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Topic: Not For Beginners suck Return to archive
08-29-02 11:10 AM
padre Yes it does. Just bought this cd yesterday after reading loads of great reviews of this album (quite a few of them from this board).
I don't understand how Ronnie let it through his hands. The worst thing is the overall sloppiness. Sounds like the whole band is pissdrunk. Obviously Ronnie has been, but it seems no-one was let to the studio without a bottle of Jack. Apart from a couple of exceptions the songs have no decent melody or structure, they've been bashed together with too many overdubs to mess things up even more. Best (or worst) example is Leaving Here. Great song, terrible version.
The difference to Slide On This is depressing. I'd like to see Ronnie listen it through while he's sober and ask what he thinks...
If someone anyhow wants all the Ronnies, including this, I'd be more than happy to get it away from my shelf. A trade for a good copy of Checkerboard Lounge or Hampton -81 videos would do nicely thank you. Send a private message if interested.
08-29-02 11:14 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy To each their own, I guess... while I did find some clunkers on this album that would benefit from a cleaner version, I really enjoyed it. Ronnie's singing is much better than it was ten years ago, and I think his "Leaving Here" was great. The instrumentals are rather nice, and I liked "Heart, Soul & Body", "Wayside", "Rock'n'Roll Star" (with the best opening lyrics *ever*!) , "Real Hard Rocker", and "King Of Kings" a lot.

And my avatar is from the cover... I love Ronnie's art.

-tSYX --- By the way - what the *fuck* are you asking me for? What the *fuck* do I know?
08-29-02 11:15 AM
Moonisup Hmmmmmm I certainly don't agree with you, it's much much better then Dogshit in the doorway! I love the bluesy feeling that the album has, Ronnie does what he likes on this album, listen to the song with bob Dylan..........
08-29-02 11:58 AM
T&A great album that age like fine wine. too bad you don't "get it" dude. It's called maturity!
08-29-02 01:32 PM
MidnightRambler I remember this album came up in discussion before and I jumped at the chance of praising it, along w/ several others. I still think it is a very special album.

Ronnie's ability to write ballds is so beautiful. "This Little Heart" is very sweet and tender, w/ a nice tempo change at the end. "Be Beautiful" is just the best song on it. The best rocker is "Hard Rocker".

I'm sorry you didn't like it, but I guess it doesn't catch your fancy. I love this album cuz it sounds so homemade and no fancy-schmancy work to it. Just guitars and vocals. That's all we need.
08-29-02 01:33 PM
steel driving hammer "great album that age like fine wine. too bad you don't "get it" dude. It's called maturity!"

What He Said.

Same could be said (not compared) to Exile.
08-29-02 01:51 PM
MrGlimmerTwin For me too this was a great album.i bought it at his vicar street gig in dublin last december and while I admit at first listen I was a bit dissapointed,over time I've gotten to love it.The instrumental's,especially the one with dylan,scotty moore and DJ Fontana,are all superbly played and really hit the mark. Whosaidthe songs have no melody? "this little heart","be beautiful","are u behaving yourself" and the classic "whattya think" are ,for me anyway,full of melodies to savour. A great addition to mr.Wood's canon,and in my opinion,on par withthe great "slide on this".Maybe even a notch higher??
08-30-02 11:05 AM
padre OK I'll give album some time to refine. Maybe I was waiting too much from it... I won't use it to collect the dogshit from my doorway, yet. Let's see what time does to it. After all, if I can't trust you guys, then who can I?
08-30-02 01:45 PM
bez85 you got to give this one more than one'll grow on you.. a great album from ronnie..
08-30-02 04:23 PM
T&A That Whattya Think song is GORGEOUS. Woody and that other Rod Stewart-y vocalist (forget the name - he sings with the Sterephonics) are wonderful on this song. It brings back the hey-day of the Faces with Ronnie Lane singing. It's too bad this kind of stuff isn't on the airways anymore - oh, what the kids of today are missing!!!

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