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Fleet Center, Boston - September 3, 2002
Brian Rasic - Thanks Moy!

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Topic: New Songs on 40 Licks Return to archive
09-03-02 08:38 AM
Mathijs As I am by now known as somewhat (…) negative, I will keep this short. The thirty seconds of “Key to Your Love” are the worst 30 seconds of Rolling Stones music I have ever listened to. It’s an outtake of “Brand New Set of Rules”, but now with the Stones backing up. “Doggshit in the Doorway” Keith? Apparently Keith don’t seem to bother to play himself on these Jagger outtakes…. Stealing My Heart sounds like a crap pop-tune, and again (as Don’t Stop) it sounds like an unfinished outtake.

“R.I.P. - The Rolling Stones Studio Career, 1962 – 1997”.

09-03-02 08:40 AM
Jumacfly no more bootlegs to sell, sad sad sad....
09-03-02 08:42 AM
egon oh oh,
watch out mathijs; "INCOMING!!!"
09-03-02 08:57 AM
RubyFriday Same procedure as always.
When Exile on mainstreet appeared,the critics said it´s the end of the Stones.And nowadays it´s called the best Stones album of all time.I only know Don´t stop till now and I think it´s a good one.
I predict:At the end of this tour it will have become a classic like Out of control and Love is strange.
09-03-02 08:58 AM
RubyFriday oops....sorry meant Love is strong ;-)

09-03-02 09:14 AM
sandrew Mathijs - I think you're way off. "Keys to Your Love" is one of the most interesting things they've done in over 10 years. Maybe I'm a sucker for a good soul tune, but Mick's voice sounds really inspired ...
09-03-02 09:17 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well Math, I agree with you about "Keys"... "Then I awoke... is this some kind of joke?"

But I haven't decided about "Stealing Your Heart" yet, and crappy website design is keeping us away from "Losing My Touch".

I really realllllly like "Don't Stop".

-tSYX --- And the sky turned red when I accidentally said that I didn't know...
09-03-02 09:19 AM
RubyFriday wrote:
oops....sorry meant Love is strong ;-)

you did make a point there though...
09-03-02 09:21 AM
Nellcote Is everything all right in the critics section?

Honestly, Mathjis, you just don't get it.

WTF, always looking for another Sympathy?

As mentioned in your last diatribe on the topic of Don't Stop, we have here four men in their late 50's-60's
who are putting out product, which in an of itself a marvel.

Be happy with that, you will enjoy life better.
09-03-02 09:25 AM
Jumacfly Sorry to say that guys, but each Mathjis post is like fly fart for me.....hate those always negative people who got nothing to say except "it was better before", "it sounds shitty", "keith gna gna, ronnie gnagna", "stones rip gna gna gna "....

may be it s your opinion, but if you re so bored by the Stones, as we said in another place, go to the Hell !!!!!

Hopefully you re the one like that....i got a solution for you: it s called Britney Spears!!!

Cheers guys

09-03-02 09:43 AM
Micksgirl I totally disagree and have to say the first 30 seconds of Keys to your Love is some of the best I've heard in a long time!
09-03-02 09:47 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Mathijs, why don't you ask Jumacfly for one of his big joints? He's closer than me.

I don't think you need to smoke a big one to appreciate Goddess, but Goddess is a great album. If you judge music based on the technical complexity then listen to other artists.

I have not heard those three songs, so I cannot judge yet, but I ain't one of those who love everything the Stones release just because it comes from them, even if they come out with some kind of high class shit.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-03-02 09:48 AM
Mickjagger1963 I have only heward Dont Stop so far, how can I hear the other ones.
09-03-02 09:51 AM
Jumacfly Well said Voodoo!!
have you received my last mail with the new cover of Exile??

09-03-02 09:54 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl No, I have not. I had problems with my e-mail from Saturday night to Monday morning, so please send it back
09-03-02 04:10 PM
egon To be honest I’m not too impressed yet by these new songs,
But I will wait until I can listen to them on cd before judging.

As for mathijs; I said before that I don’t completely disagree with him.

Seems to me you have 2 different kinds of stones fans.

The 1st group judges the new stuff on the basis what the stones did before.
And therefore the reaction to the new stuff is always; “crap”.
Cos the stones will never ever write another “sympathy”, “JJF”, or even a “start me up”.
Those days are over. So why would they still bother writing new stuff (of lesser quality)?

The 2nd group likes to hear, and appreciates, the new stuff.
Just because it’s new and because they DO like it. It may not be another “exile”, but it still rocks. And if they compare it to the other new stuff that’s out there, they feel the stones still hold their own.

Me? – I like voodoo & b2b, but if they had never made them, I wouldn’t have mind.
If , from now on, the stones will never create anything new, that’s fine.
They gave us at least 30 albums which we can enjoy for the rest of our lives.


If they want to retire from recording new songs, it’s no problem for me,
but I do hope they will continue touring as long as they are still able to do so!!!

I would say; mathijs don’t listen to the new stuff (and maybe smoke a bit),
and the rest of you; don’t read mathijs his posts (and maybe smoke a bit).
Just because mathijs doesn’t like the new stuff, and maybe even gets a bit bitter about it, it doesn’t make him less of a fan.

Whatever your ideas are, remember; the rolling stones were, are and always will be the greatest r&r band in the world.

2212hrs…. 5 more hrs to go.
09-03-02 04:21 PM
DiamondsDisease I still don't like Don't Stop, but I was very impressed by the rest of the songs I heard. Well the Stones where always bad at picking up their singles I guess. What I really mean is, I'm impressed and I'm happy..:-)

The Stones rule (they still do)!!!
09-03-02 05:07 PM
Boomhauer Do you people know what the song "Get Off of My CLoud" is about? If you don't, read it at the new website.

I think the Stones should break this song out for people who always feel the need to call every new song "crap".

BTW, what the fuck do people want from these guys. You want fucking political tunes? Listen to Rage against the machine, then. They are kind of a good band, but too much political shit. NO FUN.
09-03-02 06:05 PM
sirmoonie Mathjis or anyone else,

Would you be so kind as to tell me where I can hear the new Stones' songs? I would be very grateful.

Thank you so much in advance.


09-03-02 06:33 PM

Here is the link, once there click on the jukebox on the left it will pull up a box where on the left are little squares that each one has a different song. click them and the info shows on the right of the box with option to listen if you scroll down enough.

Links are also posted further down on this board today by me.
09-03-02 06:39 PM
sirmoonie Tx, Tumblin'. I have had very limited time to read posts today which is why I missed yours below.

Sure, hope Mathjis is just being Mathjis. I will know in a few minutos.

"Shish kabob on the Khyber Pass tonight, Ronnie!"

09-03-02 07:07 PM
tumblingdice In my opinion Mathijs is just being Mathijs as you said. After 2 or 3 listens I think these are great especially for 2002, but it's really hard to tell with just 30 second demos.
09-03-02 07:29 PM
T&A Can't completely get my arms around the other 3 based on 30 second samples, but I think many of you who don't like Don't Stop right now are gonna change your tune (no pun intended) at some point. It's a subtle classic in the making, IMO. It's got an intense groove and a subtle little riff. It doesn't beat you over the head like SMU...but I honestly believe it's gonna be a real keeper...don't judge too quickly....
09-03-02 07:35 PM
sirmoonie It is a keeper, even if it is widely recognized in intellectual circles that its sounds just like Leather Jacket.

Millenium Stones.

"Help me, help help me, Ronnie!"
09-03-02 09:56 PM
Soul Survivor I bet there will be a studio album......I bet it. They recorded about 30 songs, only released 4, and that leaves 26. That's enough to produce an album because not only would they have those 26, they would write more. So now were up to about 50 songs. If they release a new album, it would be about, oh say, 14 songs? That leaves 36 tracks! 36 tracks is good enough for a boot




09-03-02 11:00 PM
gotdablouse Matthijs is there something wrong in your life these days? It sounds like you may soon be topping yourself!
Your statements have reached a point where they've lost total credibility and might me mistaken for irony...
These 4 tracks are neither better or worse than what they've done since Exile as was Goddess In The Doorway. After Exile the Stones' music stopped BEING life, it just became part of it, which is not that bad now is it?
I for one like the amazing "freshness" of these tracks. Nothing's sounded quite like that since "Some Girls" really and that alone can't be a bad thing.
09-04-02 09:22 AM
Mathijs Links to all new tracks (taken from IORR):


And some replies:

>WTF, always looking for another Sympathy?

No, certainly not. I don’t want music that is reminiscent to something I already know, I want music that is made today and has today’s relevancy. And, I’d rather have another Some Girls or B2B than another Sympathy.

>Mathijs, why don't you ask Jumacfly for one of his big joints? He's closer than me.

Since weed is grown in greenhouses in Holland, the amount of THC is so high that Dutch weed is more like a hard drug than the old soft drug. Last time I smoked it I woke up two hours later to find out I was watching Oprah –something you really don’t want.

>If you judge music based on the technical complexity then listen to other artists.
Why do you think I am a big fan of the Stones? Because of the musical complexity? The biggest strength of the Stones is that there’s no musical complexity to get in the way of sheer power and energy.

I don’t want another Beggars or another Sticky Fingers. Those are great albums that will never be made again. What I want is music that counts TODAY, music that was made TODAY with today’s social contents’ and influences. And I want music with energy, music that makes my foot tap, music that makes me want to sing and mimic Jagger in my car. I don’t have favourite albums or favourite periods; every Stones album is a picture of the time when it was made, and some times are better than others. I love Some Girls for it’s punky freshness, I love Undercover for its energy and political lyrics, I like Steel Wheels because it reminds me of the late eighties when I was still a teenager, I love B2B because it is a raw rocking album with contemporary influences, made to rock the buyer and not to score no. 1 hits. It’s still good old Rolling Stones music, but it is made in 1997 –and I like that.

I really don’t like albums made with a certain “let’s make Stones music” or “let’s make commercial music” concept: Voodoo Lounge was made with Aftermath in mind, and it sounds like a cover band covering the Stones circa 1968. It is not a contemporary Stones album. I don’t like Satanic too much because it was too much copying bands who could make psychedelic music far better.

I really don’t like Goddess because it is way too slick, over-produced and filled with lame attempts to be hip. Goddess is made to sell millions of copies to young people all over the word, with all the Matt Clifford synths, Wycleff Jean bullshit and dance rhythm’s that weren’t even popular in 1994 anymore. Jagger’s singing on it is overdone –best example of this is the Being Mick video were this dreadful Marty Fredericksen tells Jagger how to sing, making him sound like a weird Steven Tyler. We all love Wandering Spirit so much, and why? Because it is a raw, sincere and straight forward album. There’s one track on it that could be an hit (Sweet Thing), everything else is just good old Jagger doing what he does best.

It’s not like previous singles. When Anybody Seen My Baby came out, it could be recognised immediately as an excellent Stones tune, but with an 1997-twist. It took me a couple spins to adjust to it, and then I could only conclude that’s it’s a hell of a song. If you listen to Keys To Your Love, the thing that strikes me within 5 seconds, is that Jagger sings in much the same voice as he does on Goddess. It’s (to me at least) a made up, over-produced voice. Too much dramatics thrown in, too much bending to sound like something that isn’t Jagger. The song just sounds too much like an outtake of off Goddess, with a light-weight guitar and drum pattern thrown in. Indeed, I didn’t like it within 10 seconds.


09-04-02 09:45 AM
tumblingdice What voice did you want him to use? As Jagger said himself once, he can't change the voice. But really 30 seconds of music, although it sounds great to my ears, is very hard to judge. It will be much easier to tell when we have the whole picture. Still find it hard to believe you liked Bridges album Mathijs but did not like the sound of the new songs. The rocker sounded modern and fresh to me with a Stones touch and Mick's voice which never disappoints me and the other one sounded like the commercial type love song they have not done in a long time,hopefully my next Beast of Burden.
09-04-02 09:50 PM
Lacride Peace, bros & sis! No murder on that board. I'm a long-long year fan of the Stones. During those almost 40 licks, I sometimes thought: "It's the end, they suck!" (TSMR, Tatoo for example). But in the end, the only thing that counts for me is that the Stones make me move, they got me by the balls, their music flow deep into my guts (tripes). R&R is a simple music. It needs no freudian psycho analysis. A drum, a bass, two guitars, a singer and ROCKS AND ROLLS. What more do we need? R&R is the music of my teeny years. Wow! Explosion in my body, in my mind. From that day I heard Get Of OFF, nothing was more like yesterday. R&R, and esecially the Stones, know how to make me happy: just simple, "rough" music. MY MUSIC, the music which awoke me. Rock bless you.