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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Fleet Center, Boston - September 3, 2002
Brian Rasic - Thanks Moy!

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Topic: What, no TV coverage for the tour kick off? Return to archive
09-03-02 08:06 PM
Maxlugar No VH1 live from Boston?

No Kurt Loder MVT News Break?

Makes Maxy sad is all.

I uses to love that shit.

09-03-02 08:13 PM
Scot Rocks Being like that in the UK for years...and it doesn't get any easier, I still get mad at the tv coverage for the Stones every time, I really should be used to it now. The only news I saw on the main 5 channels for the tour announcemnt was a few seconds at the end of the ITV lunchtime news.

However thankfully we have "Rocks Off"!!!!!!

09-03-02 08:15 PM
Jaxx in a word it sucks! every other two bit band gets their mtv/vh1 time. some are flooding the airwaves...what gives?
09-03-02 08:26 PM
~AzQb's always this way, Jaxx, and hopefully we can discuss this injustice further in a few weeks!!!

09-04-02 02:38 AM
Boomhauer Well, I figured VH1 wasn't going to show it because in the evening I saw a commercial for that "Concert for New York" behind the scenes thing.

MTV would probably rather re-run episodes of "remote control", a piece of shit excuse for a show back in the 80's, just like everything else on their. I just wish I could get a piece of Britany Spears one night. Damn I would show her a fucking good time. She could wear that dominatrix outfit, or nothing at all. I'll tap that.............uhhhhhh, nevermind.

MTV 2 only shows videos and mostly unknown bands.

the news channels made some remarks, but I have seen no footage yet.

BET is a rap channel.

Stones rule.

09-04-02 08:04 AM
Maxlugar Ch 11 here in NY showed footage of Street Fighting Man on the 10 O'Clock news.

Keith looked great in black leather. Didn't sound all that great but it was just a short clip.

09-04-02 08:30 AM
scope Maxy,

Same clip was shown this morning on NBC Today show. Yes, it was short, but it still gave me goose bumps and got me jealous of those who were there last night. Thank God that we only have 3 weeks to wait for MSG!
09-04-02 08:39 AM
Jumacfly Boomhauer

send us a picture of sausage Britney please!!

Cheers, the old gods are not dead yet muthafuckaaaaahh!!!!!
09-04-02 08:48 AM
egon anything in the french/dutch/english/whatever newspaper?
i sure as hell haven't seen fuck all

yes i know the play in the states and not europe , but it is worldnews!!!

then again, i can already dream the article;

the grandfathers of rock n roll do their trick once again.

last night sir mick and his knights, blah blah blah, same songs, blah blah, almost 60 and still singing satisfaction, blah blah, the crowd gets ripped off, but seems to enjoy it blah blah, greatest cashpoint in the world, blah blah blah
09-04-02 08:58 AM
Sir Stonesalot I've been watching my TV all morning...and that damn ESPN hasn't mentioned the Stones even ONCE! Those DICKHEADS! I'm going to write Kenny Mayne an angry email.
09-04-02 10:45 AM
corgi37 At least i aint alone. So far, fuck all on aussie news/tv. PLus, i got cnn, fox, and bbc, and though i dont watch all the time (hey, i gotta work), still nothing. ALso, nothing in the papers. Fuck, this is what shits me. We got a bit about the B2B tour (very kind of the powers that be to grant us the right to buy the dvd of that tour, but still cant get gimme shelter or anything else of the stones actually!) but absolutely nil about the no security tour. Maybe thats why the live album sold 3 copies here (and i understand why, yes, what we need, another live album). Anyway, its sad, but comforting, to see even the U.S. media ignores the greatest band in the world. I reckon i might know why too. Arent most of the tickets sold? Then, that means the stones publicists aint sucking up like the britneys would. I mean, imagine this: "Hey Katie, i can give you 4 minutes with Jagger, if you mention his tour"? Well, the stones dont need that. Still, fuck the bastards. They can ignore the stones at their peril, cause this tour will roll right over the world. hahaha, CYHMK, still cant believe it. So cool!
09-04-02 02:32 PM
egon nothing in the english or dutch papers online...

aber fur al unsere deutsche freunde;

09-04-02 02:35 PM
egon wrote:

aber fur al unsere deutsche freunde;

and for the rest, it has some nice pics from the archives
09-04-02 02:37 PM
Moonisup I think it will be in th edutch papers maybe tomorrow!! because it was 3 hours in the morning they started, and the papers are already printed then, well I hope it is in the papers, yesterday there was an interview with keith in it, in wich he talks about his father, very very touching. There was also a snap on tv this morning of SFM and DS. I haven't seen it, a pitty.........

09-04-02 02:39 PM
egon but i was talking about the INTERNET paper.

09-04-02 02:42 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Mick was up there in all his glory on, and I'm sure there's a piece in the Globe today.

-tSYX --- Everywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy!
09-04-02 02:42 PM
Moonisup o, I see what you mean know!!
09-04-02 02:51 PM
FotiniD I've been waiting to catch a video on the news too, but to no effect. I was thinking that it might have to do with the time too... See tomorrow about that.

And my local report In Greece, a newspaper published the interview already published in Times (hopefully I'll see some tour articles tomorrow!) and one of the largest online e-magazines published this:

Which goes something like that:

"Premiere for the Stones.
The Rolling Stones kicked off their world tour with a great concert in Boston. The Licks tour coincides with the issue of a Greatest Hits collection and naturally their setlist includes all their big and classic hits.
Thew new stage design is simple and the stage has only one large screen behind the band.
And here's the setlist of the ageless Stones:"

See Ronnie? Called "ageless" again
09-04-02 03:19 PM
sonicrock french tv a2 at the 8pm news talked about stones in boston with a short clip of street fighting man looked great.
09-04-02 03:55 PM
egon boston;

chose the tuesday 5.30pm news and go to 21.30 min into it.
(check again tomorrow for the wednesday news...)


this link is very handy;

(live) tv stations from around the world.
09-04-02 04:13 PM
09-04-02 05:34 PM
sonicrock thanks egooooooon
09-04-02 06:00 PM
Gazza In the UK:

Sky News' digital service (channel 501) have an interactive news service and when you click on the "entertainment" section their rolling news service regularly shows a feature from last nights show which basically consists of a 2 minute clip of "Dont Stop" with minimal voice over. Unfortunately as its the interactive its on a reduced screen size but they sounded GREAT!!!

ITV's 24 hour news channel (Channel 525) featured a brief clip of "Street Fighting Man" on today's news broadcasts.

Didnt see anything on the other channels,which is abit surprising as usually theres something..

I wouldnt worry about no media coverage in the papers as todays (ie Wednesday's) papers would have gone to press before the band even hit the stage. If previous tour openers are anything to go by,expect a LOT of coverage tomorrow in the UK press(thursday)...Sergei has already told us "The Sun" are in Boston covering the opening night. UK journalists are notorious for cashing in on a free junket to a media event like this..hopefully some of them will even have been sober enough to make the show!
09-04-02 06:02 PM
Moonisup what's the url for sky|??????//

09-04-02 06:14 PM
Scot Rocks I would think it would just be...

09-04-02 06:18 PM

but theres no online download
09-04-02 06:19 PM
Moonisup yeah I ve been there, there was just an article!!

thanks anyway!!