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Topic: Mick's "Dahl" caught "red handed" with another Return to archive
07-29-01 12:46 PM
Jaxx Sunday People
July 29, 2001


ROCK legend MICK JAGGER won't get much Satisfaction when he sees these pictures.

And KYLIE MINOGUE will probably be Spinning Around as well.

Because my exclusive snaps show their lovers have forged a very close relationship.

Models SOPHIE DAHL and JAMES GOODING looked more than good friends as they strolled together on Wednesday.

The couple embraced and held hands. And at one stage Sophie even stroked hunky James's back.

Could the snaps mean that their romances with Mick and Kylie are in serious trouble?

One onlooker said: "They looked for all the world like they were in love."

Unfortunately, they are both supposed to be with two of the biggest names in pop. Sophie, 24, has been dating Rolling Stone Jagger, 58, for seven months and James, 26, and 33-year-old Kylie have been an item for 18 months.

Sophie and James were seen near her home in Chelsea, West London. They seemed blissfully happy as they walked arm in arm off the King's Road.

But they flipped when they realised they'd been spotted by photographer Frank Doran.

Frank said: "James pulled his arm from Sophie and tried to hide behind a tree. Then they hurried away separately."

There's one solution, of course. Do you want Kylie's phone number, Mick?
07-30-01 01:13 AM
CS Jagger given push by model lover
Deutsche Presse-Agentur

LONDON: Daring model Sophie Dahl has dumped ageing rocker Mick Jagger after a five-month fling, Britain's Mail on Sunday reported, printing pictures of Dahl with a new and younger boyfriend.
The other women in Jagger's life, former wife Jerry and daughter Jade in particular, were reported to have been outraged by the affair.
The legendary Rolling Stones frontman turned 58 last week, and the model is 24.
Dahl gained renown for appearing naked in a perfume advertisement that has been banned in Britain.
She was shown with James Gooding, 26, a former boyfriend of Kylie Minogue.
30 July 2001 / 02:26 AM
07-30-01 01:15 AM
CS July 29, 2001
Jagger: From cute to coot

By The Daily Mail

LONDON -- The five-month affair between Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and supermodel Sophie Dahl is over -- but the statuesque blonde seems far from broken-hearted.

While Jagger is up to his old vice again -- chasing women -- Sophie, 24, has already found a new romantic interest and this time he is someone more her own age.

The slimmed-down star, who went from a size 16 to size 12, looks a picture of happiness as she strolls arm-in-arm with her new boyfriend, model James Gooding. She has been spotted out on the town several times with Gooding, 26, former boyfriend of Kylie Minogue.


And Sophie seems unmoved by the news that Mick spent two nights before his 58th birthday on Thursday drinking and entertaining a host of pretty blondes at Miami's celebrity haunt The Crobar, where the entrance policy ensures there are five women to every man.


In Miami to work on a new album with Lenny Kravitz and Pete Townshend, Jagger was reported to be particularly taken with a 27-year-old nightclub waitress who claims the singer called her relentlessly in the hope of a date.

The unnamed blonde eventually agreed and went for dinner with the aging rocker, but said: "I thought he was a dirty old man -- too old for me. Finally I went for dinner and we fooled around, but that was it. I didn't sleep with him because he was really too old for me."
07-30-01 03:21 PM
MotherslittleHelper Dahl Dumps Jagger

People News
Monday July 30, 2001

Model Ditches Rocker for Younger Model
The affair between Mick Jagger and Sophie Dahl is over, according to reports. The couple started dating five months ago, after being introduced at a party by Jaggerís daughter Jade. The relationship between Dahl, 24, and Jagger, 57, was believed to have caused much friction with the other women in Jaggerís life, including his former wife Jerry Hall and Jade herself.

Dahl is now believed to be dating 26-year-old James Gooding, with whom she was photographed this weekend. A former boyfriend of Kylie Minogue,
Gooding is a British male model and not old enough to be Dahlís father.

Posted 30 July 2001
07-31-01 03:01 PM
Jaxx NY Post
Page 6

July 31, 2001 --

Mick kicked

TO the delight of the women in his family, cradle-robbing rocker Mick Jagger has been dumped by Sophie Dahl, the 24-year-old British model who's younger than his daughter Jade.

Jade, pals with Sophie before she started dating her dad, is thrilled the romance is over. So, too, are his ex-wives, Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger, and his other daughter, Elizabeth.

They thought it inappropriate for the 58-year-old Rolling Stone to be squiring one so young, and supposedly put pressure on him to cool the affair.

But it's Sophie who pulled the plug. I understand she finally realized that Mick was always going to be on the prowl for new conquests. Reports of him making cute with a bevy of models in Miami (between recording sessions for his new solo album) were the last straw for Sophie.

I hear she has quickly fallen into the arms of handsome London model James Goeding, 26, who knows about dating famous women, thanks to his dalliance with pop star Kylie Minogue.

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