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Topic: Their Satanic Majesties Request Return to archive
09-02-02 10:04 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well, I took the plunge. Bought it tonight, along with Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! (both remasters - I have the original CD of Ya-Yas)

So far...

I'm actually rather enjoying it - I'm taking it rather lightly - it's quite the comedy. I think Mick sums it up perfectly with that one line in the prelude to "Sing This All Together (See What Happens").

"Where's that joint?"

That and Keith snoring after "In Another Land". Poor Bill! It's really quite a good song, I just wish Mick would have sung it! You can tell that none of them take any of it seriously. It's just good fun from the acid age of 1967.

But Sgt. Pepper is still better, if you were forced to compare them (which really shouldn't be done - they're rather incomparable). This is like Sgt. Pepper's little joker brother. And it's very thrown together. Under threat of jail time, I guess. Just a funny little comedy - not to be taken seriously!

And if you don't, why then, it's definitely to be put aside into the 'deserves more than one listen' category, 'specially with the wonderful ABKCO remaster.

-tSYX --- Is this some kind of joke?
09-02-02 10:13 PM
Stonesprofessor That snoring is Bill...who ELSE in the band has a honker big enough to produce snoring like that [at least before woody..]?..Bill is also the 'electronic noodling' at the end of STAT-2/beginning of Rainbow
09-02-02 10:25 PM
Stonesprofessor Actually, the whole problem with TSMR is the fact that WAS meant to be serious....and that Mick,Keith and Brian spent a good deal of the production time either a] in court or b] in one jail or another....PLUS they tried producing an album on their own for the first time...Found out that it wasnt that easy.....
09-02-02 10:27 PM
Boomhauer Here's a link, guys. Check out what some of the band said about this album:
09-02-02 10:31 PM
Stonesprofessor wrote:
Actually, the whole problem with TSMR is the fact that WAS meant to be serious....and that Mick,Keith and Brian spent a good deal of the production time either a] in court or b] in one jail or another....PLUS they tried producing an album on their own for the first time...Found out that it wasnt that easy.....

Oh, I'm not denying that they *thought* at the time that it was serious - but looking back on it and being able to laugh at lyrics on songs like "Gomper", "The Lantern" and "Citadel" makes it much better with age.

And the guitars really shine on this album. "Citadel", "2000 Man", lots of good stuff on here.

"In Another Land" - so funny now.

1)Bill Wyman realizes he doesn't hold a candle vocally to Keith and Mick.
2)Bill remedies this problem by making his voice waver and reverberate via 'production', something the Stones are unfamiliar with.
3)Bill gets Mick and Keith to overdub backing vocals when they're not in court/jail/their cups or out of their heads.
4)Bill considers the problem solved.


Sorry, Bill! And you wonder why they didn't let you sing again! You were fine for the backing vocals - and if you'd sung it alone you might have gotten away with lead on this one. But adding Mick & Keith just reminds the listener how much better the song could have been...

-tSYX --- And my kids they just don't understand me at all...
09-02-02 10:40 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Boomhauer, thanks!

Y'see? Mick thinks like I do! It is quite the comedy!

And Keith finds the same good songs on it that I do - "Citadel", "She's A Rainbow", and "2000 Light Years From Home", though I would add "2000 Man". "On With The Show" and "The Lantern" aren't bad, either. "Sing This All Together (See What Happens)" goes on for five minutes too long. So does the first one, actually.

-tSYX --- Have you seen her dressed in blue? Seen the sky in front of you?
09-03-02 01:13 AM
ElmoLewis While I dont think that you can compare TSMR to Sgt. Peppers; I must say that Sgt. Peppers is overrated . At least on the Psychodelic level. Pink Floyds first album "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" which was released a year earlier then Sgt. was much more Psychodelic. Not to mention that in 1966 John and Paul were known to frequent Floyd shows. Sir Paulie has also been quoted as saying that the Stones Aftermath album was a big influence on Sgt. Peppers. The Rolling Stones output during the Psychodelic period is often dismissed as sub standard.
2000 Light Years from Home
2000 Man
Child of the Moon
I`am Waiting
I`am Free
In Another Land
Paint it Black
Lady Jane
We Love You
She`s a Rainbow
Just to name a few. Better song writing than Sgt. Peppers and overall more prolific. The Beatles( a wonderful band) were often given credit they did not deserve.
09-03-02 06:21 PM
Prodigal Son True. Sgt. Pepper is more like acid pop. Not psychedelia. I guess the Beatles were seen to be big movers and shakers in the psychedelic world only because Sgt. Pepper introduced the masses to these themes of psychedelia. It also gripped everyone. Everything about its release seems so immaculate and culturally significant except that the music inside is erratic. I mean, some great stuff, but the carnival crap of "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite," the cabaret kitsch "When I'm Sixty-Four," the lazy "Fixing a Hole," the mind-drone of "Within You, Without You," the overwraught recording of a potentially great song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and the also kitsch "Lovely Rita." They only rock out on "Sgt. Pepper" and it's reprise plus on "Good Morning Good Morning." Other songs that have no real problems to bitch about, IMO, are "A Day in the Life" and "Getting Better." That said, sorry for the length, it's still better than TSMR.
09-03-02 06:24 PM
Moonisup Keith is snoring there, bil wrote that down in stone alone, and it is a well know fact, and TSMR is much better
sergeant fucking beatles, wich band would add snoring on it's cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09-03-02 06:31 PM
sandrew Kurt Loder recently called it an "underrated masterpiece."
09-03-02 06:43 PM
wkoetke Sgt. Pepper isn't just over-rated, I'd say it's the most over-rated album in rock history. It's not even in the top HALF of beatles albums, in my opinion. So many filler throwaway songs (of course, even a throwaway beatles song does't suck THAT bad): Lovely Rita, Good Morning Good Morning, She's Leaving Home, Mr. Kite, etc. Compared to Abbey Road, White Album, Revolver, etc., Sgt. Pepper is crap. And honestly, even Magical Mystery Tour is better simply as a "psychadelic"-type album.

I will never understand why this album is regarded as the single greatest achievement of the beatles.

Thanks for tolerating the lack of stones content on this one...
09-03-02 07:31 PM
Scot Rocks I still don't possess TSMR, due to the wait here for the remasters, which I decided to wait for before buying it, however Aftermath(UK) before it I think is a fantastic and underated album and I like it way better than Sgt Pepper.

THE TOUR IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...shit well in 11 months

well I am there in spirt!!!! lol


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