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Topic: Nothing in the dutch papers around about the stones!! Return to archive
09-05-02 06:12 AM
Moonisup I have read 2 dutch papers and none of them are saying anything about the tourstart!!!!
sad sad sad
09-05-02 06:39 AM
peterdv Belgian French paper la dernière heure has about 16 pages ...

i'm trying to score on today

09-05-02 06:47 AM
Moonisup 16!!!! pages, jezus, that is a lot!! You're a lucky man!!
09-05-02 07:41 AM
F505 Indeed disappointing. But try het Parool or het NRC tonight. You never know!
09-05-02 07:42 AM
egon nothing on the dutch online papers either... (and it's 13.45hrs local)

it's sad, sad, sad
09-05-02 07:51 AM
Moonisup Well in holland maybe the nieuwe revu, tehy had always articles when a stour started.
09-05-02 10:15 AM
jb Moon, is F505 a resident of Holland?
09-05-02 10:18 AM
Moonisup YES he is. Yeah it is quite shock to read that, a beatlefan from holland, but he is always nice to me with sharing info, so as president of the moonisupgroup I tolerate him

[Edited by Moonisup]
09-05-02 10:29 AM
jb It's very unusaul for such a rude individual to come from the very civil nation of Holland. I hope he does not spread his Beatles worship to the good Dutch people!
[Edited by jb]
09-05-02 10:34 AM
Moonisup No I think he doesn't do that, i hope not!!

09-05-02 01:10 PM
padre Not a thing in Finnish papers either...
09-05-02 01:31 PM
egon jb,
i'm dutch and i like the beatles.
that's why they kicked me out of the country.
(tried to explain the difference between like and love, but...)
09-05-02 01:35 PM
Moonisup well jb, I hope you don't get the impression that everyone from Holland LIKES the beatles, I for one don't like them!
Well, Egon, how long do you live in holland?
09-05-02 01:39 PM
jb I think Egon is a nice guy with bad taste...
09-05-02 01:41 PM
Moonisup well I just can't understand how one could be a stones and a beatles fan at the same time you know. I don't want to start this discussion again, but well you don't love spears and aguilerra to! apples and pears
09-05-02 01:42 PM
egon moon; what are you saying??!!

in fact, the dutch are very beatle minded
(as they are stones!).
it might be a small country, but the people in it have good taste. (just forget 2 unlimited and the vengaboys)

what the country doesn't have is SUN!!!
and that's why i left.

09-05-02 01:46 PM
jb Come to South Florida..lots of sun and lots of beatle fans too Egon!
09-05-02 01:47 PM
egon clarify;

i'm not a beatle FAN, i just like them
i own 2 double albums. (yes THOSE two)

come to think of it, i'm not a fan of any band of artist,
other than the stones that is.

moon are you behind your pc 24/24???
(must have something to do with the sun that's not there, so you can't play in the streets???) :-)))
09-05-02 02:08 PM
Moonisup I am free of school and work, so I'm online alot. By doing this I have scored 2 songs of yesterday!! No I don't play in the streets anymore, ahhah, but I doooooo play, in an other way, with my girlfriend!!
And for the vengaboys and 2 unlimited, the are at the same line as the beatles in my opinion. I respect you if you like the beatles, but I don't!!

groeten van rik
09-05-02 07:04 PM
egon if you don't like the beatles, that's just fine.

bnt don't you



put them in the same line as the beatles!!!

that's wrong, WRONG i say!
09-05-02 07:08 PM
Moonisup hahahah, I knew you would react on that!!!

Egon I try to be friendly now!!
Go to this site:

you will be amazed

ik maak geen grapje, dit is echt van dinsdag, komt van iorr,
het zijn niet de beste opnames, er schreeuwt een idioot af en toe doorheen maar ach ut is wat


[Edited by Moonisup]
09-05-02 07:13 PM
egon i wil look at it tomorrow;
just came back from the bar, gotta go to bed now.
early day tomorrow.

moet je niet is naar bed man? zo'n computer scherm is slecht voor de oogjes.

good night / slaap wel
09-05-02 07:15 PM
Moonisup ik ga zo, I go soon

This site has numbers of tuesday~~

|I can't get enough listening to it!!!
09-05-02 07:41 PM
Angiegirl Well, I'm surprised really, about the lack of coverage in the Dutch media. My Stones tape is in my VCR just in case, has been since Wednesday, but nothing. I checked all the news broadcasts. I have snippets from previous tours from prime time news, but now, I don't know. It's not like there has been another politician shot again, like with the press conference.

I missed the coverage on German tv tonight, well, I can't be on every channel all day, now can I?

I have an interview with Keith from a local paper (Noord-Brabant) which my mom sent me today. Page-large close-up pic (great!) of Keef from the press conf. The interview is the same known stuff, taken on their last day in Toronto. He talks about the death of his father, his difficulties and doubts to pull the plug after 10 days of coma, about his drug 'experiment' in the seventies etc.

That's it so far. I hate it. WAKE UP HOLLAND!!
09-05-02 08:23 PM
Scot Rocks Could Holland be overtaken by the UK in Stones coverage!!!! lol, it is nice to the see the written media here give some nice comments about the Stones, but TV coverage so far...nil, zero, nothing, so I think we are all in the same boat as far as that is concerned.

09-05-02 08:47 PM
Angiegirl Yep Mark, but we will get our share next year. In fact there will be so much printed interviews and reports that we will have trouble getting and reading them all (let alone criticizing them!)
09-05-02 09:41 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah Angiegirl, the problem is that it seems so long away just now!!!!!

I don't know if I can wait that long!!!!lol to whatever shows I go to, hopefully Murrayfield will be confirmed as a stadium as well, however hell I'll go anywhere here to see them, whatever, I am rambling on again here, another late night for me.


09-06-02 04:47 AM
peterdv lowdown on the LA Dernière Heure 16 page booklet

my wife (Lieve) was so kind to buy it yesterday while i were at work,
but sadly haven't had the time to look at it..but saw that back and that was a collage of the bandmembers , really cool,the front of the booklet (well 40 cm tall by 30 wide or something) has the lick logo , cool

btw, Angie , groetjes van Peter en Lieve , tot volgend jaar :-) (btw, mijn 12mdn oud zoontje is ook al omgeschoold naar RS fan LOL

09-06-02 05:34 AM
egon mark,

if you see anything in the brit papers online, plse post the link.

i'm checking them out myself, but so far FA!

i'm not commenting anymore on the dutch media...

bunch of fuckers (oeps, just did)