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Topic: Street Fighting Man Return to archive
09-02-02 01:03 AM
beer "Street Fighting Man"....Opening song? Possibly. One of their very best songs? Absolutely. I can clearly recall the very first time I ever heard this song. Here's some quotes bout it.

The basic track of that was done on a mono cassette with very distorted overrecording, on a Phillips with no limiters. Brian is playing sitar, it twangs away. He's holding notes that wouldn't come through if you had a board, you wouldn't be able to fit it in. But on a cassette if you just move the people, it does. Cut in the studio and then put on a tape. Started putting percussion and bass on it. That was really an electronic track, up in the realms.

- Keith Richards, 1971

Street Fighting Man was all acoustics. There's no electric guitar parts in it. (Even the high-end lead part was through) a cassette player with no limiter. Just distortion. Just two acoustics, played right into the mike, and hit very hard. There's a sitar in the back, too. That would give the effect of the high notes on the guitar. And Charlie was playing his little 1930s drummer's practice kit. It was all sort of built into a little attaché case, so some drummer who was going to his gig on the train could open it up - with two little things about the size of small tambourines without the bells on them, and the skin was stretched over that. And he set up this little cymbal, and this little hi-hat would unfold. Charlie sat right in front of the microphone with it. I mean, this drum sound is massive. When you're recording, the size of things has got nothing to do with it. It's how you record them. Everything there was totally acoustic. The only electric instrument on there is the bass guitar, which I overdubbed afterwards.

- Keith Richards, 1977

(O)n Street Fighting Man there's one 6-string open and one 5-string open. They're both open tunings, but then there's a lot of capo work. There are lots of layers of guitars on Street Fighting Man. There's lots of guitars you don't even hear. They're just shadowing. So it's difficult to say what you're hearing on there. Cause I tried 8 different guitars. And which ones were used in the final version, I couldn't say... (A) the same time the guitar was going on, I had Nicky Hopkins playing a bit of piano, and Charlie just shuffling in the background. Then we put drums on it and added another guitar while he was doing that. And we just kept layering it.

- Keith Richards, 2002

What I was after with all of those - Street Fighting Man, Jumping Jack Flash - was to get the drive and dryness of an acoustic guitar but still distort it. They were all attempts at that.

- Keith Richards, 2002

(The song) says: But what can a poor boy do, except sing in a rock and roll band - what else can I do besides sing? The song itself is the only thing that has to do with street fighting.

- Mick Jagger, 1969

I don't think (people) understand what we're trying to do, or what Mick's talking about, like on Street Fighting Man. We're not saying we want to be in the streets, but we're a rock and roll band, just the reverse... Politics is what we were trying to get away from in the first place.

- Keith Richards, on tour in 1969

One of my favorite Stones songs is Street Fighting Man. Mick and Keith were writing good songs then. They still are, but they were working a lot closer together then because they were a lot hungrier to still achieve things, which you are when you're young.

- Mick Taylor, 1989

I don't know if it (has such resonance today). I don't know whether we should really play it. I was persuaded to put it in this tour because it seemed to fit in, but I'm not sure if it really has any resonance for the present day. I don't really like it that much. I thought it was a very good thing at the time. There was all this violence going on. I mean, they almost toppled the government in France; De Gaulle went into this complete funk, as he had in the past, and he went and sort of locked himself in his house in the country. And so the government was almost inactive. And the French riot police were amazing. Yeah, it was a direct inspiration, because by contrast, London was very quiet...

- Mick Jagger, 1995

borrowed from TIOOS

09-02-02 01:05 AM
TomL SFM would be a great way to start a show. Fucking ROCK'IN.
09-02-02 01:57 AM
dead man cum Beer - thanks for all those informative quotes on SFM. How did you just happen to have all of those right at your fingertips to post? Stones animal?
09-02-02 02:00 AM
Soul Survivor beer - did you get those from "Time Is On Our Side"?
09-02-02 02:29 AM
beer yup, at the end i wrote "borrowed from TIOOS." Time Is On Our Side. great site. info on every song.
09-02-02 03:48 AM
Mathijs If one "borows" something of a website, it would be nice to include the link. Here's the one for Ian McPherson's great site:

The Rolling Stones in Review


Bootlegs for Sale
The Lowdown on the Guitars of Keith Richards
Bootleg Reviews
Brussels Affair 1973
Vinyl Gang Productions / The Swingin' Pig
09-02-02 08:59 AM
beer if one sells bootlegs, it would be nice to give the profit to the hard working band that created the music you are selling.

Hahahahaha! just jokin Mathijs.
09-02-02 11:54 AM
Soul Survivor none the less, its a good point
09-02-02 02:46 PM
luxury1 Street Fightin Man--12 string acoustic--doesn't get any better--that is the heart and soul of the Stones. If they open with it, I will cream my pants............

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