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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

México City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
From the upcoming Exhibition "Rolling Stones 40x20"

Govinda Gallery, Washington DC September 20th through October 26th, 2002

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: 40 Licks TV Campaign Return to archive
09-05-02 10:58 AM
sandrew I just saw the TV add for 40 Licks. I think it's going to be an effective campaign. There's a clever montage of concert and video footage and a string of song clips. With MTV completely given over to madness, mainstream rock artists - Sheryl Crow, for example - are turning to TV. I can't say I fault them for it, and I hope we get a no. 1-debut with 40 Licks. It's currently at 17 on the Amazon list ...
09-05-02 11:39 AM
padre They should make couple of cool montage videos from JJF (the original promo plus something extra)and Brown Sugar (stuff from Ladies, Cocksucker, -75 tour kick-off from the truck, etc)for TV to promote the album.
09-05-02 11:54 AM
jb # that considered good?
09-05-02 12:39 PM
sandrew Considering that it's not going to be released until a month from now, that's not bad.
09-05-02 12:47 PM
Maxlugar While I get excited anytime I see my favorite band on TV. I found that commercial to have a strong "cheese" factor.

I, along with my Florida friend Josh, still hope this thing is a smash hit though.

09-05-02 01:00 PM
Riffhard Even though I know that Josh will positivly cringe at the thought of this it is still worth noting.The Stones hired the same production/promotion company that The Beatles used in their 1 promotion.Ofcourse,I'm sure when Mick saw the huge success of 1 he decided to go the same route.I have yet to see the spot,but am sure that we will be looking at a debut of at the very least #2.More than likely though it will in fact debut at #1.There is really no other major artist releasing an anticipated project during the first week of October.U2 has a greatest hits package coming out November 5th so they won't hurt the sales of 40 Licks.

I'm sticking with my prediction.40 Licks will debut at either #1 or #2.Do the math.A very savy TV ad campaign,two months into their unofficial 40th anniversary tour,no competition during the week of Oct. 5th,and it's a career retrospective album which has four new tracks on it as well.You add all that up and that's the recipe for a very strong debut.

Riffhard C10A
[Edited by Riffhard]
09-05-02 01:16 PM
jb wrote:
# that considered good?

Not bad considering the album hasn't even been released yet, and they've only played one will go up as the tour progresses.....
09-05-02 01:37 PM
jb We must sell more records than Bon Jovi and Aerosmith....if it means using the beatles production team, so be it. To be #15 on all time sales, behind the likes of the above, is truly the most depressing statistic I have ever seen. These band can claim they sell more albums and are more popular than the Stones...and sadly it's fucking true!!!
09-05-02 01:48 PM
Riffhard Josh,
I am a "glass is half full" kinda guy myself.So,with that in mind consider this.The Stones have a whole hell of alot more than #1 hits than Aerosmith and Bon Jovi combined.Plus if Aerosmith and Bon Jovi were so much more popular than The Stones.Why do they never launch the masive tours that The Stones do?Why do they never put as many asses in the seats?

See,Josh?The Stones are easily more popular than those two hack bands!Chin up my friend!You are devout follower of "The Worlds Greatest Rock and Fucking Roll Band!"

Fuck Yup!
09-05-02 01:53 PM
egon *
"if it means using the beatles production team, so be it"
jb, what are you saying?

anyway, i think it's gonna be at no 1.... for 1 week.

same thing happened with jump back; big campaign and shit.
2 weeks in the charts and gone.

and the only reason it was in the charts was because all us dumb asses bought the damn thing to keep the collection complete. while in the meantime the greatest hits buyers didn't touch it.

let's face it; the stones don't matter i the real "britney-christina-bs boys-shakirra" world.

i need a drink
09-05-02 01:58 PM
jb If my wife watches American idol again, I may very well hang myself....this is what this country is all about...not a mention on Entertainment tonight, Access Hollywood, etc about opening night..just that goddam American idol shit with that fat ass kelly and funny guy Justin...
09-05-02 02:00 PM
Nellcote Problem with plus size women JB....

Please elaborate
09-05-02 02:02 PM
jb She has a pretty face, but if she wants to get anywhere, she needs to lose weight fast....Britney, Chritina, Janet, Gwen, all thin as a rail....I particularly like that Christian Aguilera....very sexy and not a not a virgin like Britney!
09-05-02 02:06 PM
Nellcote J-LO?

Best selling rap video of 95-96 I think was Sir Mix A Lot
"Baby Got Butt"

Come to think of it, have not seen the Stones employ
such women in any of their videos...

Maybe Rock N Roll Circus, I must review..

Anyway, here in Beantown, hi 70's, listening to Garden state 78 on the radio, yes, radio. Off to Gillette in 10 minutes
09-05-02 02:08 PM
jb Enjoy...a Stone concert in a sold out stadium is perhaps the greatest high I have ever are very lucky to live in such a great Stones city!!! Have fun and say hello to the gang!!!
09-05-02 02:10 PM
Nellcote Fly still available.....
09-05-02 02:26 PM
nankerphelge Hey man drink a couple for me -- say "high" to TomL for me -- and for gods sake have a fucking ball - I know you will -- you are a true blue Stones fan!!
09-05-02 02:33 PM
Nellcote Right On Nanky!

Ready to Rock!!

Report in the AM.....