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Topic: Camilla's nephew demands apology for sex romp story Return to archive
08-07-01 01:27 AM
CS By Tom Leonard
(Filed: 07/08/2001)

A NEPHEW of Camilla Parker Bowles demanded an apology and substantial damages yesterday from two tabloid newspapers that printed pictures purportedly showing him and Jade Jagger frolicking naked on a public beach in Ibiza.

The explicit photographs, credited to the long-lens paparazzo Jason Fraser, reportedly showed Ben Elliot, 25, locked in a passionate embrace with Mick Jagger's 29-year-old daughter.

The Sunday People, which ran the pictures across three pages under the headline "Jagger's daughter and Camilla's nephew in a nude sex romp on beach", said the couple made "mad passionate love" oblivious to anyone who might be watching.

An onlooker told the paper that the couple's exertions were so energetic that Miss Jagger's two dachshunds "had to look away".

The Daily Mail ran the story yesterday with one of the pictures and made much of Mr Elliot's connections to the Royal Family. It called him a "key player in the smart social set that has given Prince Charles cause for concern because of its influence over Prince William".

The paper noted that the Prince regularly visited two London nightclubs set up by Mr Elliot, whose mother, Annabel, is Mrs Parker Bowles's sister.

The newspaper also claimed that Mr Elliot, who runs an internet company offering lifestyle advice to wealthy people with his cousin, Tom Parker Bowles, was "one of Britain's most eligible bachelors".

Previous girlfriends include the model Claudia Schiffer and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, it said. Miss Jagger, who has two young children, has been linked with Dan Macmillan, the great-grandson of Harold Macmillan, as well as Mr Elliot.

The story had all the makings of a great tabloid tale. Unfortunately it appears to have lacked a key ingredient - Mr Elliot. He insisted yesterday that he was not in the pictures.

His lawyers, Peter Carter-Ruck, issued libel proceedings against the Sunday People, demanding a full apology, legal costs and substantial damages.

A similar letter was sent to the Daily Mail. The firm said in a statement: "The man in the photographs was not Mr Elliot and the allegations made in the article were wholly untrue." Ruth Collard, at Peter Carter-Ruck, said the articles had damaged her client's reputation as well as causing "injury to feelings".

She said: "He's upset and very concerned about the impact this sort of thing could have on his personal and professional reputation. He's been caused a great deal of concern and embarrassment."

The Mirror also reprinted the pictures yesterday but, unlike its Sunday sister paper, had noticed the striking dissimilarity between the naked lothario and Mr Elliot.

It even quoted him as allegedly saying: "I don't know who that is with Jade." It is believed the man is a friend of a friend of Miss Jagger. Both newspapers declined to comment.
08-07-01 10:26 AM

Ben Elliot in romp row
Publican wrongly identified in Jagger snaps
Ben Elliot, the nephew of Camilla Parker Bowles, is to sue two newspapers that published pictures of a man wrongly identified as him frolicking naked on a beach in Ibiza with Jade Jagger. Elliot's lawyers, Peter Carter-Ruck, have begun proceedings against the Sunday People newspaper. The paper published three pages of photographs under the headline 'Jagger's daughter and Camilla’s nephew in a nude sex romp on beach'. The Daily Mail printed a less salacious story and may have to apologise, but will not face legal action. Elliot is thought to be less than happy about the whole affair. The well-endowed man frolicking with his now-ex-girlfriend is apparently a French artist named Pierre, and not Elliot at all. Elliot's lawyer said that the pictures had caused 'injury to feelings' and added: 'He's upset and very concerned about the impact this sort of thing could have on his personal and professional reputation. He’s been caused a great deal of concern and embarrassment.’ Elliot is the owner of the fashionable K-Bar and owns another company, Quintessentially, with Tom Parker Bowles. He is said to have enjoyed romances with Claudia Schiffer and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Jade Jagger, a mother of two, has been linked in the past with such eligible bachelors as Dan Macmillan.
Posted 07 August 2001
08-07-01 10:41 AM
SAGJ Hot stuff -- Jade has her privacy invaded by another of those low-life sneaky-peepy paparazzo, and all the fuss is because Camilla is pissed off?
08-08-01 01:56 AM
CS People faces legal action

Claire Cozens
Tuesday August 7, 2001

The People newspaper is facing legal action over photographs of Jade Jagger cavorting naked on a beach with a man the paper wrongly identified as Ben Elliot, owner of London's fashionable K Bar and nephew of Camilla Parker Bowles.

The leading libel law firm, Peter Carter-Ruck, has begun proceedings against the People on behalf of Mr Elliot, whom the paper described as Jagger's "posh new boyfriend" in an article published on Sunday.

The article accompanying the photographs reads: "What happened when Jagger's daughter and Camilla's nephew went to the beach" and goes on to describe Mr Elliot as "one of the country's most eligible bachelors".

The Daily Mail, which published the story on Monday along with a single photograph of the couple, will not face a libel suit but may have to apologise for the story.

A spokeswoman for Peter Carter-Ruck said the firm had written to the Mail asking for an apology, costs and damages. She added that neither paper had yet responded.

No action will be taken against the Mirror, which also used the images yesterday but did not identify the man.

It carried a quote from Mr Elliot saying he had been out of the country and had not seen the photographs.

The photographs were credited to the celebrity photographer, Jason Fraser, who recently quit the Express.

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