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Topic: More on Bebe's book aka Trashy Summer Reading--Mick more technical than passionate???LOLOL Return to archive
07-29-01 12:52 PM
Jaxx The Sunday Times
World News
July 29, 2001

Bebe the Rock Chick Tells Bedtime Story of the Stars
Sarah Baxter, New York

DAVID BOWIE preferred make-up to sex and used to burst into tears a lot, according to Bebe Buell, the rock chick mother of the film star Liv Tyler. And that is not all. Mick Jagger's love-making was more technical than passionate; Rod Stewart used women as publicity fodder and could be "vicious and cruel", while Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was too much of a junkie to be a father to Liv.

These are just some of the revelations in an extraordinary memoir to be published in America next week. Buell, 48, a cover girl and Playboy centrefold, slept her way through the rock icons of the 1970s. The book lifts the lid on a world in which the big stars passed girls around and liked to hear about the sexual performances of their rivals.

Buell considers herself to be more girlfriend than groupie - a lower caste, whom she dismisses as "bodysnatchers" - but notched up more rock star conquests than most. At 15 she passed up the opportunity to climb into a car with Jimi Hendrix, mistaking him for a pimp. She did not let many others get away. Arriving in New York as a fashion model, she formed a relationship with the guitarist, singer and record producer Todd Rundgren.

"We became the poster couple for the classic 'open relationship' of the Seventies," she writes. Buell believes her status as Rundgren's girlfriend made her a magnet for other stars and his infidelity led her to be "in a perpetual state of looking for another man".

First came Iggy Pop, a "sun-kissed blond beauty" who was so drugged he kept passing out. Her next "extracurricular guy" was Bowie, "the first man who ever painted my toenails for me". In 1973 she met Jagger. "He had a handful of women, about five of us, his wife Bianca included, and I was one of his favourites."

Jagger cared so much about clothes that he would send her back to change if he didn't like what she was wearing. "He told me how to steam my face, what herbs to use. No woman on earth knows more about cosmetics than Mick."

He was also a sexual predator, who prided himself on his skills but lacked artistry. "You just knew if you were going to make love with Mick, you were going to get a really concrete love session. You were not going to walk away from it unsatisfied."

When Buell began an affair with Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin's guitarist, Jagger was stung. "There was an incredible rivalry between them as they had obviously slept with a lot of the same women."

Buell was still only 23 when she was swept off her feet by Tyler, who was enjoying huge success with the heavy rock band Aerosmith. She became pregnant with Liv on their first night together, but so feared Tyler's drug-fuelled mood swings that she returned to Rundgren, who attended the birth and was named as Liv's father on her birth certificate.

Such was the uncertainty over Liv's paternity that Jagger used to boast she was his "illegitimate daughter" and point to her full lips as proof. The star of Stealing Beauty and Armageddon discovered the truth about her parentage at the age of 11 when she asked her mother why Tyler always had tears in his eyes when he saw her.

One of the few men Buell felt used by was Rod Stewart. Liv was still a baby and Buell felt isolated and vulnerable. It was "a total act of insanity on my part", she writes. "Rod Stewart is a dangerous person if you're a woman. For some weird reason, he's always been able to use women to get attention," she writes.

Do ya think I'm sexy? Buell, right, says Stewart
used women to gain him publicity
Photograph: Corbis

Six months after leaving Stewart, she hooked up with Elvis Costello, whom she describes as the unrequited love of her life. She became pregnant with his child and reluctantly had an abortion. Costello was furious, raging: "I have nothing to say to you, you murderer."

Buell takes pride in the fact that Liv is dating a British musician, Royston Langdon of Spacehog. "I'd rather she was with a musician than an actor. Liv might be a movie star, but she has a rock'n'roll pedigree. Rock people stick together."

[Edited by Jaxx]
07-31-01 02:20 PM
MotherslittleHelper The Montreal Gazette
July 31, 2001

A number of aging Hollywood lover-boys are awaiting with some anxiety the upcoming autobiography of Bebe Buell, who spent several years getting to know quite a number of rock stars and show-biz celebrities. Along the way she came to be the mother of starlet Liv Tyler, with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. She also spent time with Todd Rundgren, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page ... the list goes on.

Bebe Buell: Dishes on stars

Anyway the book, Rebel Heart, is not overly complimentary about some of these guys, according to Internet gossip queen Amy Reiter (

Page, for example, was a sloppy kisser, likely to "spew his saliva" into the other person's mouth. And Jagger ... well, see if you can figure this out: she says he's quite athletic but "a little generic" in style, so that she didn't attain the "cosmic interaction" she'd been seeking.

I think that's enough about this.

07-31-01 03:53 PM
SAGJ You're right, too much is enough, but let's go down on record by stating these women are pathetic.

I wish Bebe would take up with Sophie Dahl, maybe we could consolidate this whole thing and leave the Stones out of it.

Doesn't anyone publish anything about Shirley Watts? It would be nice to hear about an intelligent, accomplished woman in the midst of all these tabloid slags. But come to think of it, the first picture I ever saw of Shirley was her running AWAY from the camera!! In my town, they say, those smart enough to make a difference are too smart to get involved. I guess a lot of the people you really want to read about are too smart to give interviews!!

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