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Rehearsing in México City, Palacio de los Deportes - January 1995
Longest stop in the middle of a tour ever: January 7 to January 25
Photo by Fernando Aceves

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: Enthusiastic review in the Italian Press Return to archive
09-07-02 08:50 AM
straycat58 The most important tabloid Corriere della Sera has dedicated half page to the Fleet Concert spending enthusiastic lines on the performance. The core of the article is based on the fact that the Stones set-list seems to be for the Stones experts rather than for the big public.
No Hot rocks but pearls dedicated to the aficionados. In this sense also the stage is reduced to the essential if compared with the previous tours and stop hiding wrinkles but proudly showing them to the fans.
Well, this was the interpretation of the author...
I could say that the Gillette set-list nulls the above interpretation.
I'll keep you informed with evenctual addition from Italy.
A kiss to the Stoned ladies....

09-07-02 09:48 AM
straycat58 I forgot to mention that, if somebody is interested, I can scan the article and post for you. If you have to learn need an italian girlfriend.
09-07-02 10:18 AM
straycat58 wrote:
I forgot to mention that, if somebody is interested, I can scan the article and post for you. If you have to learn need an italian girlfriend.

No problem scan the article and send it, I won't have problems to translate it but send also an Italian girlfriend for other side purposes , I know Italian girls want more than just cars

09-07-02 11:42 AM
SlackerZ Hey stray cat i live in italy too! are u having problems getting stones stuff here! I think there aren't so many fans here now. About the remasters noone knows, i am getting crazy!!!!!! I speak and speak and then Really? they keep replying to me . MAN you are working in a record store i am not, then asking about the sacds cd players! they have no idea!!! okay maybe is because i live in a small town 100000 people living here.
Are u having the same problems?
09-07-02 11:46 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Also check this thread with more about the Italian Press covering the tour
09-07-02 12:22 PM
parmeda Post the article...I can read it.
(100% Italian girl, right here!)
09-07-02 12:32 PM
F505 The only italian i know is filibustieri, pirati della strada, bruti, autodidatti and of course con le mie lacrime (Decca F 22270)
09-07-02 12:44 PM
SlackerZ Parmeda are u having the same problem as i am having with the stones stuff here in italy?
Please tell me in other regions are full of stones fans!!!

If you could tell me how can i get or where in Italy cause they keep telling me this thins aren't in italy yet
09-07-02 01:15 PM
straycat58 Tks for the replies. In order:
I will scan and post the article on Monday next when I'm back in the office.
For the difficulties in finding stones stuff in Italy, I follow them since 34 years (I'm 44)and I'm a collector (expecially vinyl). Most of the stuff I find abroad (UK, States, boots in Asia and vinyl in East Europe)but if you follow EBAY you will find , with lot of patience, most of the stuff you probably look for. There's a fans club in Italy and I can give you the contact; maybe they're not so much organized but have a lot of stuff (vdo, boots, vinyl) for trade.
Finally, to the lady (is a lady?)who only met filibustieri and pirati della strada (which means crooks and pirates), I met a girl from Chicago who was scared about Italians pinching her ass; but she was spending her days listening to the Bee Gees and Donovan.
09-07-02 01:21 PM
F505 Hahahaha man, you make me laugh! I meant: the only italian words i know are..... Sorry for the misunderstanding

And i'm still a man!
09-07-02 01:39 PM
parmeda Slacker,
I live in the States...sorry hon, I can't help you out on your end. If I run across anything that will benefit you, I will be sure to pass it along to you.
09-07-02 03:07 PM
SlackerZ sure stray cat!! the info would of the fan club would be great!!!
my email is

I hear the click clack of your feet on the stairs....
man i would love to hear it from boston fleetcenter!!
09-07-02 04:37 PM
Scot Rocks Complimenti Italia!!!!!pero abbiamo l'anno aspetteremo per lo Stones!!!!!


da Scozia

09-07-02 04:57 PM
parmeda ciao Mark,

pazienza mio amico pazienza ...

09-07-02 06:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot Tortellini Alfredo al Fungi.

Food for the gods.
09-08-02 03:40 AM
straycat58 The link to the Italian fans club is They have a fanzine (Rock'n'rolling Stones) as well which is now arrived to nr.8.
You can contact the Director of this club at: for more information and subscription (23 Euro per year).
Flight 505, sorry for the misunderstanding.