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Topic: Current Music........ Return to archive
08-29-02 09:01 PM
Soul Survivor isn't that bad anymore! Look at the bands that have the 60's/70's rock sound: The Vines, The Hives, and The Strokes for example.

If you havn't already, check these guys out. I hope they wipe that angry, headbanger stuff off the map for good.
08-29-02 09:11 PM
Scot Rocks Current music is crap, u mentioned 3 bands, that ain't too many, there is still an overwhelming amount of awful music, so much so that I hardly ever listen to the radio.

08-29-02 09:13 PM
Soul Survivor The three bands I mentioned are great though.

Better than CREED

Nothing compared to the Stones, but they'll bring back that classic rock sound I think
08-29-02 09:35 PM
Scot Rocks I hope that there are some great new bands out there, but at the moment every new band i see, is either boring and melencholy or some nu metal crap. I can't understand my generation for enjoying that give me the Stones, the Who, Clapton, Bowie etc over them any day.

08-29-02 09:41 PM
Boomhauer To me, the Hives are the best of the new bands coming up. But the truth to the matter is, these bands won't last very long, IMO. No other band will ever be together for 40 years, no matter what the circumstances will be. Hell, I'd be surprised if Creed will be remembered by 2008?

Also, what's up with "Anger" rock? The screaming is just crazy. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH, I'M angry, I'm so fed up with life, blah blah blaaaaaaaaah!"

Everything is a trend, so it will all end.
08-29-02 09:51 PM
Soul Survivor I just want a good rock band to come along.........and then stay with us for over 2 years,
08-29-02 10:11 PM
Prodigal Son Boomhauer, I call it phony angst. Nirvana was not phony angst same with other grunge groups. But after K.C. blew his brains out (or did he?), it all became about strange-looking guys who were all rich and living the life complaining about the angst and frustrations of life. Fred fuckin Durst and Kid Rock sing about it then go around partying it up as if nothing's wrong and their life is one big fucking fiesta! It's sick. Music has gotten so bad it's hard to bring back. The media is worse. These days, I'm almost not shocked by a Behind the Music on Loverboy or Emerson, Lake and Palmer or even Right Said Fred. I could go on forever. But another thing is the music media degrading our heroes; the Stones, the Who (the more low-key types such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan get praise if anything). One article I saw in the paper was praising a new reformed Guns n' Roses. Even though Axl is the only guy left the writer was claiming they were back to take their throne as the greatest rock band, better than "the emberassing Stones, the shameless Who, and the IRRELEVANT PEARL JAM!?" Even without Slash and Izzy Stradlin? Bullshit. It's not the real GNR without them. How do these hacks get jobs with such narrow-minded views. It's like saying back in the 50s how Miles Davis is an innovator who has put to shame the stale Duke Ellington, the late overrated Charlie Parker and the pitiful Louis Armstrong. That's complete blind attacking! The writer went on to further say how Izzy and Slash joined the Stones in 89 on stage to do "Stray Cat Blues" and were so good they "turned Mick Jagger and the boys into sidemen"? WTF? Anyway, we already know this crap exists. And Rolling Stone is a joke of a magazine, a cross between the old version and some carbon copy of Teen People.
08-29-02 10:18 PM
Boomhauer I'm sure Axl's band is gonna float like a turd in the giant bowl we call the music industry. Cry baby. He stormed off the stage like a piece of shit because he was mad about the sound system at some show.

The media talked about Axl's "Chinese Democracy" album for about as long as they talked about who was going to come back as lead singer for Van Halen (Gary Sherone saved the day! lol).
08-30-02 12:13 AM
Prodigal Son Yeah and they also made it sound like Axl Rose was some kinda shrewd businessman. It talked about him not putting up with people with bad attitudes. It also said he started feuding with band members in the late 80s because their drug habits were getting in the way of the band. Yeah, and Axl wasn't! It was such a ridiculous article it must've been written by his publicist. If Axl just dropped dead then Slash could pick up the name rights and reunite the REAL GNR. They could do it without Axl. He thinks he's what made the band great but it still was a really seering band without his hyper vocals. Yeah, that was a Montreal show. He complained of a sore throat and was smoking backstage, according to Metallica. Then when their show ended early due toa big flame burning up half of James Hetfield, Axl after a few songs stormed off because of the sound stage causing a riot where all the Quebecers just smashed up Olympic Stadium. He didn't really care at all. Ahh, VH1 has taught me a few interesting things I guess. But it's still worth crap.
08-30-02 11:17 AM
corgi37 This is a subject that fucking fires me up. I have been working on a similar themed document to post for a about a month now. But is runs for 2 pages, as i get so pissed off. Modern music is so fucked, i listen to talk back. Here in Australia we thankfully or regrettably (depends on your take on it) miss out on most of the rap crap people in the U.S. get, and most of the Euro-disco shit that goes on in Europe. We are mainly a rock country, but since Britney, the pre-teens have really taken over. Now, of course, these pre-teens are 16-20, and discovering angst rock. But its all been done before. And even then, it bugged me. Just dont forget that the Gunners were essentially wiped out by grunge. ALl that spandex and fluffy hair seemed a bit ridiculous by 91. Anyway, i saw guns and roses here in Melbourne. They played to about 100,000 people at our Calder Raceway (Altamont part 2). Well, the crowd were mostly bikers and metal heads. I'm neither, but love heavy rock. Skid Row supported, and were great. Rose Tattoo, an Aussie band that Axle and Slash worshipped re-united, and wiped stole the show. And what of the Gunners? It was the most pussy wimp show i have seen. With 80% ballads, and corny routines (yep, Saul jumped onto the piano during the woeful November Rain), i can tell you, there were thousands of disappointed people. As for this new lot of rockers, well, been there done that. I shouldnt knock them too much, as they at least are keeping it bare bones and there is not a turntable in sight, but it's hardly new. Re-hashed punk with different hair styles. The media here is so anti stones its unreal. Mind you, during the 95 tour, all the alternative music journos took the free fucking front row tickets to see the stones. I saw them. i was there. I saw them dancing and singing to the classics. Then read the dreadful reviews in the coming days/weeks. I even recall the program manager of a indie melbourne radio station say he walked out after 3 songs, because the stones were crap and old and rich and blah, blah, blah. Trouble was, i stood behind him in the cue after the show to buy t-shirts and badges. Lying yuppie black clothes wearing lying sack of shit that he was. No one beats my fave band of old geezers. No one ever will. ANd. lastly, Pearl fucking jam. Big rebels. Dont make film clips. Band of the common man. haters of the who, stones and the "oldies". Lead singer famously cut himself and wrote in blood on a mirror "this is my generation baby" backstage at a who show about 10 years ago. So what does the "rebel" end up doing? Yep, supporting both the stones and the who during their last tours. Fucking loud mouth liar! Guess that's what happens when your "band of the people" suddenly finds their gravy train (the grunge fad) is long dead, and the young fans have new heroes, like the Creeds, blink 182's, Hives etc. As for Nirvana, people tend to forget In Utero hardly dented the charts until that fucker blew his brains out. Same as people forget Lennon's last pitiful album "Double fantasy" was a bomb, until he made his great career move and got blown away. And, as for u2 and aerosmith, they only stay ahead because their film clips are aimed at the kiddies, and their songs appear in kiddies movies. Dont forget, u2 lost zillions of bucks on pop mart, and had to resort to more intimate tour they recently finished. Phew, gotta lie down now. Stones rule.
08-30-02 11:22 AM
steel driving hammer The MTV awards last night was a joke.

Brittany needs a break, she's getting tired....?

Todays music does suck.

The Hives, Strokes - haven't heard them, thanks for the recommindation!

How about Wilco.

The Crowes were our only hope...
08-30-02 11:24 AM
Soul Survivor the Hives arent grunge though, you can see sixties influence (along with the Vines, and the Strokes), and the hairdues are sixties, drum set looks it.

I really think music will come back thanks to those three bands......I really do
08-30-02 11:25 AM
jb I thought it was better than past shows..less hip-hop and boy bands. The guy from the Hives seems to be a Jagger/Daltrey combination....
Axl was decent but certainly no Guns and Roses....
What's the deal with Eminem and Moby?
Britney seemed a little awkward....I think Chritian Aguilera is much better looking.
The worst part was Justin Timberlake's embarrassing solo debut.
08-30-02 02:09 PM
bez85 there's good stuff out there you just have to look for it or let someone else turn you on to it..i recomend Frank Black and the Catholics,,a good American band with cool raw guitars and great song writing..
08-30-02 04:21 PM
Mr T I hate the Vines, Strokes & Hives

my favorite modern bands right now are Tool & Gov't Mule
08-30-02 04:25 PM
steel driving hammer wrote:
The Crowes were our only hope...

Uh-*huh*... *sigh*...

I admire Nirvana for what they did - but they're very much the Citizen Kane of their class - if you listen to it now you think "Well, this doesn't sound too original" - it's because *every single friggin' label* tried to copy the sound and rushed out fifty whiny little garage rock bands each.

Modern music is making some lurching comebacks, but it's not much. Everyone hypes on The Strokes - My view is that they do with computers and copious amounts of money what the Velvets did with bad production and talent. The computerized vocal sound just turns me off, completely - not to mention that I carry my VU 20th Century Masters album around with me when I'm travelling (along with all my other great CDs - Stones Stones Stones!), and after a friend of mine let me borrow the Strokes album, I thought I'd accidentally left it in. Sadly, no "Waiting On The Man" or "Heroin" on that album... I'm hoping for better once they realize that they're a decent band and don't need to be overproduced to be underproduced.

The Hives and Vines are both decent bands, The White Stripes are some sort of strange... thing... but to each their own...

-tSYX --- Leave me alone Mrs. Washington, I've got plenty of time of my own!
08-30-02 05:04 PM
Mr T well - with the exception of the Mule, yeah, the Crowes pretty much were the last hope for real rock n roll - all the pure/raw sounding rock bands since are really just posers, the best newer bands are the truly origional one.
08-30-02 06:17 PM
Boomhauer I'm tired of when people say we need something new, especially for music. Music is one of those things that makes you feel good and for some it lets them remember the good times of being young and what not.

New music is just down-right awful. Posers.

I talk to people and they say, "Well, the Stones, when they were young, are just like bands coming up today." I say bullshit. the STones were a breath of fresh air and they still are. I'm 20 years old, and would not feel comfortable at all with people my age and younger going to Kid Rock and Incubus shows. I wouldn't relate. May seem kind of weird, but it's the fucking truth.
08-30-02 06:57 PM
Moonisup Well the music scene is dominated by overrated hiphoppers, rappers and teenyboppers. If you don't have big tits ore a nice looking face, it is hard to make nowadays. The stones survived everything! That is why I admire them so much, and all the bands! Let's not forget that al the older bands have grossed the most in the nineties!! Beatles (Yes even them), the stones everyone, even young kids. I thought I was young wiht my sixteen years in 1999 to see the stones, but a lot of younger people had great fun and they also had front row!!! There is hope for the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stones kick ass.
08-30-02 06:59 PM
T&A You know - there is a different thread of decent bands that I happen to like. The extension of GD bands - the jam bands. They take their cues from the likes of the Dead and the Allmans. If you like that genre - there's still decent music out there. SCI, Widespread Panic (just lost their ace guitarist to cancer), Phish (reuniting after a long hiatus), not to mention the existing Allmans and reforming Dead (Other Ones). some of you may not like this genre of "rock" - but it's not vapid like so much of "today's" music.
08-30-02 09:27 PM
stonedinaustralia i'd say if you can't find some current music that you like then you aren't looking hard enough...god there is so much stuff out there it's virtually impossible to keep up with it all

sort of on topic consider the following - collected wisdom of miles davis at the time aged 60 - (thanks to nick kent - i hope he's reliable - i wouldn't want to misrepresent Mr.Davis - dead or alive!)

"All this shit about me bein' better in the old days...Music bein' better. That's reactionary thinking from pitiful motherfuckers who weren't even there.The old days...shit"

"Some people, whatever is happening now, either they can't handle it or they don't want to know.They'll be messed up on that bogus nostalgia thing. Nostalgia,shit!That's a pitiful concept. Because it's dead, it's safe - that's what that shit is about"

"Anyone who wants to go back to the past, they're too scared to live in the present"

lastly, and btw, Miles on Darryl

"Darryl? I had to let him go....That boy...I liked him too. He could play so good and, hell, I felt kind of paternalistic toward him in a way.But then Sting comes along, offers him more money, high class accomodation and all that stuff.And Darryl, he got so damn confused, I just said to him, real diplomatic and cordial like, "Man, what do you really want?" You know what he said to me? Darryl said "Miles, I wanna do cross-over." God, I almost threw up!
Here's a boy with real potential and yet here he is falling for that whiteman's corporate bullshit. Cross-over my black ass! Don't mean nothing!...Anyway, the boy has made his choice.'

08-30-02 10:24 PM
Boomhauer Ahh, whatever. I kind of liked Buckcherry when they were still a band and I kind of like Fuel. So I guess I do like SOME of the current stuff. But, when it all comes down to it, I choose the STones as my #1 band. I like the fact that they have been around for 40 years. Pretty amazing!
08-30-02 10:54 PM
stonedinaustralia boomer,well i noticed you like the hives, so do i, of course no other band will be around as long as the stones particualrly from a viable commercial has always been a "chew them up and spit them out" industry (well they all are but given the superfical, transitive and subjective aspects of the business it's a particularly viscious one) - and you're right, one of the indicators of the stone's greatness has simply been their ability (and steely determination) to survive...but nowadays it's even more rapid-fire... the major labels no longer nurture acts or are prepared to cut them some slack in their early days while they refine their sound and find their audience ...either they hit straight away or they're dead...buit in many ways that's what "popular" music is all about there always has to be something that is (or at least appears to be) new happening

what i find interesting is the fact that you're only 20 years old

while i can sort of understand it, it still disappoints me, for some reason, that many people somewhere over the age of 29 (sometimes even earlier)one day wake up and say "well, that's it... music is over for me, i'm just going to listen to classic hits that remind me of the good old days" - and while i have come to know and love heaps of music (thanks in many ways to the stones) made throughout the 20th century and even earlier - all i can say is i'm glad it hasn't happened to me yet...
08-30-02 11:02 PM
Boomhauer Well, unfortunately the music industry should just be called "The MTV Times". Hell, if you're a band and don't have a video playing every hour on MTV, you're not even worth taking a risk on marketing to a generation of music fans.

That's why I think people have a comfort level with the classics. It's not a hassle like today. I think MTV just killed rock 'n roll.
08-30-02 11:15 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Video killed the radio star...

-tSYX --- We can't rewind, we've gone too far!
09-01-02 07:03 PM
Soul Survivor yup
09-01-02 07:15 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy wrote:
Video killed the radio star...

-tSYX --- We can't rewind, we've gone too far!

I've been around the dial so many times, but you're not there
Somebody told that you've been taking off the air
Well you were my fav'rite DJ
You never followed any trend...
(R. D. Davies)

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