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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

México City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
From the upcoming Exhibition "Rolling Stones 40x20"

Govinda Gallery, Washington DC September 20th through October 26th, 2002

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Topic: Better late than never! Return to archive
09-04-02 03:39 PM
nankerphelge The whole thing went off the tracks before we left DC. The flight was cancelled so we were stuck on a later flight until mrs nankerphelge spotted Stonesdoug and decided that he should be followed!! We did and fortunately got on an earlier flight than expected!!

Pillaged the hotel mini-bar and then off to Legal Sea Foods for a wonderful meal and two bottles of wine. Both me and the missus were lit up like bulbs at 4:30!

Quick change at the hotel and off to Sully's -- the buzz of the opener was great -- just as I remembered it in DC! Had a blast meeting a whole new bunch of crazies!!! Winter is the man, but despite that cannot possibly deserve the wonderful young lady that accompanied him! She reminded me carefully that I was a lawyer and not to smoke a joint in a bar, in front of the Boston cops. Good advice for a tequila and whiskey-laden nanky! Hope you both had fun -- i sure did -- thanks again for the tickets!

Met Nellcote and can't remember the other guy's name -- started drinking Jamesons about then. Then a couple of shots of tequila. Then Mr. Hyde made his appearance!! But I recovered by the time we hit the Fleet -- blew off the Pretenders. Entertained the folks at the T-shirt stand with my drunkeness!! Then stumbled to my seats -- saw Blue Lena -- got stuck next to the biggest stick in the mud ever at a Stones show -- so I did what any drunk Stones fan would do -- i got obnoxious with him!! Mr. Hyde's second appearance. Got in the doghouse with the missus on that one.

Then with no warning, fanfare or any intro -- the place goes dark and BAM -- there they are -- right fucking there blasting Street Fighting Man. It was really loud and the sound was not good -- at least not from my perspective. It was weird -- you could hear everything, yet at the same time it was all jumbled together. Didn't grab ya the way a Stones opener should! Then they move into a rather uninspired If You Can't Rock Me.

Then they clicked - IORR was great -- that one got everyone going. The sound was getting fixed and they were calming down a bit. Ronnie looked very focused -- you could see they were all really enjoying it! Then the new song -- sounded good but no one knew it. So there was a great deal of head scracthing. Then Wild Horses, which was good --- Ronnie was playing very well.

Stray Cat Blues was great -- the sound was perfect -- loud and angry. Really enjoyed that one! Then they dig into Exile -- Loving Cup was simply awesome. Rocks Off -- the horns were now too muddy -- but it was well done. Rip This Joint was amazing -- they freaking nailed it! Tumbling Dice, as usual was great.

Then intros -- and Keith starts Slipping Away -- and I did!! Piss break -- wandered around the arena for a while trying to get back to my seat. Got up front for Happy -- Ronnie was lappin' it big time -- very nice to see. Then Can't You Hear Me Knockin' -- terrific job -- it really came off super.

Then they played a most amazing version of Satisfaction -- how many times have we heard this song? How many times have they nailed it like that? '81 maybe -- MAYBE! It was that fucking good. That one song was the one that made me say (yet again) this is why they are the greatest. That thing was fresher than it has ever been.

And I'm thinking -- holy shit they still haven't hit the small stage -- we are gonna get 30 songs

Then they hit the small stage -- Mannish Boy was good -- but it wasn't El Mocambo dirty -- they rushed it I think. And it was Mick's only harmonica of the nite -- BIG BIG disapointment there fellas -- that harp should have been stiched into his mouth for the opener!!

Neighbors on the small stage was awesome -- Bobby Keys made that fucker hum!! Ronnie was cranking too!!

Brown Sugar was good -- neat on the small stage.

Then -- they are gone. Goodnite says Mick and they get down off the small stage and they are gone.

Then they played Sympathy for the first time in their career! Just kidding -- they played it on No Security y'know! It was very good with a big ring of fire tongue on the backdrop. They should have opened with both -- the song and the backdrop!! HINT HINT fellas!!

JJF was good -- Ronnie was abusing his instrument -- just as predicted -- very nice job.

Then back to Sullys with Nellcote -- great time had by all.

And no hangover!! What a deal!!!!

Be interesting to see what Gillette brings!

Fuck Yup!

09-04-02 03:43 PM
Nellcote Nanky;

Great to hook up last night. Erron is my friends name, he stopped by today, what a gig! BTW, you forgot Mick played harp during CYHMK, he was calling off Bobby, then he took over. What a great time at Sully's!
Quite Memorable!!

Are you in at Gillette? Lot 14b?
09-04-02 03:48 PM
Boomhauer Good to see you did have a good time last night. Thanks for the review.

BTW, you said they should have opened up with Sympathy. They should open up the stadiums with that motherfucker! That would be GRAND.

Now i gotta listen to the radio and win some tickets for Comiskey.
09-04-02 03:56 PM
nankerphelge Uh oh -- missed the harmonica on Knockin' -- brain dump again. Still wasn't enuf!!

Sorry to say i won't be hitting Gilette -- have a ball. It was great meeting you two too and hoisting a few. Thanks for getting me back to Sullys!!
09-04-02 03:59 PM
Maxlugar Yeah Nanks!

Great job. I have a hangover just reading that one.

I'll know about "our gig" on Thursday.


M! 'n' M!
09-04-02 04:04 PM
nankerphelge Yeah I forgot a few songs -- Undercover -- which sounded just fine. Love Train was fucking great -- I just sat there and took it all in -- Mick looked like a fucking pimp all dressed in white!! And HTW was super -- and yes the naked cartoon chick riding the tongue was a bit rough on some of the ladies -- but the missus just shook her head yet again!!

And Max -- let's not call it "our gig" -- the whole homo thing was running rampant all over Sullys thanks to one of our favorite poster here who is obviously in the market for some discipline which she so richly deserves!!!
09-04-02 04:15 PM
Maxlugar But you promised it would be "Our Gig"!

You make Maxy cry.

09-04-02 04:34 PM
winter Nanky:

Had a frickin' blast last night - you and the missus rock. Glad to see we could help you avoid jail time. Too bad you're not sticking around for Foxboro. Hopefully our paths will cross again for another show.


Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow night. Any specifics on where lot 14B is?


09-04-02 05:03 PM
luxury1 Nanky--I believe it was YOU who was running through Sully's yelling "I am a homo." I only report what I hear. BUt the wife was truly a surprise!!
09-04-02 05:26 PM
T&A Nank:

I read elsewhere that Bobby Keyes did NOT play on Neighbours, but came onto the b-stage only for BS. Are you
sure about your Keyes/Neighbours report?
09-04-02 05:29 PM
Joey " And I'm thinking -- holy shit they still haven't hit the small stage -- we are gonna get 30 songs . "

Great review Nanky ...............

How come they hit the small stage so damn late ????

Was it intentional or was there a small glitch with the mics or something on the " B " ???????

Please ............I's gots to know !!!!

09-04-02 06:49 PM
nankerphelge I thought he played on Neighbors -- but the ol' noggin' was firing on all cylinders.
09-04-02 06:53 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hehehe...

I noticed that Ronnie walked over to one of the techies for the B-Stage and talked at him for awhile... I heard later that he was going to find where they taped his chord sheet for "Neighbors"!

And he still played awesome!

Did you see this, nank? Or were you by that time having Visions Of Johanna?

-tSYX --- Here I lie in my hospital bed...
09-04-02 07:03 PM
nankerphelge And for the record, I was not running thru Sullys when i said that. I was standing quite perfectly still. It was loud though -- the missus got on me for that one too. Are we starting to see the pattern here yet!!
09-04-02 08:57 PM
Joey " Did you see this, nank? Or were you by that time having Visions Of Johanna?

-tSYX --- Here I lie in my hospital bed... "

......and he was sewen up like a coat !!!!!!!

Nanky had us all looking out through his eyes , his feet were a prayer ....................YES !

Black Plastic Joey

09-04-02 09:05 PM
Miss U. GREAT news & great review, Nanker!!!

What'd ah tell yah??!! They sound amazing, Mick's voice in great form, and Woody is blowing them away!

Those boys make me so damn proud!
09-04-02 09:11 PM
Miss U. wrote:
GREAT news & great review, Nanker!!!

What'd ah tell yah??!! They sound amazing, Mick's voice in great form, and Woody is blowing them away!

Those boys make me so damn proud!

Hey Hottie!!!

I saw somewhere that you told Keith, thru the window of his limo, that you think he's beautiful.

I KNEW it would come to this ; )

09-04-02 09:38 PM
Miss U. Hehe, Az!

I don't know what came over me.... ;>)

Did you see this hilarious pic of him I took?
09-05-02 12:56 AM
parmeda Nanky...
Just read your update and had a smile on my face the entire time...made me feel as if I was there too. I'm glad you had a great time! Doesn't this past week feel like you've taken the deepest breath of your life...and now it's time to slowly exhale?
Thanks for the details...
09-05-02 06:27 AM
nankerphelge You know it! But I still couldn't sleep last nite -- restless as hell. Mick's hyperactivity is contagious!! Two weeks to Philly!! That's just way too long...
09-05-02 09:27 AM
sirmoonie Nanky, having a certain affinity/affliction for J. Barleycorn myself, I am not as shocked and amazed when someone, for example, tosses down a sixie and a few shots for lunch, as others are. However, I must say that your Boston binge even made me look twice. Now I hear you're going to Philly??!

Nanky please be careful! We need a well rested, party ready Nanky in NYC! Not a taking the night off, missing the main event, sleeping in a puke filled hotel room with ashtrays full of butts laying all over the bed and watching pay per view porn.....oh wait, that's another C10. Never mind. Party on, Counsel!

09-05-02 10:10 AM
nankerphelge Not to worry dude -- Philly will not be the drunkfest that Boston was! I gotta drive back the same nite, so I will behave accordingly! And by NYC I will be in the absolute finest shape ever and with the finest crew anyone could ever be a part of!!