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Topic: MTV awards Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-29-02 11:21 AM
Boomhauer Here is somebody I am not fond of musically, but I think he has some logic here.

NEWS - Bow Wow Says VMAs Are Garbage & He's Focusing On His Tour

(8/29/02, 10 a.m. ET) -- Teen actor-rapper Bow Wow is evidently focused on his Scream 2 tour, which also includes B2K and IMX. When LAUNCH asked the young star if he'd be attending this year's VMAs in New York on Thursday (August 29), he made it clear that the tour is his primary focus. "Nah, I'm not doing that garbage 'cause, I mean, you know what I'm sayin'? I'm on this tour--that's what I'm focusing about, right here, is this tour."

After the tour, Bow Wow will take a vacation before heading into the studio to record his third album sometime next year. The rapper also shared that he currently has no plans to follow up his starring role in Like Mike with another film project.

-- Yves Erwin Salomon, New York

SO I guess, you know what I'm sayin'? Like, it don't matter if the Stones don't play there tonight. If they do, alright, but if they don't, they have other stuff to think about.

OH, yeah. Read on another article on that Aerosmith might make an appearance on MTV tonight. How many times has it been now? And people say the Stones are sounding poppy. It's rock n' roll suckers.

08-29-02 11:31 AM
The_Cure is there a oppertunity that the stones play tonight???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the mtv awards?????

damn here in holland it is from 10pm to 4 am :-) al night long... :S
08-29-02 11:39 AM
Maxlugar Last night I'm walking past Radio City Music Hall (I work two blocks away) and Kurt Loder is sitting there on his little stage doing what I guess was a sound check. He's sitting there with his disinterested pissed off looking mug on. As I walk by I shout "Hey Kurt, would it kill you to play more Stones?"

Hee hee!


Go Maxy!

He didn't even hear me.....

Thanks for listening though,

Downtown Maxy Brown!
08-29-02 11:41 AM
08-29-02 11:45 AM
jb I hope Kurt Loeder gets crushed to death by a wild elephant who then proceeds to bury him in dung....
08-29-02 11:51 AM
Moonisup Don't you like sloppy kurt jb?
08-29-02 11:52 AM
Riffhard Boomer,
The sooner you relize that MTV,VH1,and Rolling Stone magazine are pure shite the better off you'll be.Trust me on this one.It's all commercial force fed shite to be consummed by the masses of sheep(beg your pardon Nanky and everyone).Now,I ask you Boomer are you a man or a sheep?I give no credability whatsoever to these mass marketed lowest common denominator media whores.Don't beleive their shit Boomer.They will lead you astray.These are the same evil doers that brought us the likes of Limp Bizkit,Creed,Godsmack and all the other talentless hacks.

The only reason the Stones would ever be on this show is b/c Mick feels it's important to keep up with the youguns'.God,how I wish he would get over it already.It's a matter of class here.I mean for god sakes the guys a knight!Why would even associate with these morans?!

08-29-02 12:28 PM
The Eggman Actually, Riffhard I do belive Mick needs to keep up with the youngone's...Most young ppl would like the Stones if they got exposed to it. I mean shit, if Aerosmith and Bon Jovi (both a total of 54 make-overs all equalling some pretty looking grandfathers) can still apeeal to the generation then hell, they can lick the dog-shit off The Stones bootheels
[Edited by The Eggman]
[Edited by The Eggman]
08-29-02 01:20 PM
Riffhard Eggy,
While I agree it's true that the likes of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi still carry some(if ever so little)clout.It is also worth noting that both Aerosmith and BJ are considerably younger than the Stones.Especially Bon Jovi.The fact is most kids and young adults consider the Stones as an oldies act.That is the unbearable truth.I've talked with youngsters that know no more about the Stones than they do about The Kingston Trio.
My problem with the kids of today is simple.They,for the most part,have bought into the idea of what is hip by a bunch of suites who are just throwing darts at a chart and guessing.I mean I work in radio and it's sooo f'ing obvious it's sickening.If a band from Seattle hits,every A&R guy in the major studios is signing every low rent,no talent,grubby looking fucks that live within a 50 mile radius of Seattle.Just to give a somewhat recent example.

When the Stones got started in this bussiness it was still about selling an image to be sure,but at least the people involved knew a little something about talent and musical talent.Nowadays it's run by guys with their eyes only on the bottom line.The labels give bands no time to develop an audience or hone their skills.It's all flavor of the month bullshit. Some of,if not most,of the labels these days are conglomorates that manufacture not only CDs,but also the stereos and cd players that play them.It's all about the greenback these days.The sickining thing is that kids these days aren't smart enough to figure out that they are being duped!When I was 18 the top bands were shit coporate rock ie;Boston,Journey,REO......The difference is that most of my friends and I knew that those bands were pure shit.By todays standards they would have to be considered very good.I mean Limp Bizkit?!Please!

I know I've gone on a bit of a tangent,but it pisses me off to no end.MTV and their ilk are all part of the same machine so I say fuck em all!

Thank You and good night!
08-29-02 02:05 PM
gypsy I'm going to watch the awards tonight because I have a crush on Jimmy Fallon. And, I'd like to see if there's tension between Britney and Justin, J. Lo and P. Diddy, etc...
08-29-02 03:16 PM
Maxlugar I couldn't agree more Riffy!

In fact I'm going to go stand at my West facing window and shout "FUCK YUP!" over the Hudson River toward you in New Jersey.

I'll be right back.


08-29-02 03:20 PM
jb That was a beautiful post Riffhard....
08-29-02 03:25 PM
sonicrock 100% with riffhard
08-29-02 03:50 PM
Moonisup Riffhard, You stole my hard, you picked the point out there, nothing more to ad, nothing more to say, exept that the stones always rock!! (remember u2 with sleasy bono, they fucked up their tour 1997 with lack of public interest and the Stones kicked ass, After the No security tour, U2 fully copied that concept!! I've heard anyone about that!!)
08-29-02 04:10 PM
The_Cure I not agree 100% with it....

"I've talked with youngsters that know no more about the Stones"

I'm sixteen now and like the stones very very much, i will never forget the first concert I saw, it was 1999 in Groningen, Holland... it was my first 'big concert', I have visited concerts before and after (like Golden Earring (maybe you guys in US still know them :-) ) but they never came close to the Stones... i think they rock and most music of today sucksss big time.....

08-29-02 04:41 PM
Moonisup Hi daan!!
08-29-02 04:49 PM
gypsy Nice to see a kid with good taste in music!
08-29-02 04:51 PM
Moonisup most of the dutch kids have a good musical taste you know, well I ain't exactly a kid any more, but very younger then the average stones fan!! with my 19 years
08-29-02 04:54 PM
gypsy 19? You're still a kid...
08-29-02 04:54 PM
Moonisup welllll how old are u then gypsy?????
08-29-02 04:55 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hi Curebaby!

I think Riffy was talking more about the youth of America. You don't count, you are Dutch. And as a Dutch person, you are born with a sense of cool that we Americans just can't match. We have to try to learn cool, you guys just are cool.

I think they put something in the water over there that makes people Stonescrazy. They oughta put it in our H2O too.
08-29-02 04:59 PM
Moonisup Well come to holland then in 2003 you can drink our water!!
08-29-02 05:00 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy 16?

Hah! I don't think I'm the youngest on this board anymore!

But you've seen a concert and I haven't...


I don't think Riff means "All kids don't know the Stones", I think he means those who know them are an oppressed minority. I for one, in my high school, know three other kids who are remotely interested in them, only I have most of their albums. A few others are at the "Hot Rocks Level", but I don't have much truck with them. I know none of my good friend like the Stones - in fact, I know all of my good friends would pay me to shut up about the them!

-tSYX --- Tell me honey, what should I do? When I am hungry, and thirsty too?
08-29-02 08:10 PM
Stones Bruce just finished, the Stones are not going to be there, so there is no reaseon to watch it anymore. Pure garbage is all that you will be subjected to.
08-29-02 09:54 PM
Boomhauer Riffy,

I don't watch MTV. "Beavis and Butthead" was the greatest thing that ever happened to that channel, and when Mike Judge decided to hang it up and do "King of the Hill", I "Flipped the Switch."

I just posted that article because Little Bow Wow is right: Don't do the garbage; do the things that matter most, and for the Stones (and Bow wow, in his case) it's putting the tour first and MTV underneath the bed or not even thinking about it.

The media ain't gonna control me, brother!

08-29-02 10:10 PM
Mickjagger1963 I turned 16 in July
08-29-02 10:52 PM
gypsy What a coincidence! I just turned 16 too!
08-30-02 02:25 AM
beer they kept saying a big surprise was coming at the end of the MTV awards. I thought maybe The Stones might show up and play. Nope. It was Guns And Roses.Well, Axl and the new GnR. Axl sounded like shit.

08-30-02 02:37 AM
MarthaMyDear I thought Axl sounded GREAT!!! ROUND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G 'N' F*CKIN' R IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHO'S BAAACK (and it ain't Shady, although it was him tonight, also!!!)!!! YIPPEEE!!! TIME TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***
08-30-02 03:14 AM
doo doo doo Dude Axl's tribute band sounded good but Axl looked and sounded like absolute shit. Totally off-key and annoying. He should think about taking vocal lessons from Justin Timberlake.
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