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Topic: Don't Stop Does It For Me Return to archive
08-28-02 06:27 PM
lucasd4 I liked this song the first time I heard it...I've grown to love it...I think it's great...this song SHOULD be a hit...I hope it makes it...while "Don't Stop" isn't in the league of the very greatest Stones songs, it's certainly one of the best things they've done in 20 years or so...there's just so much that's right about this song...the production, the mix, the arrangement, the vocals, and the guitar sound...finally, a Stones single kicks off with a Keith riff...seems like this hasn't happened since "Start Me Up" and "Waiting on a Friend"--if you don't count "Harlem Shuffle." Everything since has been kicked off with a drum intro, bass, etc...and the guitars sound like Stones guitars too...unlike the thin, tiny guitar sounds of B2B...the riff is strong and provides a rock solid foundation, the country licks add flair, and Ronnie's solos are smooth and melodic...Jagger's vocals are pretty strong too...much better than his barking DIRTY WORK style and his over-enuciating of late...he actually slurs some of the words like he did in the old days...people are having trouble/fun again figuring out the lyrics to a Stones song...Mick is also singing the verses again...too many latter day Stones songs have spoken/half spoken verses, with Mick only bothering to sing on the choruses...check out "Love Is Strong, Saint of Me, Anybody Seen My Baby" for examples of the spoken verse style...on "Don't Stop" he's yowling, sneering, and howling through the verses AND choruses like the Mick of old....while the lyrics may not be the greatest, they are good...each line of each verse is longer than three or four words too...that's been another problem with latter day Stones good as VOODOO LOUNGE was, it was full of lines like that..."Sparks Will Fly" and "I Go Wild" are prime examples short, disjointed verse lines...we've finally got another Stones single that has more than one hook too...hooks that are seperate of each other...Keith's riff is not just echoing the melody of the's a different melodic hook much like their best riff rockers....on a lot of latter day Stones songs, the guitar and vocal melodies are very similiar, if not the same...this song is catchy, fun and it rocks just enough for me....modern sounding, but still sounds like the Stones...I would love to have an entire new album of this stuff from them...hopefully, those two dozen or so other tracks find their way onto record soon
08-28-02 06:40 PM
full moon Totally agree, Lucas....
08-28-02 06:48 PM
Sir Stonesalot I agree completely. Your post is dead on.

08-28-02 11:49 PM
sirmoonie I agree, right on. Nice post with a lot of interesting points. Especially about the vocals and guitars not tracking each other.

Cool little tune. Hope it keeps that relaxed feel when they play it live.

I'm listening to it right now and can't stop smiling. Love them guys!
08-29-02 12:16 AM
Nasty Habits I'm down. I really like that little adlib Mick does towards the end that I can never quite make out. And the guitars are just plain good. I can't wait to hear it on the radio - the Real Player version doesn't always seem to quite get Charlie's drums right.

08-29-02 03:11 AM
marko hey moonie&sir mate,,,heh,,im seriously trying to come
to houston,can you make it?i gotta see you guys!
I never listen radio,,,,at home,only when Im driving.
But ive listening this song now few days from my Pc,,,,,
and i dont anything bad to say about it.Except,that it
misses something,but then again,its perfect.
08-29-02 07:26 AM
Soul Survivor It sounds like a Rock band! And people say it's not rock.....but they say it's pop. Rock bands do things poppy than other things they've done. "Satisfaction" is pretty poppy
08-29-02 07:33 AM
Maxlugar I keep missing it on the radio.

It's all like " Yeah that was the new one from The Rolling Stones bay-bay on Rocking 102.4 KMAX!"

I really want to hear this on the radio and CD. Hopefully it will grab Maxy by the Custard Cups more than the .wav file did.

08-29-02 07:48 AM
gypsymofo60 Oh! I guess it'll finaly get played on OZ radio; NEXT YEAR!
08-29-02 08:36 AM
Spurge Nice song with a promosing guitar sound, though I feel they should have started the song with Ronnies catchy solo, also the vocals could have been layered deeper into the mix.

Anyway, great the guys are at it again!
08-29-02 10:56 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I don't want to say "It's the best since this song" because everyone's got different opinions on just how well they've done in the nineties - I *loved* "Saint Of Me" and indeed most of the rest of Bridges, but both of them did rather poorly in the public eye. I will say that on the whole, I think it's going to get a lot of airplay, because it grows on you. When I first heard it, I just kind of said "Erm... ok..." but it's grown and grown to the point where now I'm humming it in the hallway.

The only griefs I have with the song are that I think it would have benefited even more by the full Ronnie 'quasi-country' treatment he gives his solo stuff, like "Rock'n'Roll Star" off of Not For Beginners (even though that song's got it a bit too much). I also can't speak for the guitar quality yet because I've got the low-kHZ thing ripped (thanks again!), which muffles the quality. As for the vocal mix, I've adjusted my equalizer so it buries it - coupled with the mediocre quality it almost sounds like an Exile outtake now... I can't wait to hear the full version on the radio.'

So yeah, I really like this song. I have high hopes for the other three, and those unknown twenty-four that didn't make the cut.

Hey, Keith! It's been a long time, I know, and you weren't exactly in coherant mode at the time, but remember when you made that last double-album of yours? How 'bout another?

-tSYX --- Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do iiiiit!
08-29-02 10:57 AM
wkoetke To each his own opinion, to be sure...I find Don't Stop to be an embarassment. This is the first time EVER where a recent (20 years) new stones single hits the radio and I think to myself "they're finished." Compare Don't Stop to Start Me Up, Undercover, One Hit To The Body, Mixed Emotions, Love Is Strong, even Anybody Seen My Baby! When I heard all these for the first time I was riveted and wanted to rub them in my stones-bashing friends faces saying "see, they still got it!"

But this song is drivel. The only redeeming quality is that the guitars have a decent snarly sound to them, but the playing is boring, the lyrics are dull, the two-word chorus is stupid, and I can't believe this is the best single the boyz could come up with in five years. All the more shameful that it will take valuable space on a "greatest hits"-type compilation.

Still just as psyched for the tour! This is just a review of one song. Perhaps the other three new ones aren't this horrible, but my expactations are now dramatically lower.
08-29-02 10:59 AM
sirmoonie Yeh Maxy, the radio version will change your mind. I heard it again today on way to work. Its slower than the Realcom deal and you can definately pick out more cool licks by Keith. I'm liking it more and more and I revise my statement yesterday that it was more pop than rock. Plenty of rock in it and the band just clicks.

Jagger's singing is really good, except on the bridge which doesn't quite fit in the song. Otherwise, plenty of slurring Jagbonics.

BTW - in addition to similarity to Just Another Night in parts, it does sound a little like the early takes of Start Me Up. Someone else noted that previously, I think.

Its cool.

Hey Marko you crazy bastard, if you were talking to me, I'm sorry, but I'm not going near Houston, Texas in the near future. Hope you can still try NYC! Love to see your Finnish ass, you Scandobostic whacko!
08-29-02 11:10 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I know what it sounds like... a bit like a faster "Breathe On Me", no?

-tSYX --- For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder...
08-29-02 06:44 PM
sirmoonie Hey, do you guys think Don't Stop sounds quite a bit like Leather Jacket? Seriously. I think they are really close, but I defer to the experts.

Hope I didn't just re-arm the geeky Taylorites.....

Man, too bad about that SPIV. Seems like we could still do something. Like maybe get all liquored up and carjack a fucking taxi or something? You know, in keeping with booze-wheels theme? Thoughts? Comments?

Anyone? Anyone at all?

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