
So the background being set, here we go. We walked to the theatre shortly after arriving at the hotel (about 4 on Saturday) and picked up our tickets and wristbands. Then headed off to Legal Seafood for some Chowder, Swordfish, and lobster claws. As we walked up towards the restraunt, there were police EVERYWEHERE and were speculating that maybe the boys were there. We later found out that it was in fact the Pakistani ambassador to the US. A fact that made us feel very safe and at ease. So out and about, the town was shut down at 11, and I headed back to the hotel to drink up the bottles I brought with me. Shouldn’t be going through a Stones vacation sober.
The next morning (Sunday) began as most do with some coffee; some shopping at record and book stores, and then off to the Black Horse Tavern for some NFL, a few Sam Adams, and a great big burger. Walked back past the Orpheum to a scene of satellite trucks, news cameras, and a horde of people. The security was so tight that the box office was moved to a trailer out on the street. If you’re not familiar with the Orpheum, it is set back on its own street, kind of like at the end of an alley. So that whole street was closed down. So on to the good stuff……gates were moved promptly at 7PM. You had to have your ticket and wristband to get down the alley, and then on to the security check. I’m not sure how they missed it, but I managed to get a camera through into the theatre. Our seats were WAY up in the back of the balcony so before making our way upstairs, we picked up our souvenirs including a special “theatre edition” of the tour program.
We got to the top of the stairs, and the usher informed us that our seats were no longer there (they had built a platform on top of them for a camera) and that if we went and saw “Jill” she would upgrade our seats. Fantastic, I thought. Jill gave us a special wristband and explained to us that this gave us access to the floor where we could stand. Again, I thought this sounded great. However, when we got there, it became very clear that it was NOT fantastic. We were told to stand with our backs against the back wall of the theatre, and we were not allowed to stand anywhere else. This plainly sucked. But we found what we thought would be an OK place to stand. Buddy Guy took the stage and ripped the fabric off the seats. However, I had a hard time hearing sometimes as the lobby balcony was right above our heads, and they had catering set up there, and the talking was unbelievable. I thought “Do people not know who is on stage right now!?” Anyway, he played for an hour after which I tried to find a manger…..any manager……to find us either a seat, a better place to stand or something. No one was taking any responsibility for anything, and after a half hour I gave up. No box office manager, no house manager, no theatre manager. Everyone I talked to said “Find the house manager”…… one knew who this ghostly house manger was or how to find them. Anyway, the Stones take the stage; the crowd goes freakin nuts, and the tore into JJ Flash. Amazing. I was really rocking in the back, and was kind of oblivious to the fact that I could see nothing. After the blind excitemet wore off to just excitement, I decided that not only does not having any view suck, but it’s flat out wrong. I attempted again to find a manager, and was met with the same buck passing as I had before. I did, however, meet Bill Murray. He was a little tipsier than I was, but he was very nice, and shook my hand. So I went back to my wall, and realized that if I moved 10 feet up to stand right behind the back row rather than up against the wall, that I could see. But that was not cool according to security. I explained the situation for the 6th time to a very nice security gal. She said “You need to find the house manager” and I flipped. I screamed at her, and jumped up and down, and was close…..really close…….to being bounced out the door. Finally I calmed down, apologized, and we talked for a minute. She felt bad for us, really. But there was simply nothing she could do to help.

Break…….to recreate the experience of the first hour of this show for me, put on Exile on Main Street very loud, and then stand with your back against a wall near a light switch. Now close your eyes and turn the lights off and on. Can you see the stage??? Neither could I.

Anyway. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, and headed upstairs. There was little to no security up there, and we found a really nice spot right away. Watched the rest of the show from here, and got some hopefully good photos. So before I go further…’s a setlist:

Jumping Jack Flash
You Got Me Rocking
All Down The Line
Brand New Car
Parachute Woman
Dance Part 1
Everybody Needs Someone To Love
Heart of Stone
Going To a Go Go
Love Train
--- Introductions
Slipping Away (Keith)
Before They Make Me Run (Keith)
It's Only Rock'n Roll
Rock Me Baby (with Buddy Guy)
Hand of Fate
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Honky Tonk Women
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar
Tumbling Dice (Encore)

Highlights for me were Heart of Stone, CYHMK, a beautiful Slipping Away; Buddy Guy sitting in with the boys was also beautiful. To better set the scene for you, there was NO AC. It was easily 100 degrees in there, and the walls were covered with sweat, the fire boxes looked like they’d been hosed down, and they were literally passing out sweat rags as you exited the stairs. People were standing on their seats, screaming. It was an absolutely exhilarating experience. I feel like it was the first Rock and Roll concert I’ve ever been to. Nothing could ever be this great again……I think. Going to a Go Go and Love Train back to back. Amazing. Also amazing were the jams at the end of CYHMK and Love train. I mean……they jammed them out!! I think that Mick changed outfits three times, but it could have been more. I didn’t see him until Love Train when we moved upstairs.
The Stones seem to be enjoying themselves more than they have in a long time. The raw energy than was oozing off of that stage was touchable. At some point I had some thought about everyone’s sweat all mixing together in there and creating this kind of rain that was soaking the walls, and the seats, and my clothes. That’s what live Rock N Roll is. We talk about an energy that mixes from the band to an audience at a great rock show. Last night, it literally manifested itself into something real. Not just an idea, but water. There’s not much more I can say about this show. I assume that you will all be able to get a copy of it at some point. Maybe even a film of it. But tonight, my muscles are sore, my voice is still hoarse, my eyes are weary. I’m going to bed now, but I’m changed. Music for me is suddenly even more vital than it was on Friday.

09-10-02 12:04 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks for sharing your review, I rather be there
09-10-02 12:28 AM
MarthaMyDear brandosnny, Thank you for that GREAT review (I actually have to go back and read some parts of it 'cause I'm frickin' tired and I'm taking in bits and pieces of info. at the moment... lol................. :P )... Gerardo, just go into debt and pay to go to The Joint, DAMNIT!!! OH, YOU KNOW IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!! I'm in debt 'cause of the shows... SHEESH!!! Anyways, I'm sending you another Private Message (just one more) regarding theatre shows, etc.... I hope it can help, ok.?!?!?! Anyways, TAKE CARE AND CHEER UP AND STAY NICE!!! Anyways, MORE SOON!!!

*** Martha ***
09-10-02 01:06 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 it is strange they would close with tumbling dice.
09-10-02 03:24 AM
beer That really sucks that they gave you the run around and you couldn't even see the band for half the show. I'd have been pissed too. The seats you payed for didn't exist cuz they decided to put cameras in place of them? that's fucked.
Well, at least you got to meet Bill Murray.