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Topic: Led Zeppelin Reuniting Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-28-02 01:41 PM
steel driving hammer
jb has the WORST Avatar on this board.
08-28-02 01:49 PM
jb Thank you Moon..I figured it out.
Thank you SDH, I appreciate your support.
08-28-02 02:12 PM
Moonisup Well mick isen't looking that cool at that pic!
08-28-02 02:13 PM
Joey Have any of you fine people seen this little guy walking around anywhere ??????????????


He is missing and is desperately needed tonight !


08-28-02 02:17 PM
Moonisup Well joe come to Holland and you can grow your own!!

It's a very nice avatar!!
[Edited by Moonisup]
08-28-02 02:31 PM
gypsy I actually listened to Led Zep yesterday, because I had just finished reading "Hammer of the Gods." What a boring book! It focuses mainly on fat ass Peter Grant and Richard Cole, who brag endlessly about beating people up. You really don't get any insight on the band members. Also, the author of the book feels the need to hammer it into the reader's head that LZ totally out-sold the Stones. Boring stuff. But, what would you expect from the same author of "Old Gods Almost Dead." Most of the Stones books are great, and you can't help but love Keith. As for LZ's music, it's okay...of course, Stairway to Heaven is a classic, and I do like Plant's voice. But the Stones have SO many great songs to choose from, unlike LZ.
08-28-02 02:34 PM
jb LZ is one of the top selling groups of all time...the Stones do not even come close...However, Britney Spears, En Sync, and BSB have also outsold the Stones...thus, record sales are not the only criteria for judging an artist.
[Edited by jb]
08-28-02 02:39 PM
Moonisup Well every band outsold the stones!! when they'll quit they're gonna sell!! Now are all the teenagers in to the poppy shit and into the beatles because their legends (I don't know why? but that's another discussion) when the stones quited after brians death, they would be bigger as the sleasers, ow sorry the beatles!!

08-28-02 02:57 PM
gypsy In high school, we would always listen to LZ while getting high. We thought they were so cool. Oh, and yeah, there are a lot of little teenyboppers who feel as though they've "discovered" the Beatles. It's funny and cute. It's better than them listening to NSYNC, et al.
08-28-02 03:22 PM
Joey " Boring stuff. But, what would you expect from the same author of "Old Gods Almost Dead."

" Old Gods Almost Dead " is a masterpiece and has sold forty million copies worldwide to date . It was # 1 on the NY Times best seller list for thirty three weeks last year and has advanced orders for the paperpack edition of over ten million .

Damn Straight !!!!

J. Diddy

08-28-02 03:23 PM
Moonisup It a nice reading book! Nothing new in it
08-28-02 03:40 PM
Staffan Agree, they aren't great live, but I think Plants new album is really good actually. Love the influences and the honesty of it...
08-28-02 06:09 PM
DCStonesFan The three remaining members of LZ have performed before 2-4 times. Plus let us not forget that plant/page have toured together over the past few years producing a live album and i believe a studio album. so, honestly i dont see what the big deal is.
08-28-02 06:15 PM
BrianH I saw Zep live on their last tour, in 1980.
I was very psyched for the show, but fell asleep during it..
after the 30 minute drum solo, while Page was making a lot of noises with a violin wand on his guitar...
I guess the weed had something to do with it also, but
not much..
08-28-02 06:24 PM
Soul Survivor The violin thing.........

Can you say...............EGO!
08-28-02 07:33 PM
gypsy Where's the love, Joey?
08-28-02 07:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh honey, I got all the love you'll ever need...right here in my pants.
08-28-02 08:01 PM
gypsy I've heard that one before. As a matter of fact, I hear it just about every day from KeepRigidsLawyer. He is a persistent little devil!
08-28-02 08:17 PM
Joey " Where's the love, Joey? "

Here ...There....Everywhere My Princess !

Hey Gypsy , I noticed that you don't have an avatar yet .

I have been thinking , and that is not necessarily such a good thing , that there is a certain photo of you that MUST be amongst the top of the list of your consideration for the perfect avatar . Yes indeedy , if the powers that be allow it , I's say lets show off that gorgeous playboy playmate figure of yours -- Hell , Hefner may see it , toss aside Tina Jordan ,and the rest , as they say , is history .

What's say ???????????? Please , I's gots to know your thoughts on this matter ........

H. R. Puffin Joe


08-28-02 08:42 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
Pure shit.

A studio band through and through.

Has anyone ever heard a bootleg of them live even in their prime?


As a teenager I must have gone to the midnight movie to see The Song Remains The Same dozens of times. I could probably count the times I stayed awake on one hand.

But I agree that they still to this day have a huge teenager following.

Bonzo was the best part of that band and now sadly he floats above with Keith Moon.

"Want a whole lotta bucks, Ronnie!"

Maxy Von Snaggle Puffs!

..Bang on Maxy!......Great studio band, shit! live......When Rolling Stone start voting for worst 'live' album of all time, 'The song remainsremainsremainsAHHHHHHH!
08-28-02 08:46 PM
Sir Stonesalot I agree Joey. They are perfect, and would make a perfect avatar, because they are perfect, and what mor perfect way to show how perfect than with the perfect avatar. It's perfect.
08-28-02 11:07 PM
gypsy No, my breasts are sacred! Who the hell am I kidding?
Joey, did you get your new issue of Playboy yet? The special "Girls of the Big 12?" I actually saw one of the girls from OU one night when I was out last week, and the other one works out at the same gym as I do. Damn, they airbrush the hell out of those girls! I did not see Tina Jordan in any of Hef's party pics. I think he might have got tired of her. So, now's my big chance!
08-29-02 01:01 AM
Sir Stonesalot gypsy...I know Hef stops by Rocks Off from time to time. If he saw a certain picture as your avatar...I bet your phone would ring with the opportunity of a lifetime.
08-29-02 01:37 AM
Prodigal Son You bet Led Zep needs to cash in. A reunion will give big tour earnings. Led Zep was the clear cut king of rock bands in the 70s in terms of popularity so they sell a lot of records of course. The Stones at their peak had the Beatles, Bob Dylan and a ton of other great bands to compete with. But no doubt the Stones will be remembered in history as a group 10X better on their worst day than Led Zeppelin when it comes to being in concert.
08-29-02 09:13 AM
Joey " Joey, did you get your new issue of Playboy yet? The special "Girls of the Big 12?" I did not see Tina Jordan in any of Hef's party pics. I think he might have got tired of her. So, now's my big chance! "

Don't worry my Queen , there is no need to airbrush anything of yours .

Gypsy , Tina Jordan was on Howard Stern again last week and she stated that Hugh Hefner PAYS the girls to live at the mansion .

I wonder what they are getting paid for ???? Hmmmmmmm !

Developing ..............

Tina on Hef's right arm and Gypsy on Hef's left arm -- YES !!!!!

" Help Me Ronnie "

Clubby Joe

08-29-02 02:03 PM
gypsy Joey, I would stay at the mansion for FREE! I would even party with Verne Troyer (Mini-Me), Fred Durst, etc...
08-29-02 02:31 PM
Joey Gypsy , you could definitely hang with Hef's crowd .

As long as you don't mind " THE HEF " telling you what to wear for the evening ........he may pick out something pink and skimpy .......for breakfast that is..........!

08-29-02 04:50 PM
gypsy I wonder how long it takes for Hef's Viagra to take effect...
08-29-02 05:19 PM
Joey " I wonder how long it takes for Hef's Viagra to take effect... ? "

ain't no big thang Gypsy ................either way I would call it a " Bargain " ..........the best you ever haaaaaaaaaaaaad .


08-29-02 07:15 PM
Martha I know that the remaining three members of Zeppelin played together for their induction ceremony to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995( or '96). I would love to get footage of that if anyone knows of someonw having it on video tape.

For the fans (yes I am one) it would be incredible to see Pagey, Planty and JPJ reunite and go out again kicking ass. I don't know what's kept them from doing that except for the fact that they decided to call it quits after Bonzo's untimely passing.

Sadly (IMO) no one could ever replace or come close to the brillant playing of Bonzo...and I saw him once in 1975 and was blown away. It looked as though he were riding the golden drums he was a great golden horse...I've never seen anyone touch him since...( I mean in terms of his style and his music).

JPJ played a club date in Cincy three years ago with his new release (at the Time) "Zooma". I got an autographed copy at the show.

I was only a few feet from the stage and he rocked the house. He played the hell outta the pedal steel bass that he had designed... Aaand played numerous basses and keyboards proving to everyone witnessing the show his incredible musicianship while simultaneously providing the template of his (major) contribution to Led Zep.

He's a great musician. He had a guy playing the Chapman stick (I think I said that correctly) who was also fantastic. JPJ composed and arranged all the music...and he seems very laid back and gentle.

I felt very fortunate indeed to be in his presence.

The Page and Plant shows were also great...I caught 4 of them in 1998. They have good night and great nights..fortunately the last show of the tour in Memphis was a great one.

The show I saw in 1975 was not great and as the book "Hammer of the Gods" will attest, Robert had the flu (and had to cancel after that show 4 scheduled gigs until he was better) and Pagey had hurt one of his fret fingers rather badly. JPJ and Bonzo shined though.

Of course, now I'm so happy I was there.

Nothing but the song remains the same.

and thanks for posting this thread Joey,


I just copped tix to see Robert headlining at the show in Cleveland on Monday the 2nd....after seeing him open for the WHO last night in Columbus..I thought he was incredible and want to see him perform more of his new stuff..."hey Joe' is on the set-lists I've been able to find..!
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