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Topic: Worst Avatar Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-28-02 08:59 PM
Soul Survivor Who gets the vote for worst Avatar? I know most of you will pick mine..........but I'm hoping you'll pick jb (no offence).

Joey's makes me laugh. And By the way Clubby, he's living with me


I'm afraid of elephants
08-28-02 09:24 PM
Soul Survivor wrote:
I know most of you will pick mine..........

sorry to say soulie but as far as i am concerned you're right ('tho i suspect you planned it that way!!)- no offence meant - but at least you saw it coming


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-28-02 09:29 PM
Scot Rocks My pic is not the best, but I like the pic of keith. The one I had previously "the keef is god" one was nabbed after i had to take it off for a while because it disapeared from the website I had it from lol, but I don't mind, the worst I don't know the standard is so good here, I can't pick a worst one!!!!damn i could get a job in the un or eu as I am such a diplomat who never makes a fuckin decisve decision lol!!!!

08-28-02 09:33 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I like mine. I like the album it's off of, too...

I think Maxy's is funny as all hell.

I can't pick a 'worst'. They're all nice.

-tSYX --- Boy, your nails were sharp!
08-28-02 09:50 PM
Soul Survivor Thank was basicley a survey because I've been wanting to change mine
08-28-02 09:52 PM
Soul Survivor I cant decide on what pic!
08-28-02 09:53 PM
Soul Survivor There.........I found one

Is it better than my first?
08-28-02 09:59 PM
luridchief Mine may not feature the Stones . . . but at least its got tits!
08-29-02 12:18 AM
Nasty Habits My own avatar is my least favorite right now, because my server is down and it won't show up. I'm pretty glad you changed yours, Soul Survivor. It was an interesting graphic, but it was pretty horrific to see it again and again while you were going on your marathon post run today.
08-29-02 12:28 AM
Boomhauer <---------------- This guy is pretty cool.

I loved the show. Loved the simplicity of it. Now we have too many "Law & Order", "CSI", and reality shows. I just can't believe the fascination people have with reality shows. It's just embarrassing. I mean, "Being Mick" was kind of cool because it was a one time thing and a special. It's just kind of sad to see Ozzy Osbourne, a 50 year old man, take 5 hours to walk from the fridge to the couch. He has 10 men carry him from backstage to his microphone. I mean we have really evolved in the TV industry. People watch other people watching TV on the TV (Ozzy watches a lot).

We need Beavis and Butthead back. We need Married w/ Children back on the air. "The Real World" has ruined TV.

Sorry about that rant. All the avatars rule.
08-29-02 01:59 AM
Who gets the vote for worst Avatar?

Soul...I don't think there is one, hon. For those of us that do have one, I tend to believe that they somehow reflect our personalities and it's easier to relate our expressions.

I have to admit that I do have a soft spot for a chosen few...they truly are appropriate to their rightful owners. As for mine, I would love nothing more than to be under a certain blanket right now. Ah, the thought of it takes my breath away...
08-29-02 04:36 AM
F505 The worst i don't know but the most original is undoubtedly the one from L&A...
08-29-02 04:37 AM
Moonisup Well The worst avatar doesn't exist! Everyone has his own taste!!
08-29-02 04:46 AM
stonedinaustralia soul survivor , i think it it's a much better choice -perhaps not quite so idiosyncratic but imh opinion much easier on the eye

i wasn't meaning to be down on you about your old one - of course, your avatar is not for me to say but that was one weird looking drawing & to be perfectly honest with you i shan't miss it

congratulations,its the beginning of a new age

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-29-02 06:17 AM
Staffan I like the way mine is. It's no posing or nothing, ust Brian shaving. I used to have a strange picture of myself but I saw no-one else had that- so I took this one instead and it's way better!
08-29-02 06:20 AM
Jumacfly Well, just an idea: why not a Header pick with all the avatars, like the cover of exile????

08-29-02 07:20 AM
JaggaRichards The Al Bundy one is great!!!!

Al Bundy.....the only real man on TV!

large lady: "It's because of men like you I stopped wearing shorts!"

Al Bundy: "Are you sure it wasn't because of men with harpoons?"
08-29-02 07:22 AM
Soul Survivor Ha HA HA
08-29-02 08:13 AM
Moonisup Al could be stonesfan!!
08-29-02 10:25 AM
Mickjagger1963 Mine sucks becasue you cant tell what it is... but it is a Tommy Hilfiger ad featuring the Stones from 98
08-29-02 10:35 AM
F505 Mine sucks becasue you cant tell what it is... but it is a Tommy Hilfiger ad featuring the Stones from 98

Man I thought it was a painting of Willem de Kooning

08-29-02 10:49 AM
Moonisup jb has the best avatar around!!!!! I like that one a lot.

For F505:
Why don't you do one with Wim Kok and Ad melkert, it would be great!!
08-29-02 11:31 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Staffan - Brian looks like he's a member of the Mickey Mouse club in that picture of yours.

-tSYX --- The memories have tattered as they've torn...
08-29-02 12:18 PM
The Eggman I coulda sworn mine was the best?
08-29-02 02:00 PM
gypsy I think mine is the best. It's whatever you want it to be. It's kind of abstract...
08-29-02 02:04 PM
Moonisup Nice grey in it Gypsy, you've created it yourself?
[Edited by Moonisup]
08-29-02 02:08 PM
gypsy Thanks! I just kind of stumbled upon it...
08-29-02 03:15 PM
Joey As far as avatars go .................or anything else for that matter , nothing beats this little guy right here .

<------------- YES !!!!!

Jo Jo

08-29-02 03:26 PM
Soul Survivor I heard you lost that little guy Joey. Well he's safe, and he's living with me
08-29-02 04:53 PM
gypsy Joey, keep your chiba off the damn street!
(I kinda said that like Ice Cube said "Keep your damn baby off tha street" in Boyz N the Hood.)
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