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Gillette Stadium, Foxboro - September 5, 2002
Click here for credits and more pix, with thanks to Moy :)

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Topic: Nookie Is Dead Return to archive
08-30-02 11:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot I've decided to scrap Nookie. The songs are great...but something just isn't clicking.


I've gone Folkie.

Yep, just me and my zither. Cardinal Fang on acoustic, and vocal harmonies. FPM on Calimba.

Here's some of the songs I'm working on....

"Positively 6th Street"
"King John Sorta"
"Talkin' New Jersey"
"Blowin' In The Moving Air Currents"
"The Era That We Live In Is Morphing"
"Subterranean Houseware Blues"
"Visions Of Joanne"
"Tangled Up In Green"
"Like A Rolling Pin"
"My Front Pages"
"Masters Of War Games"

There's lots more coming...stay tuned.

God I hope Joey doesn't try to steal those songs from me...
08-31-02 12:06 AM
gypsymofo60 Gypsy!......Quickly give it the kiss of life. No Nookie! It can't be!!!!!!!!!!!
08-31-02 12:26 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Stonesalot, the innuendos I've avoided in these posts about Nookie are very difficult, especially for the sharp-tongued Irish.

You have been warned. Nookie? Dead? Not with the help of the little blue pill...

-tSYX --- Mick goes runnin' for the shelter of Grandfather's little helper...
08-31-02 12:43 AM
Fiji Joe I never knew Nookie, but, I'm sure he was a fine fella.
08-31-02 12:44 AM
Soul Survivor Nookie was best friends with Limp Bizkit
08-31-02 01:19 AM
sirmoonie Nookie may be dead, but something else is alive. Its alive! Its ohhhhhhhh soooooooooo fffffucking allllllllivvvvvve! Alllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvve!!!!!!

"Skank me, skank skank me, Ronnie!"
08-31-02 02:07 AM
Child of the Moon Hey, SS. I don't know if you're in need of a harpsichord player, just in case you get into Peter, Paul, and Mary territory, but...

...But no, I can't play one, anyway. But I'd love to help you out as soon as you decide to piss everyone off by going electric. Just give me a ring - I'll bring the polka-dot shirt and sunglasses. And a D harmonica.
08-31-02 02:21 AM
gypsy SS, I still want to be in your folk band. I want Joey to make me a little headband with some dandelions for that hippie look.
08-31-02 12:04 PM
Maxlugar WHAT?!

I just got out my Cry Baby Wah Wah last night and Wah'd the neighborhood with my Wah Wah-like Wah!

Now it's dead?

Do folkies use a Wah Wah occasionally?

Let me know.

09-01-02 01:00 AM
Soul Survivor Nookie died of an his system was a bunch of blue pills
09-01-02 04:34 AM

Hey Marc ! Thank you for letting me sit in on acoustic & vox!! I don't know if Jonny or Michele told you or not but I will NOT be making it back east. (and when I say "making it back east".............) I THINK you KNOW what I'm talking about............... (I know Gazza's bummed out too)

I've got a new email too, it's the "same" first name (guitarsomethingoranother) but a NEW "@". It's:

guitar_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @ (the new bit = ) EMAIL.COM

Remember, it's pretty much the same. In fact David Byrne say's, "Same as it ever was". The only thing that's different is ""

Love, JW

P.S. I will be SERIOUSLY trying to make it out to the final US show in Denver. I know that my friend Gerardo is going (as well as some more of you?) Come on Marc, it's in February, take 3 sick days off or something. (It "could be the last time", I don't know, OH NO!!) Jonny say's he "might go too" so? Also, fucking email or something bro.


09-01-02 04:50 PM
Child of the Moon Maxy, I think we should start a band. Let me know - I'm open to anything. Perhaps doing nothing buy Dirty Work covers? Hell, yeah.
09-01-02 07:08 PM
Stonesdoug Hey Child--great avatar--I actually took that picture and sent it to the 72 website----enjoy!!!!!
09-01-02 07:53 PM
Sir Stonesalot I just got back from my earth shaking debut at the world reknown "Johnstown FolkFest".

I happy to report that it was a smash success. I did it as a solo gig, mainly because there was no time to rehearse. I was the opening act for the great Robbie Fulks. But after my performance, he refused to go on. He just couldn't follow something like me.

Finally, I talked him into going on. And he tried mightily...even enlisting the help of my 6 year old son for a drum solo. He managed to salvage some dignity, but obviously, he had a hard time filling my extremely large shoes.

Here's my setlist:

"Baby, Let Me Follow You Up"
"I Believe You"
"Girl From The South Country"
"Boots Of English Leather"
"My Front Pages"
"Tangled Up In Green"
"Blowin' In The Moving Air Currents"
"A Soft Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
"Moron Wind"
Encore(I know, openers never get an encore...but that's just how good I am.)
"The Historical Era That We Live In Is A-Morphing"

Boots of this debut will surely become collector's items.
09-01-02 11:28 PM
Nasty Habits I can't believe you didn't play "Like a Beatle". Or "Mrs. Maraca Woman". Or "Ballad of a Fat Guy". Or "I Shall Be Imprisoned". Or "Knockin' on Hell's Windows". Or "All Along the Clockpit".

I don't expect to hear obscurities like "Obtusely Four Athiests" or "Complicated Straight Line of Free Will" before a festival crowd, but . . .

This was your debut, man! Why you withholdin' your best material?

All those disappointed faces. . . .

09-02-02 11:10 AM
Maxlugar ...and no one lick of Wah.


09-02-02 11:20 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Did you try for "The Tropical Storm"? Y'know, that protest song?

-tSYX --- Though it takes so long, my lord...
09-02-02 11:40 AM
Soul Survivor Hey people.......Sir has some competition

MY post "HAHA Sir Stonesalot" says it all......
09-02-02 03:02 PM
Child of the Moon Shit, I already own the bootleg. It's circulated like wildfire - I received a copy from Soul Survivor, and man, what a show! Okay, so the sound quality is shit, but as least you can hear half of what SS is saying. Or maybe that's an audience member talking over what sounds like the music... I dunno. Anyway, good show, SS, and I'll be seeing you when you come to Portland's Crystal Ballroom.

And I'm still ready when you are for your imminent step toward electric music. BOOYAH!
09-02-02 03:04 PM
Soul Survivor Child, glad you like it

I'm suprised I got past security, I was holding a recorder right in my hand!
09-02-02 03:13 PM
Child of the Moon Man, I knew that, as soon as SS launched into "Moron Wind," this thing was worth the price of admission.

Speaking of the price of admission, did you enjoy the "Nookie Sessions" bootleg I burned for you? Quality stuff, man. It's like Brian Wilson's "Smile" record or something... a fucking unreleased masterpiece.
09-02-02 03:29 PM
Soul Survivor The nookie sessions are timeless........thats all there is to say about them
09-02-02 09:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot Glad you like it.

Of course, I have a mixing desk recording of the show.

Nasty...can't show all my cards at the ante now can I? Gotta give 'em a taste...leave 'em wanting more. They don't get the A list stuff till I headline.

Gypsy...I need you to shake your moneymaker for me. Tambourines too. Ever banged....bongos? I got a big ol' bongo for you to bang on. I'm working on a college tour for the spring...I'll let you know when "rehearsals" start, my little Yoko.

L8r all you wanna-be's,
SSS, C10

No that's not a typo...Sir "Superstar" Stonesalot

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