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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro - September 5, 2002
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Topic: New Songs Return to archive
09-03-02 01:36 AM
tumblingdice Hey guys check out the jukebox section of the 40 licks part of
If you click the squares to the left it lists a different song on each square and you can hear about 30 seconds of some songs including keys to your love(great) and stealing my heart(also great) these would make great singles it seems on this little teaser
[Edited by tumblingdice]
09-03-02 02:06 AM
tumblingdice Anyone else checked these out yet? The new songs sound great to me!!! Anyone else?
09-03-02 06:28 AM
luridchief I couldn't get anything to work--which squares should I click on?
09-03-02 06:50 AM
Nellcote Yep, they sound great!
09-03-02 07:32 AM
Soul Survivor I cant find where they are!
09-03-02 07:35 AM
Nellcote Go to the 40 Licks Jukebox
Click on the spaces, until you come upon them.
09-03-02 08:47 AM
sandrew Wow, even better than I had anticipated. "Keys to Your Love" is fantastic.
09-03-02 08:49 AM
Jumacfly Nice to hear something positive about these new songs...
thanks guys!
09-03-02 09:12 AM
The_Cure do you need to log-in????

------------direct link plz!!!!!!!!!!-----------
09-03-02 09:15 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Yukk!

"Keys To Your Love"!



"I am Mick Jagger, ghost of Emotional Rescues past..."

And they don't have "Losing My Touch" on there. They've got three different little squares with it and yet no links to it - they're all "Street Fighting Man".

Can you say "website cockup grande"?

"Stealing My Heart" sounds OK.

The best song, without question, is "Don't Stop".

Where are those other 20-some-odd songs, Keith?

And Ronnie, he's so funny. Talking about playing bass on "Emotional Rescue" - "Don't worry, Bill! I'll teach you!" He's *got* to be joking. "Ooh, that's too hard. You better do it, Woody..."

-tSYX --- I am having an affair with a random computer...
09-03-02 09:58 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Help this poor boy, I can't see the "corners"!!!
09-03-02 10:36 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Voodoo, I had the same problem.

Right-click on the white space next to the details in the Jukebox and click "play" on the menu. It should pop up, then. Then click on those gray boxes - each has a different song, if you're lucky and the moronic webmaster's fixed it...

Man, you need to get over there and help them out, Voodoo!

-tSYX --- Where's that joint?
09-03-02 10:41 AM
sandrew "Keys to Your Heart" is real hot ... the best out of the bunch, as far as I'm concerned.
09-03-02 10:43 AM
sandrew wrote:
"Keys to Your Heart" is real hot ... the best out of the bunch, as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know - maybe I'm just a bitter little monkey - but I can't stand it.

-tSYX --- Much to my surprise... I opened my ey-y-y-y-y-es...
09-03-02 10:53 AM
sandrew Each to his own ... I can't wait to hear the rest of the material from those sessions. Sounds like they had it together and had lots of good ideas.
09-03-02 11:00 AM
Jumacfly hope they will release this material...28 songs hu??
09-03-02 11:58 AM
tumblingdice Here is links from all 4 songs a guy on Doug's board got the keith one to play too.




09-03-02 12:06 PM
sandrew This stuff is really promising. I kinda wish they had led with "Stealing My Heart" instead of "Don't Stop." Both good tunes... "Keys to Your Heart" is still tops for me though. The Keith song sounds like I expected - the Keith-as-soul-man torch ballad. Very cool...
09-03-02 12:24 PM
RubyFriday The only song I can get is : Streetfighting man (2 times)
09-03-02 12:27 PM
L&A I need help, please !!!!
I work on a Macintosh, and I can't open the .asf-files...
Can someone convert them into mp3 ? Just can't wait...
Tks in advance !!!
09-03-02 12:43 PM
luridchief L&A: Just go to Microsoft's "MacTopia" section and download the free Media Player (Mac version). Then you can just copy & paste the above URL's into your browser, substituting "http" for the "mms" and they'll play just fine! I'm on a Mac, too . . . !

Call me crazy, but I think that the other three sound more memorable than "Don't Stop" . . . even the falsetto one!
09-03-02 12:47 PM
L&A Thanks, Luridchief , just found the problem with that mms:// protocole... I did the copy/paste and... it works
09-03-02 12:52 PM
KeepRigid I really like them...very fresh and inspired- the Stones in 2002. It sounds as if they're trying out some new things, but without the culture shock of some of the experiments that were on B2B.

This sample does leave me wanting to hear what a complete album would've sounded like (ie. the great 28), especially considering the nature of the Paris sessions- basically just plugging in and playing for a couple of weeks.

'Keys to Your Love' is great...the background falsetto really complements the song well. This may turn out to be my favorite of the bunch.

But, I couldn't get 'Losing My Touch' to kept stopping after Keith says "no one..."

I also couldn't seem to find the little square for 'Don't Stop'. Anyone look for it?
09-03-02 12:54 PM
moy the jukebox is now here
[Edited by moy]
09-03-02 01:02 PM
tumblingdice I could not find a square for Don't Stop either but got the links for all on Stonesdoug board

I like the 2 Mick songs, I feel would make great singles and promises some great material from these sessions.
09-03-02 01:58 PM
lucasd4 This new stuff sounds pretty good to me...I really like the guitar sounds on "Don't Stop" and "Stealing Your Heart.." This material sounds current and fresh and sounds like classic Stones at the same for the songs being Jagger what!!!! He's written some great stuff in his day...they're not all Keith songs...most of SOME GIRLS was Mick's...STICKY FINGERS too...the basics are usually there with Mick's stuff just like KEith's stuff...melodies, riffs, hooks,'s the final product that has missed the mark in recent years....weak arrangements, overproduction, poor mixing, etc....there were some great ideas/basics on GODDESS, but the final product was too slick and overproduced....the B-sides "If Things Could Be Different" and "Blue" were two of the best things he's done with or without the STones in recent years because the arrangements, mixing,and production were all good...if these new songs sound like anything from those GODDESS sessions, they sound like those two songs...not the stuff on the actual album...I just wish KEith would've put a rocker on there instead of another "Coming Down Again" descendant....

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