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Rehearsing in México City, Palacio de los Deportes - January 1995
Longest stop in the middle of a tour ever: January 7 to January 25
Photo by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: The crowd MUST BE STOPPED! Return to archive
09-09-02 02:05 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Alright, so I downloaded another version of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" from 9/3 to compare sound quality to the rapidly approaching boot from our friend tillthenextgoodbye over at Doug's.

This one I'm hearing isn't quite as good, but whatever, it's "Can't You Hear Me Knocking!"

So I'm listening, and in the middle of Bobby's fucking solo, I hear these guys talking...

"No, seriously, a blowjob is the best thing! I mean, sex is so overrated!"

And later "Second row, wow! Sit the fuck down!"

And they start whistling while Mick's harping!

What the *fuck*, guys! Do you think you're at the fucking food court in some mall? You're here to see the ROLLING STONES, and if you can't appeciate it, then shut up and bitch to your friends at the bar! Not at the show! Get the *fuck* over it! If you don't like it, don't yell it at the entire fucking crowd.

Just a little common courtesy, man! My section was having a great time! No bitching (cept for one guy who stood on his chair during "Wild Horses" - yes it's the Stones, but during "Wild Horses"? And not even dancing? Sad, Sad, Sad!), no talking, we occasionally all yelled along to the chorus, but we had a great night! More actual fans up in the balcony than down on the floor!

But the best one was "Wow, I came to hear the Rolling Stones! All I hear is this fucking saxapho..."

And then Ronnie starts playing.

Sit the fuck down, suckah!

I think I can actually hear myself once, very briefly, yelling "RONNIE!" at the top of my lungs.

-tSYX --- Y'got speedfreak jive, yeah!
09-09-02 02:56 PM
Maxlugar Really.

I think it's those same guys that say something like:

Douche #1: Oh I'm sure they'll finish strong...

Douche #2: Yeah but where are "THE ROLLING STONES?" What the fuck is he doing up there with that harmonica?

The stupidest verbal exchange I have ever heard at a Stones show.

09-09-02 03:08 PM
sirmoonie Maxy, I'm just curious, did you bitchslap either of those douches? or did the opportunity not properly present itself?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this question has been asked before.
09-09-02 03:17 PM
Nellcote TSyx....Ah, to be young again....

Won't be the last time, you'll get the terrific beauty
of other than who you want on your boot.

Try asking the same lout to sit down if he/she are blocking you.

Can't tell you the skirmishes this old duffer has had in this vein.

All in a night's work, I guess..

Rock on brother, Rock on....

Let it go....
09-09-02 03:18 PM
Soul Survivor It happens with alot of audience recordings
09-09-02 03:23 PM
Maxlugar Moonie,

That was on the boot of the Boston show. I was not there.

But if I was there.....

Oh baby would I have tossed a beating!

I am a violent sun of a bitch Moonie!


Skittles Lugar!

09-09-02 03:29 PM
Riffhard I hear ya there Xyzzy.Those two are complete jackasses.I deleated my downloaded copies of most of the Fleet show just because of those fucking idiots.I'm telling you right now if there are people like that sitting near me.....well,let's just say I hope I have developed some strong enough ties on this board that you fine folks could find it in your hearts and wallets to bail poor Riffy out of the holding tank.I would pull a full on non-medicated Josh at a Beatles convention on their sorry asses!It won't be pretty if these types sit within five rows of me in any direction.I'll make the English football hoolligans look like choir boys!You know,a real bit of the ultra-violence.

One more thing ain't nobody gonna get me to sit down during a Stones' show!You wanna sit on your lazy ass then go see Le Miz.It's the Rolling F'ing Stones and I'll be standing and flailing around like a hopped up jack rabbit for the better part of two and half hours!Deal with it!

[Edited by Riffhard]
09-09-02 03:32 PM
nankerphelge You know it! Just ask mrs nankerphelge who caught more than a couple of my elbows in the head at the Fleet!

09-09-02 04:05 PM
tumblingdice guys the whole fleet show is now up by that guy from dougs board on ftp. His tape did not have the loud dickhead on it and is not that bad for aud. check it out if you have FTP it is user stones password undercover once there open the folder and look for livestones folder once it is open scroll down you will see the whole show starting with fleet02CYHMK
not bad at all. It would put a smile on young Joey's face.
09-09-02 04:15 PM
Nellcote Nanky;

Welcome to Boston! Those were not elbows you got, they were Welcome to the Best city on Earth encouragement
reminders! Do you think someone would knowingly elbow you here in Bahston? WTF?

09-09-02 04:20 PM
nankerphelge No - I was elbowing! The wife!!!