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Topic: I need some help with Nookie Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-29-02 09:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot I just got off the phone with Steve Gorman, and he said that it would be a cold day in hell before he recorded with the likes of me. Then he said he was gonna get a PFA on me. I don't know what that was all about.

Anyhow, here's who I got to help me with my new album, called "Nookie".

You can see the lyrics to a couple of the songs in the thread titled "Rocks Off Soundtrack"

I know I can count on Cardinal Fang for some guitar work, and FPM to lay a solid bass line down....but I need another guitar player, a drummer, and a keyboardist. I may need some help with brass too....but I may decide to just do away with horns all together.

So who wants to audition? Only qualified applicants need apply.

Oh, and you have to have a recording studio that I can use for free.

Did I mention that you have to have a CD pressing factory as well?
08-29-02 09:06 PM
Soul Survivor Give me credit Sir! "Rocks Off Soundtrack" = Publicity for "Nookie".

Just playin'

I'll help. Let me call up my good friend Mick Taylor.........
08-29-02 09:10 PM
Soul Survivor Mick turned me down!

The dude said he couldn't fit in his car to drive over to my house!
08-29-02 09:13 PM
gypsy I can be the president of your fan club.
08-29-02 09:17 PM
Soul Survivor And I'll!

I'll be a dude that interviews you, and then I write articicals. I'll then send the articals and interviews to Gypsy who will publish it in the "Sir Stonesalot Fanzine".
08-29-02 09:18 PM
Maxlugar Back when I was a teenager, I could give you Jeff Beck A to Z....

<-------- File Photo, July 1983.

But I haven't played in a while. Let me go brush up...


08-29-02 09:20 PM
Soul Survivor Maxy, what kind of Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetar?
08-29-02 09:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot gypsy, you are hired.

We can discuss payment....ummmmm....later.

Soulie, you can be my "youth consultant". On a strictly "volunteer" basis.
08-29-02 09:21 PM
Miss U. I can be the singer/harmonica player! Hope no one minds a bit of spit...
08-29-02 09:23 PM
Soul Survivor
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
gypsy, you are hired.

We can discuss payment....ummmmm....later.

Soulie, you can be my "youth consultant". On a strictly "volunteer" basis.


I feel needed and wanted!

A new feeling, and it feels great. I think I'll go drink a pepsi!
08-29-02 09:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ahhh, don't worry about it Max. I'm sure you'll do fine.

I just finished a reggea type style of song for Nookie. It's about smoking pot. Wanna hear it? Here it goes...

I & I is all right
I say
I & I is all right
We smoke dat spliff all night....



Guitar solo







Oh yah!

Jah gives us da herb
Jah gives us da herb
Repeat 12x
08-29-02 09:27 PM
Soul Survivor There's a top ten brotha!

Jah Wonderful!
08-29-02 09:30 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
Back when I was a teenager, I could give you Jeff Beck A to Z....

<-------- File Photo, July 1983.

But I haven't played in a while. Let me go brush up...



Do you exactly remember which song you were jamming to when that picture was taken?
08-29-02 09:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot Miss U can you do "whoop whoops"?

If you can do "whoop whoops", I'll write a song just for you to do "whoop whoops" on.

08-29-02 09:38 PM
Miss U. Yeah, sure...hey r u making me a back-up singer like Mick's daughter in "Being Mick"!?? Better not...unless I get to duet with a cute lead singer.
08-29-02 09:40 PM
Soul Survivor

Upcoming Artist
Written by: Soul Survivor

Keep the name Sir Stonesalot in your head, well, even if you'll hear it again tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day..............

Influenced by The Rolling Stones, Sir Stonesalot varies in style. Singing about everything from Dead Dogs, to smoking pot.......Sir Stonesalot is a name you won't soon forget.

Stay tuned next week as we interview this upcoming star!
08-29-02 09:40 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ohhhhhhhhh Soulie....Yeah well see, I gotta let you go now. I just signed a big endorsement contract with Yohoo Chocolate Drink, and it specifically states that anyone caught drinking Pepsi must have their employment terminated, or forfiet the contracted amount. Since I gotta pay gypsy all those royalties....well, I gotta have that contract moolah.


Whenever we play Detroit, I'll slip you on the guest list. OK?
08-29-02 09:43 PM
gypsy SS, you know that Fan Club President=Groupie!
08-29-02 09:43 PM
Soul Survivor Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



That tastes good. The taste of the chocolate is really refreshing
08-29-02 09:45 PM
Soul Survivor ***Soulie dumps all of his pepsi down the toilet****
[Edited by Soul Survivor]
08-29-02 10:06 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm sorry Soulie....the damage was already done. It breaks my heart, but that's the breaks dude.

Miss U, I'm the singer. Well, I call it singing anyhow. Of course, I'm cuter than cute. So that counts for something.

Gypsy....uh, yeah cool. If I'd known that was all it was gonna take, I'd have done this months ago.
08-29-02 10:12 PM
Sir Stonesalot Sir Stonesalot & The Spanish Inquisition

Pretty cool aye?
08-29-02 10:22 PM
parmeda ...LMFAO

08-29-02 10:26 PM
Nasty Habits Whizz Records is definitely willing to provide prime retail space for Stir Nosealot and the Spanish Iniquities. Happy to serve as booking agent too. Know many terrible clubs that will let you guys play to the door for the gathering throng.
08-29-02 10:28 PM
Soul Survivor Got a club called "The Wired Frog" that you can play at
08-29-02 11:02 PM
Fiji Joe I'll lend a hand with breast slaps. Every band need those.
08-29-02 11:37 PM
Nasty Habits The Rolling Stones have been delaying the release of 40 Licks until they could find a suitable "sub title" for the album to take it, I think they say, 'over the top.' Thankfully, the solution has been provide, as usual, by the folks on rocks off. The official title for the album is now:

40 Licks: Hand Claps and Breast Slaps

Thank god that's finally over.

08-29-02 11:38 PM
Soul Survivor The cover has also been changed
08-29-02 11:45 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Where's Biggles? It's not the Spanish Inquisition without Cardinal Biggles... the aviator goggles make it all!

You have a, from your accounts, more than competant bass player, so no work there for the kid who took an hour and struggled through "Dance Pt. 1" for the practice - need a keyboard? There is actually a very crappy recording studio here - I don't think I could get you in, though.

You'd do well, Sir Stonesy, I have faith in you. I did, however, not see the word 'ganja' in your reggae song. I was not, however, reading it closely. This must be remedied.

-tSYX --- Don't you lie to me, cuz you make me mad, as shook up as a man could be...
08-30-02 01:10 AM
Martha If you haven't found your keyboardist yet, I'd like to be considered.
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