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Topic: MTV awards Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-30-02 03:19 AM
egon so, i just got in the office (0900) and am reading the online newspaper. seems that michael jackson has won the "artist of the millennium" award. (i would have gone for "freak of the millennium, but artist????!!!)

i'm not saying that mick or keith should have won, but come on; there must be a at least a dozen artists of more importans. so he made thriller, big deal. who in the world still plays that album (without thinking its outdated)?

anyway, it's friday. must not get too upset.

nice w/e to all

For all you dutchies;

Telegraaf online

Michael Jackson artiest van het millennium

NEW YORK - De Amerikaanse zanger Michael Jackson is tot artiest van het millennium uitgeroepen. Dat gebeurde donderdagavond aan het begin van de uitreiking van de jaarlijkse MTV-videoprijzen in de Radio Music City Hall in New York.

De 44-jarige Jackson ontwikkelde zich sinds de jaren tachtig van de vorige eeuw tot een van bestverkopende popsterren aller tijden. Tot zijn bekendste hits behoren Thriller, Beat It en Billie Jean.

Grote winnaar van de MTV-awards was de zanger Eminem. Hij kreeg voor zijn videoclip Without Me vier prijzen, waaronder die voor beste clip van het jaar en beste video van een mannelijke artiest.

08-30-02 09:17 AM
MarthaMyDear wrote:
I thought Axl sounded GREAT!!! ROUND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G 'N' F*CKIN' R IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHO'S BAAACK (and it ain't Shady, although it was him tonight, also!!!)!!! YIPPEEE!!! TIME TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***

What are you smoking? AXL sucked ass. How the hell can they call this band G'NR? No Slash, No G'NR.
08-30-02 09:29 AM
Maxlugar I missed it but someone said Izzy was with him. THis is a step forward if true.

I only saw a brief moment but I saw this whole Moby vs Eminem thing. What's with that? Why do they hate each other?

Eminem needs an ass kicking real bad.

I also saw The Vines and that other bad. Boy that guy in that other band has studied his Mick Jagger courses well.

Not bad, both of them.

08-30-02 09:35 AM
Jumacfly Agree with David (great avatar)
it not the gunners anymore...Martha, if you miss them, listen to the two beautiful records of Izzy Stradlin,their original rythm guitar player :

* and the juju hounds: great stones sound, with a cover of "take a look at the guy", and a beautiful solo of Ronnie himself!

* 117 degrees: another beautiful record, great slide guitars and melodies.

..and forget the new gunners, Axl sucks!!
i ve readen he was ready to re recording "appetite for destruction" with his new combo....
what a fu**ing ass hole!!!


08-30-02 09:37 AM
Jumacfly Maxy

Izzy works with Duff, and Slash now, they got a common project soon released...i l let you know, i really appreciate this guy Izzy.

Axl hates the ex gunners, and they hate him too.

08-30-02 09:39 AM
nankerphelge Enema does indeed need an ass-kicking real bad! I'd love to see someone bury his rock good! It'll happen -- he invites abuse -- it would be impolite not to accept.

On an unrelated note, you will all be happy to hear that I represent a major pharmaceutical company that had recently filed with the FDA for approval of a new drug called "Stonesagra" for help in maintaining week-long erections.

Fortunately, I was part of the clinical trial and I must say this shit works. The treatment consists of listening to a minimum of three Stones releases daily coupled with the purchase of tickets to an up-coming show. At first, nothing seems to happen -- after the third listen however, you feel a slight lightheadedness as all the blood rushes south. Once the tickets are purchased however, the member swells and literally remains in place for up to a week. Your results may vary. Side effects include lightheadedness, and massive alcohol consumption. Consult your physician before use.
08-30-02 10:32 AM
Maxlugar Yeah baby! Stonesagra! Love it!

Is it a little yellow pill?

What happens if Bob Dole takes it?

"I'm as hard as a brick, hope I'll never go limp, Ronnie!"

08-30-02 10:33 AM
Soul Survivor You blew Jelly Face Joe
And Pedro The Pimp
I'm as hard as a brick
I hope to never go limp

Maxy, are you trying to tell us something?
08-30-02 03:31 PM
Soul Survivor Did yall see Lisa MArie? I'm sure E would be proud of her.

Her, and that Avril bitch. Errrrrrr the whole show was shit!

I thought when Jimmy Fallon is like "GUNS AND ROSES!!!!!" it was gonna be the original line up. Or at least with Slash.

Jimmy Fallon was kind of funny though
08-30-02 08:48 PM
gypsy Did anyone else get past Michael Jackson's dorky outfit, and get a load of his pot belly? Yuck! He only received an award with a ribbon tied around it, as it was his 44th B-day yesterday. It has been all over the news that he thought it was "The Entertainer of the Millenium" award, but it was not. Britney just said that she THOUGHT of him as the entertainer of the millenium. It's stupid anyways, because we all know the MTV awards are just a joke. Eminem acted very immature, picking on Moby like that. I don't care for the music of either one of them, but if I had to pick the lesser of two evils, it would be Moby. Justin Timberlake, in my opinion, just copied off of Michael Jackson-singing, dancing, and dressing like Michael. The Hives sucked, and the lead singer does look like Mick, but when he started copying Mick's dance moves, it was pathetic. Plus, I couldn't understand a single word he was saying! Pink looked like a big fat lesbian. Shakira looked good, and I thought her dance was very sexy. That's my two cents!
08-30-02 10:26 PM
Rescued Pink is cool, and she's more adventurous and real than all the Britney clones. Her boyfriend is freestyle motocrosser Carey Hart, first guy to pull off a backflip, balls of iron.
Can anybody give an objective review of the Guns and Roses performance? The Chicago Sun Times said it was one of the great anti-climaxes of MTV history. I heard Buckethead was playing guitar with them. How was he?
08-30-02 10:46 PM
Soul Survivor Axl didn't sound all that great. The band sounded decent, Buckethead did pretty good. But how can it be called "Guns And Roses" when Axl was the only original member? Although, I heard Izzy was with them.

I know for sure they did "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Paradise City", but I wasnt paying that much attention so they may have done more
08-30-02 10:55 PM
gypsy I felt bad for Axl. He didn't look or sound very good. His voice got worn out very fast. He doesn't have the stamina that Mick has. The music just wasn't the same without Slash.

08-30-02 11:08 PM
Boomhauer IMO, GNR is just like Def Leppard, except for the fact Def Leppard has put some stuff out in the last 10 years. Big bands in the mid to late 80's, and everything just slipped away. Except all the critics thought GNR was the "next" Led Zeppelin or as Ozzy said in an interview, "I thought they had the chance to be the next coming of the Stones."
08-30-02 11:09 PM
Sir Stonesalot Was Tommy Stinson playing bass with GnR?

IMO, both M&M & Moby should get their heads kicked in.

In fact, just about everyone associated with that show should have an ass whoopin'. Possible exceptions...Bruce, The Vines, Tommy Stinson(If he was actually there).

All the rest...SMACK
08-30-02 11:22 PM
Soul Survivor Eminem comes off looking......I mean, TRYING to look tough.......but has he ever actually done anything. I remember once, he had a problem with the singer Everlast, but he told the fans to beat him up if they saw him. What a pansy.

Bruce did a pretty good job. So did the Vines
08-30-02 11:22 PM
MarthaMyDear What are you smoking? AXL sucked ass. How the hell can they call this band G'NR? No Slash, No G'NR.

OK.!!! I AGREE!!! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.................. :P I just think Axl has all of this GREAT energy and can sound REALLY great, etc. (and has great song writing talent and is sexy... Shall I go on??? lol....... :P ), but, yes, I had to think about it and, actually, he didn't sound all that great (but that slow, new song sounds pretty great to me)... I love the energy and, to me, he delivers on the energy (sometimes way too much!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I'm referring to the Steel Wheels tour/show when he threw a fit on stage and stormed off!!! lol...................... :P )... Fuck, I'm tired... I could have used a damn smoke at Tom Petty... Should've accepted that shit!!! HE!!! HE!!! NEVERMIND!!! lol.................. :P :P :P Well, the show to me was ok.... I'm sorry but I fucking HATE Pink and that stupid Avril idiot... Sorry... I'm cranky... That was REALLY, fucking tasteless of whoever was in charge of filming whoever they film in the audience when Pink said she was drunk and then they showed Mary J. Blige... WHAT A FUCKING LOSER, WHOEVER DECIDED TO CUT TO MARY J. BLIGE!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO, GIRLFRIEND!!! lol................... :P She fucking RULES OUT OF ALL OF THEM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!! HA!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, SHE HAS TALENT, EVEN!!! IMAGINE THAT!!! HA!!! lol..................... :P

As for Izzy, I think I have his first album, but haven't played it yet (OOPS!!! )... He was friends with the guy who got me really into the Stones... I used to see him around Hollywood alot (a certain club a long time ago, walking on the street, etc.)... Very cute... HE!!! HE!!! :P

Anyways, well, they could have been better, but does everyone sound PERFECT at every show they play??? Anyways, thanks for the replies!!! ROCK ON!!! SEX PISTOLS ON THE 14TH!!! I NEED TO SEE SOME ***ROTTEN*** ENERGY!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIP!!! YIP!!! YEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!! HE!!! lol............... :P Thank you for letting me share... lol........ :P

*** Martha ***
08-30-02 11:23 PM
gypsy <>

Yeah, but doesn't GNR's drummer still have both arms?
08-30-02 11:29 PM
Boomhauer How should I fucking know? I mean, we haven't heard anything from them in the last 10 years. I remember hearing something about "Chinese Democracy" when I was in 7th or 8th grade (about 6 or 7 years ago).

Didn't Boston record an album for about 8 years? And didn't it suck ass? Chupa mucho culo!!!
08-30-02 11:33 PM
Rescued Hey Martha, You're going to Inland Invasion? God I'm so jealous. That is one incredible line-up! Get there early and check out the Distillers. I'm hooked on their song City of Angels.
Please write a review for the board after you recover from the show.
If I hadn't spent so much on Stones tix, I'd fly to L.A. to see it. If anyone hasn't heard about Inland Invasion go to the KROQ website and check out band lineup.
Oh, one more thing. Boomhauer, are you really only 20 years old?
[Edited by Rescued]
08-30-02 11:35 PM
Soul Survivor (VMA Post Show)

Kurt Loder: Will we see Chinese Democracy soon?

Axl Rose: You'll see it, I don't know if soon is the right word to use though

What an ass

08-30-02 11:40 PM
Sir Stonesalot So was Tommy there? Where's Tommy? Someone find Tommy? We gotta hit the road. Where's the equipment? Did we lose the equipment? Find the equipment. Then we'll have a party.

You know Tommy? Tommy Stinson? Played that big 4 stringed guitar with the Replacements? Was he playing with the Faux Gunners?

Anybody? Anybody? Buehler? Anybody?
08-30-02 11:54 PM
Rescued Sir Stonesalot,
Yep, he's with them. You should check out a Chicago music critics site at The 5/7 show features a Paul Westerburg interview - he comments on Stinson and GnR. Also the 8/6 show is devoted to The Replacements. Click the Audio heading for a list of the shows you can listen to. The 9/3 show will be all about the Licks tour.
08-31-02 12:21 AM
MarthaMyDear Rescued, I'm going to feel SO, FUCKING OLD seeing this show (although I'm not, in my opinion... HE!!! HE!!! lol................ :P )... I wish you could go (if you can, by any chance, you could meet my friend andf I there... We only have lawn seats, but there's some lawn seats on Ebay still, I think, and tix might still be available... Email me at: if you can go!!! Always fun to meet other Stones fans!!! Also, if you go to the following web site, you can win pit tickets (although I'm not quite so sure if this is a GREAT thing (???)... lol............... :P to this show by signing-up to be on their street team there!!!:

It's worth a shot, to me... Anyways, here I am below on the left (the Siouxsie Sioux clone/17 years-old in 1981... It's their Welcome To Reality EP in 1981)... They're old friends of mine and I used to see most of the bands playing at this show way back then, so this will be REALLY cool (a BIG blast from the past)!!! Let me know if you go and I'm broke, also!!! lol............ :P Are you kidding me??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Anyone not broke from more than one Stones show is RICH!!! RICH!!! RICH!!! HA!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P ANYWAYS!!! ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***

08-31-02 12:30 AM
MarthaMyDear Lawn seats???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I'll hold-off on the bowl this time around!!! lol............. HE!!! HE!!! lol.................. :P ;D

*** Martha ***
08-31-02 12:40 AM
MarthaMyDear Rescued... I forgot... Maybe my friend will write a review 'cause I'd probably be too biased regarding some of those bands, but let me think about it... That might be cool!!! I could compare some of the bands to how they were when I saw them way back in 1981 and through the years up until now!!! Not a bad idea... Thank you for that and I'll see if my writing skills are up-to-date (WITHOUT SMILEY-FACES!!!), although alot of people here are GREAT at reviews, etc.... I'll give it a try... Thanks for that thought and I'll post it on this board as a KROQ INLAND INVASION REVIEW (NSC) after the show!!! And, the Distillers ARE awesome!!! ROCK ON!!! By the way... TOM PETTY IS THE SHIT!!! And, Jackson Browne (he opened for Tom Petty, IS shit!!! lol.............. HE!!! HE!!! lol.............. :P )...

*** Martha ***
08-31-02 12:41 AM
Rescued Martha My Dear,
That is so incredibly cool I am at a loss for words! I passionately love L.A. Punk. Some mornings when I need some kind of painkiller, extra caffiene, or whatever to push myself into the vicious Chicago commute I put on ADOLESCENTS. Ameoba can do it for me everytime - Hell the entire album does it for me everytime. You're very sweet to encourage me out to the show. If I didn't have field seats at Comiskey for 9/13 I'd probably come out. I may e-mail you. I'd love to hear some of your stories from the original scene. If you ever need a Chicago connection e-me at mfmagada@rcnchicago,com. You are a goddess of cool.
08-31-02 01:14 AM
MarthaMyDear Rescued, you are a GOD of cool!!! lol..................... :P ***BLUSH!!!*** Just kidding!!! Oh, I've got some stories, alright, but I'm not so sure some are good to share!!! HA!!! HA!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P Well, I just added your email addy to my address book, so I'll talk to you soon and visa-versa on the Chicago/L.A. connection-thing (I'm your L.A. connection now, so if you happen to be coming-out here at any time, just let me know and I can help you out with cool places to check-out, what's inexpensive and cool and all of that, etc.)!!! I used to go-out with Frank Agnew and hung-out with mostly him and Steve Soto alot... I REALLY miss those days!!! ((((((( Punk rock was SO MUCH FUN way-back-when and practically nothing compares to it, except for MAYBE when Guns 'N Roses and the metal scene got big when they were big here, etc. (in the mid-late 80's, etc.)... And, I'd probably feel the same way about the hippie/Stones scene, etc., but that's more what my cousins were into, etc., I guess (?!?!?!)... At least one of my cousins was a big Beatles fan... Whatever... I'm babbling!!! HE!!! HE!!! Anyways, I have more PIL stories, actually... GOD, THEY WERE FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!! Now I'm all hyped-up... Looking back... lol............... :P Anyways, stay COOL and I'll talk to you soon, Rescued... And, remember... KIDS OF THE BLACK HOLE!!!

*** Martha ***
08-31-02 12:00 PM
Maxlugar Guns 'N' Roses was leaps and bounds ahead of Def Leopard!

Come on!

If any of you that knock them just sat down and listend to Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 you would see that. God damn did they come close to being one of the best bands ever.

But it was not to be. Axl fucked it all up. What a cast of characters and songs! I think they had REAL talent. They should not be lumped in with the hair bands of the 80's. They were diferent. I even liked their ode to punk (The Spigetti Incident). They will always be a failure in my mind. They had it all and fucked it up. This new band is NOT Guns 'N' Roses.

That is just my opinion.

Max 'N' Lugars!
08-31-02 03:03 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer I have a friend who offered to help Axl realize his 'Chinese Democracy', by cutting through the legalese, way back in 1996. The man is just not serious.

As for my own opinion of the VMA's, I did not attend them. However, I am currently involved in an effort to bridge yet another gap of humanity, with the help of the lovely young Shakira.

I tell you, I have not felt this diplomatic since Keep's ill-fated Irina incident.

Or was it Inna?
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