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September 11, 2002
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Topic: UK Press in unanimous "Stones are great" sensation! Return to archive
09-05-02 04:45 PM
Gazza Lots of reviews in the UK press today on the opening night's concert....I'll try and add the links when I can dig out the online versions

Every review I read was to some extent along similar lines - ie,they look ancient,their tickets cost a fortune but despite a few rough first night edges,they were amazing, with the review in the "Independent" being the most positive. "The Sun" as usual told the most lies and made the most ageist comments (as well as printing the most unflattering pics they could find,including what I reckon was probably the worst pic of Keith I've ever seen) but even they acknowledged that the old buggers put on a show to remember. Dominic Mohan actually said that Woody was almost inaudible and keith carried the band which seemed to be at complete odds to every other review Ive read..

Just a few brief snippets:

David Thomas, "Daily Mail" - 'For most of their two hour plus performance, the Rolling Stones proved,once again,that they are somehow still what they have long claimed to be: the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world. They may not look as sexy now,but with drugs and alcohol now virtually banished,they play far better than ever. Their new tour is a finger in the face of any young pretenders to their throne.....In a quarter of a century of watching the Stones,I had never heard them play so well, never seen a crowd so joyous. Their show was an affirmation that we,and they, are still going. Why should fun and excitement be reserved for youth? Why should we all just fade away?'

Andrew Buncombe, "The Independent" - 'The Stones were not only as enthusiastic as ever but sounded as tight and together as theyve ever been...the Stoens have an energy that belies their age. Jagger in particular was like a three year old stuffed full of E numbers as he pranced and pouted..'

Suzanne Kerins, "Daily Mirror" - 'There is no doubt that the Stones define rock'n'roll...they might look a little haggard and worse for wear, but this is what real British muci is all about'.

Dominic Mohan, "The Sun" - 'I was tempted to write off the Stones as a bunch of has-beens destroying the memory of their glorious youth. But they have redeemed themselves - as you will inevitably see when they tour Europe next summer'.

Mark Jagasia, "Daily Express" - 'The Stones still belt it out with conviction sounding better than they did on vinyl 30 years ago.'

Nigel Williamson, "The Times" - 'On the evidence of the first night, nobody is going to be disappointed. There's still a grandeur about The Roling Stones that is sometimes grotesque but utterly compelling. .. Everybody should witness the world's greatest rock'n'roll band in concert at least once in their life.'
09-05-02 04:54 PM
jb This can't be true...not from from the hateful English press.
09-05-02 04:57 PM
Honky Tonk Man Oh its all very true my Floridian Lawyer Freind.

I have alreadsy read most of what Gazza posted and its all true! We love the Stones!

Everyone LOVES the old Gits!

09-05-02 05:05 PM
Moonisup Well ery nice to see that the English press is nice to them!!!

rock 'n' rule
09-05-02 05:08 PM
Riffhard Oh how refreshing that is!It really makes all the reveiws I've read thus far that much sweeter.If the vitrolic English press give The Stones their due then it would seem that,indeed,The Stones are at the top of their game.And the fact that it's so early in the tour makes it even better!They are only gonna get tighter.As Keith points out,"It only tightens up"

09-05-02 05:11 PM
F505 Why not? No moss on these boys!
09-05-02 05:13 PM
Moonisup By the way f505 where you at the stonesday???????/

09-05-02 05:13 PM
Gazza Josh - you were the very individual I was thinking of when I was typing all this....!!! EVERY single review I read today,without exception (and I think there were about 6 or 7), acknowledges that the Stones were fantastic.

In actual fact,whilst the band do get overlooked a lot in the press here and ridiculed for their age and appearance on every press'll find that every time the Stones tour,the reviews of their CONCERTS in the British press are always quite positive, with the journalists pretty much acknowledging that they proved them wrong..again...
09-05-02 05:17 PM
F505 I was there Moon. In fact I am the manager of the cover band that played there... Did you like 'm?
09-05-02 05:19 PM
Moonisup yeah, some good songs, good drummer, the guitarist without the beard (herman hostelle?) is very very good!! In december they where great also. I enjoyed it very much!!

09-05-02 06:31 PM
Prodigal Son Wow, is all the negative press now switching over to North America. I've seen nothing but degredation toward them here but more positive articles back in Europe. America has to wake up! Canada too. The Stones Rule and always will. Fuck anything else that people latch onto. Creed, whatever. You can't demean the Stones presence just because of their longevity and age! American Idol? Why's that crap on? We should have one reality TV show and cancel the others. It will be called Survivor 5 (4's already being planned, god help me!): Rolling Stones on tour. Both tribes will compete to show their love for the group. The elimination sequence is held backstage at a concert. The challenge games will include things like which tribes can get all their women members to sleep with Mick first, first to get an autograph from all five members. The winner gets to join the Stones on tour for the rest of the time, and become a friend to the band getting free guitars, money, chicks, everything you want. It's like the winner becomes part of their entourage! Now that's an idea.
09-05-02 08:03 PM
Scot Rocks Thanks Gazza, it is nice anytime to hear positive media reports about the Stones...long may it last too!!!

09-05-02 08:06 PM
Fiji Joe Man, those Brits catch on quick. Stones, "great", who knew?
09-05-02 08:12 PM
Angiegirl Maybe the Brittish press are just in need of their tax money?? ;-) It's cool. Yeah Gazza, they ususally ridicule the Stones themselves, but not so much their live shows. Fair is fair.
09-05-02 08:32 PM
Gazza Evening Standard


09-05-02 08:52 PM

The Times

09-05-02 09:09 PM
Martha Thanks so much Gazza, for taking time to post the highlights from each article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Just upgraded my Nationwide tickets and will have a most perfect view of the stage..amd especially the B stage!!!!!! Life is getting better and better!

That means tickets ARE still in the system for a lot of venues...I think they do pop back up when it gets close to the showtime....have been very lucky with that lately.
09-06-02 11:21 AM
padre I'd like to see those bad photos of Keef from the Sun...
09-06-02 12:36 PM
jb Keith looks dam good in the header..dark hair and they covered his thinning crown area with Topik hair bonding fibers....
09-06-02 11:44 PM
jb wrote:
Keith looks dam good in the header..dark hair and they covered his thinning crown area with Topik hair bonding fibers....

..yer joking, right?!
09-06-02 11:46 PM
~AzQb They may not look as sexy now,but with drugs and alcohol now virtually banished,they play far better than ever.

Good God, Gazza...he mustn't have made it backstage then ; )

~; )


09-07-02 07:11 AM
egon has this been posted yet?

and yes, it's positive.