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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Mťxico City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
From the upcoming Exhibition "Rolling Stones 40x20"

Govinda Gallery, Washington DC September 20th through October 26th, 2002

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Topic: Another report from the Fleet Return to archive
09-05-02 01:16 PM
juantcb Also posted this on Doug's board, but here it is for your amusement (or something):

Back in NYC with most of my senses intact. My first show since 4/12/99, my first opening night, and the first time I've ever had seats anywhere near the stage. Absolutely incredible.

I pretty much agree with the consensus of all the other reviews posted here. Mick looked & sounded great and was completely into it. Keith was decent, but seemed to be coasting for half the show. Charlie was Charlie - a true man of wealth and taste. Chuck & the singers were . . . turned down!!!!! Unobtrusive! Woo hoo! About time.

And Ronnie Wood was aboslutely amazing. Who'd've thunk it?

1. Street Figting Man - loved it. Keith's opening chors ripped my head off, and Ronnie was rocking an ELECTRIC SITAR! Beautiful.

2. If You Canít Rock Me - A little tentative, but really nice to hear. Unfortunately, the sound was a bit muddy, so I couldn't really get the full impact of the guitar interplay during the breakdown before the solo. Great solo, by the way. Was that the one with the Ronnie Cam?

3. Itís Only Rock-n-Roll - Good version, but as Butt-head would say, "You can't polish a turd".

4. Donít Stop - Better than the record (didn't have that awful processed rythm guitar) but this song is a fly-weight.

5. Stray Cat Blues - Now things start to catch fire. Loud and nasty! Great work by everybody. And she's still 16. Sounded like the Beggar's version on steroids. Beautiful.

6. Wild Horses - wasn't really expecting this one. Very nice - great guitars and Keith harmonies. Not one of my picks for "songs that translate live particularly well", though. But decent - better than '94.

7. Loving Cup - Ooooooooh baby. Loved it. Some muddy sound hampered it, and where was Keith's groove riff during the end? Hopefully this one will tighten up a bit as the tour goes on.

8. Rocks Off - Seizure-inducing. So much better than '94. So good I got goosebumps, tears in the eyes, dizzy . . . of course, I was pretty drunk, too.

9. Rip This Joint - OK, I for one thought this was kind of a disappointment. It was fast, but kind of lacked energy until the end.

10. Tumbling Dice - So classy. One of the better versions I've ever heard. All I could do during this was stand there and watch them catch the groove and get off on it. Really a beautiful thing - the essense of the Stones.

11. Slipping Away - Loved it. Keith's vocals were the best I've ever heard him do live. Next time, though, KEEP YOUR GUITAR ON AND FUCKING PLAY IT, man!

12. Happy - OK, you got your guitar back on . . . Aside from the intro, you only gave it some occasional strums until the jam at the end. What was that about????? Great lap-steep work from Ronnie, though - totally saved the song.

13. Love Train - Pee Break.

14. Undercover - I thought this was great. Hadn't heard it live since '89 - very crunchy & nasty. Not slick at all, which is what I would have expected.

15. Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Don't really remember as I think I started levitating during it. It lived up to all the advance hype, though, and then some. Great utilization of the back-up singers . . . the guitars were great . . . Mick still did the "window pane" line in the first chorus . . . and the jam at the end was a thing of beauty. The harmonica really adds to it, though I would have liked to have seen Ronnie given a chance to stretch out more. Beautiful, though.

16. Honky Tonk Woman - Sounded solid. At least Keith didn't play the piano with his feet. I was pretty much watching the animation during this one, though - hard to keep your eyes off of . . .

17. Satisfaction - This might have actually been the best song of the show. Pretty much followed the standard arrangement and everybody excelled, as per usual. Except tonight, Ronnie was playing the nastiest, dirtiest rythm part I've ever heard - it added to the heaviness quotient in a big way. Goddamn, it was great.

*B-Stage* - Connected fingertips with Ronnie "MVP" Wood on the walkway!

18. Mannish Boy - Loved it. The sound was awful, though - couldn't really make out any lyrics or definition whatsoever. Was Ronnie playing slide on this one?

19. Neighbors - A beautiful mess - Keith & Ron in full on weave mode. From where I was standing, all I could really see was Charlie's back. Watching him slam the holy hell out of this song (my favorite Charlie song, anyway) was a thing of beauty. I think this went on about two minutes longer than intended just because they didn't know how get on the same page to stop it. No band fucks up better than the Stones.

20. Brown Sugar - I liked this a lot more than I thought I would, probably because Mick was so damn into it.

21. Sympathy For The Devil - Great, as usual. I would have liked a longer solo, though.

22. Jumping Jack Flash - Slowed down and dirty as hell. Still the most powerful song in their catalogue, bar none. Not rushed like in '99, not dragged out like on all other recent tours. Tight, concise, and lethal.

All in all, a great show. Clearer sound and Keith bringing his A-game are the only things that could have improved it. Oh, and I gotta say, I really missed "Out Of Control" - I hope they break that one out at some point.

And I just want to say how great it was partying with everybody at Sully's before and after the show! Doug, Shijoody, Nellcote, and everyone else . . . it was a blast!

Alrighty - hopefully I'll see you all again at MSG.

09-05-02 01:27 PM
Nellcote John;

Woody played the clear guitar ala Keith in 69 on b stage, slide for Mannish Boy. Myself, and another from Doug's board were 5 feet from him. All the B stage songs were outstanding.

Sorry to say, I'm suffering from "too many hits"
from 09/03 at Sully's to recall all of the evening, thus I apologize up front. Don't think it will haunt me 9 months from now, but ya never know....

Going tonight? We're in Floor F