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September 11, 2002
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Topic: from the newspaper "metro" Return to archive
09-06-02 10:46 AM
egon The below e-mail was placed in the free newspaper “metro”, which they hand out in Marseille, Lyon and Paris.

I thought it was quit funny. (or sarcastic)

The free translation (All you French, please correct me if I’m wrong!);


The stones play for 80.000 people. And Pierre Briançon thinks they should not perform anymore. In 1966 de press was also anti-stones. It’s very nice to see that nothing has changed.

Metro – Friday 6th September 02


Emailed by Pascal Dorlin.

Les stones jouent devant 80.000 spectateurs. Et Pierre Briançon estime qu’ils ne devraient plus se produire. En 1966, la presse était déjà anti-stones. C’est bien agréable de constater qu’elle n’a pas changé.

Don't know who this pierre is, but he sounds like real knob!
09-06-02 10:59 AM
jb The french have long supported the Stones !
[Edited by jb]
09-06-02 11:49 AM
jumpinjackflash59 Bullshits, JB. The french have always been great Stones' fans.
Do you really think Mick would live a part of the year in a country where people hate him. And Keith who had an appartment in Paris, Charlie a castle in the south of France. They are not masochistic. It's really stupid.
In the sixties, France was the only country in Europe where people prefered the Stones to the Beatles.
I agree they now sell more tickets in Holland or Germany, but the hotest crowds i have seen in Europe during the past twenty years where the French and the Spanish one.
It seems that YOU hate everybody who is not american, especially the french, and perhaps you hate everybody who is not YOU... You talk about war, I think that with people like you, there will be wars on this planet till the end of the world.
Probably you don't like me because i'm french, but i like you because you're a Stones' fan and a human being. Don't care what is your nationality.
Now please, back to the music.
09-06-02 11:53 AM
jb I like you too!
09-06-02 12:04 PM
patioaintdry OK, we all like each other -- now everyone shut the f*#% up, drop the politics, stick to Stones content.

But do feel free to trash Bon Jovi.
09-06-02 12:06 PM
sirmoonie And trash the Eagles too. I think we are allowed to do that here, as well.

Iraq has long supported the Eagles. I think Saudi Arabia has too. I'll check and get back to you.
09-06-02 12:09 PM
jb Libya loves the Beatles and Britney!
09-06-02 01:01 PM
Maxlugar Most of the Middle East is extremely "backward", shall we say?

I mean, take my friend Khaled al-Sheikh Ramzi from Afghanistan...

Now, I love this guy but he drives me crazy!

Last year, after the Taliban were driven out, he begs me for some Stones boots. I'm all like "Great! Now you are getting some taste my little Towel Headed buddy!"

So I send him Handsome Girls.

About a month later we're just gabbing on the phone one night and I'm all like "Hey camel breath, how's that CD I sent you?"

And he's all like "Uh..well...I don't know...uh...Allah…you see…"

So I'm all like "Ramzy! Did you not even play it!?"

And he's all like "Well I have a problem with my new stereo system blah blah blah..."

So I tell him I'll take a look at it next time I pass through Kabul.

So sure enough I go see him in Kabul about two weeks later (I didn't have time to see him when I was there the week before. I didn't even tell him I was there! Shhhh!) and he brings me to his "Entertainment Room" to fix his new stereo.

Against the far wall, on the floor, was a medium sized rock with two smaller sized rocks on either side. There was speaker wire running from the larger rock to the two smaller ones. Chiseled into the front right corner was the make: Islam Electric 2000. And yes, sitting atop the middle rock was my Handsome Girls CD naked to the world.

Folks, it turns out my little cave digging pal was trying to crank Handsome Girls on the latest in Middle Eastern technology. And that is just not good enough!

What did I do?

After I smacked Ramzy upside the head, I did what any red-blooded American Rolling Stones fan SHOULD do: I called in an A10 Warthog to take him out with about 200 rounds of depleted uranium.

Thanks for listening!

09-06-02 01:25 PM
sirmoonie That was really touching Maxy. Thank you. I know that was hard.

Now would anyone else in the group like to share a Stones related story about blowing away one of the Islamic friends? Hmmmm? Volunteers please, or I'll have to pick someone.............yes, Mr. Joey. What would you like to tell us?
09-06-02 01:41 PM
jb The inner cities are a hot bed for muslim extremists...
09-06-02 01:48 PM
scope But Max, what happened to the CD? Hopefully you had the good sense to remove that little jewel before the attack.
So, er, what you gonna do with that now.
09-06-02 03:02 PM
Joey " Mr. Joey. What would you like to tell us? "

It was the winter of ' 72 my friend ......there I was , stuck inside the Hanoi Hilton , my seventh year of captivity , forced to play Russian Roulette for the one thousandth time by my V. C. Captors ( and getting pretty damn good at it I must say -- Sheeeeet , I even asked my guards if we could play with three bullets in the gun ) , when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a clasp of thunder . So , I turned down my CD player ( Exile was on deck too ) to see what in the hell was going on outside me jail cell , and lo and behold , there was no thunderstorm but a lumbering B-52 bomber dropping its load all over Hanoi ......then another ......then another turns out there were hundreds of these stratofortresses unleashing their tremendous power on Hanoi for the first time in the war .

My fellow P.O.W.s and myself were ecstatic but my V. C. Guards kept saying , " they are trying to destroy your music and silence your Mick and Keith ( Charlie speaks very good English by the way ) !!!! " We just laughed and brayed , " No , they are trying to silence YOU !!!!!! "

One month later , a peace treaty was signed by the U.S. , the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese ending America's role in the struggle . Your young Joey stepped off the plane at Andrews A.F.B. and promptly vomited on the tarmac and wiped his mouth on a generals sleeve ( just like Keith Richards would have done ) , burped and searched for a cool place to tkae a shit ........but I digress ..............It was wonderful to finally be home again and welcomed into society like a pair of brown shoes when the whole world was a tuxedo ................

What was the question again ?????

" Help Me Ronnie , Help , Help Me Ronnie "

Joey Cong

09-06-02 03:07 PM
Maxlugar I dunno Scope. You want it? It has some scratches from him trying to load it into the Islam 2000, though....

09-07-02 07:04 AM
egon I posted the artice, cos It was about the problem that we all talk about;

the press always writes negative about the stones.

The guy that sent the email is French and obviously a fan.

Jb, france is not a bad place man! Come over for a couple of weeks to get rid of that anger.

Worked for me.
09-07-02 08:47 AM
09-07-02 12:07 PM
egon thierry,

tu sais!!!
09-07-02 01:11 PM
F505 Wasn't it Bill who sang he was a rockstar living in the south of France? His neighbour was (is?) Willem Duys, a Dutch tv host who discovered Lee Towers, the Cats and THE Herman van Veen!
09-07-02 01:20 PM
Moonisup Are we happy with 'the cats' 'lee towers' and the 'herman van veen'. I ain't happy with them!!!!!

09-07-02 01:24 PM
F505 hahahaha!