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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

México City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
From the upcoming Exhibition "Rolling Stones 40x20"

Govinda Gallery, Washington DC September 20th through October 26th, 2002

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: Just heard SFM from Boston on the radio... Return to archive
09-04-02 02:30 PM
gotdablouse ...and honestly it didn't sound very good...especially the signing.
It's a difficult song to sing and I can't think of any really good live version, maybe Brussels '73, I'll have to listen to it again. I remember that one time in 94 they messed it up completely, I have that on a video somewhere.
Anyway, I wonder if they shouldn't open with something easier like IORR or IYCRockMe.
09-04-02 04:08 PM
jb Why are they releasing this for radio consumption if ut sounds like shit? The PR for this tour really has been shit so far!
09-04-02 06:29 PM
lonecrapshooter I have the Berlin '98 version of SFM which I thought was great. It was added to the Leipzig '98 boot. Someday when I stop being a Luddite I'll be able to post for you to hear.
09-05-02 01:52 AM
padre They messed it up pretty good at least on the Voodoo Lounge video that was on sale at the concerts. Yep, the official video. There's a great moment in the middle of the song where nobody in the band seems to know where the song should go next. After a while they stumble back in the saddle. Very funny moment and one of those moments that I love about the Stones! It's good that someone makes mistakes in this god forsaken lipsynched and overpolished time. They're human.
09-05-02 02:17 AM
luridchief The clip on the official Stones site just has a horrid mix. I can't imagine that it actually sounded like that, 'cause it sounds like SHIT! All booming Jagger voice, barely anything else.

And I certainly agree that it's not a good idea to promote the tour with an improperly mixed clip . . . !
09-05-02 02:45 AM
padre Sounds like it's a monitor mix, 'cos Mick is SO up in the mix. Works well for us hardcore fans (who are used to lousy recordings), but for an average consumer, who wants to check how those ol' Rollin' Stones sound live in 2002, it sure ain't good promo.
Does anyone know how to grab those files and save them to PC?
09-05-02 04:23 AM
Mathijs Must be the mix, cause jagger sings really out of tune on SFM, as Richards on Wild Horses! I hope it didn't sound like that in the arena!


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09-05-02 05:02 AM
Moonisup I could hardly hear Keith playing!!
09-05-02 07:57 AM
Maxlugar Yes SFM sounded like all Mick. That poor guy puts his all into just about everything and is not always backed up.

I agree. This should NOT be on the radio. I'm sure it sounded great in the arena though.

I remember seeing a clip on TV in '89 of Mixed Emotions live in some city before I was going to my show and I was horrified by how thin and weak it sounded. It really bummed me out. Then I got to Shea and all doubts were erased as the music was balls out loud and thick.

So you can't go by some of these live clips.

But they should not have had this stuff out there.

09-05-02 08:31 AM
nankerphelge I haven't heard the clip, but the sound was rough -- my biggest bitch of the nite -- they've had forty years to figure out the fucking equipment -- c'mon guys!
09-05-02 08:43 AM
Maxlugar What do you mean Nanky? Did they have technical problems?

Max A. Lugar.
09-05-02 09:07 AM
Nellcote WTF?

They are touring, they are performing, they are alive.
Stop this comparison BS to this tour, that tour.


Sure, as they get more shows under their belt, they will improve. Opening night flutters. Probably, more of the same tonight, as it is the first stadium show.
We are not evalulating real estate here, or determing if the
appendectomy could have been performed better.

I did find several areas of the show lacking, or could have been done better, however, quickly found myself not caring, as it was actually them, performing live music.

Once you realize this, it will come to you. You will enjoy.

If it doesn't come to you, give it time, it will

09-05-02 09:17 AM
Maxlugar I agree Nellcote, but that is not the point.

The point is they shouldn't be releasing stuff like this to the radio.

It's just not that smart.

We all know they are great and the show was fantastic. But if you are trying to get Joe Potential Rock Fan interested, you better make sure it's a good representation.

From what I read, that cut is not what it sounded like to those that were there.

09-05-02 09:30 AM
Nellcote Listening to the cut now.

Have no problem with it.

No one in the building got that clarity, where the warts and blemishes would come out.

I do not feel this will inhibit new fans.

Either they will get it, or they will not.
09-05-02 10:43 AM
T&A it ain't that bad. I like Ronnie's electric sitar sound. No bass in the mix at all, needs a better low-end, for sure.