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Topic: Led Zeppelin Reuniting Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-28-02 09:53 AM
Joey " is reporting that there is a “strong possibility” that the remaining Led Zeppelin members - vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones -- may reunite in 2003, which would mark their first time performing together since drummer John Bonham passed away in 1980. "

I guess John's passing had an effect .

08-28-02 10:06 AM
jb While never being a fan of LZ, a reunion tour would be a massive success. Remeber highschool..if you were a stones fan you were a small minority..LZ, on the other hand, was worshipped by 99% of the student body. This is still evidenced by the amazing record sales , which far exceed the stones, and their continued popularity among highschool burnouts.
08-28-02 10:21 AM
Joey " While never being a fan of LZ, a reunion tour would be a massive success "

Agreed ...........They have missed out on millions by not reuniting " one last time " !!!!!

Do it for the love of the almighty dollar I say !

YES !!!!!!

Jo Jo

08-28-02 10:22 AM
Moonisup I like a few numbers of LZ! Jb is right abou the massive suces, they'l gross a lot of spectators if they to a greatest hits show!! I hope for my bnd mate they'll do it, he is a great big LZ fan!!
08-28-02 10:33 AM
padre Didn't they play together in Live Aid in -85 and in some Atlantic Records party a few years later?
08-28-02 10:37 AM
jb "Does anyone remeber laughter"
08-28-02 10:46 AM
Moonisup Hi jb. Good that you're still around on this break of the week! How are you doing?
08-28-02 10:50 AM
shakedhandswithkeith LedZep did their last concert in berlin - here in germany, i hope they will do theri first here again
08-28-02 10:56 AM
jb hello Moon..hope all is well ...we are getting very excited as tour is only days away...
08-28-02 11:10 AM
Moonisup 11 months for me, a few days on the internet!
08-28-02 11:27 AM
Larry Dallas I saw Robert Plant open for the Who a few nights ago and he was pretty bad. Everyone around us was very disappointed with his performance. His new stuff was slow paced, atmospheric shit that should be reserved for a theatre setting. His Led Zeppelin renditions sounded very unLedded and missed Jimmy Page's guitars badly. Plant's voice sounded great, but he needs someone around him who's not afraid to kick him in the ass.
08-28-02 11:54 AM
Joey Does anyone know if Jackie Martling has been rehired on the Howard Stern show ??????

I thought I saw him there last night on the " E " Howard Stern Television show . He was dissing the Stones .

J. Fly

08-28-02 11:59 AM
Maxlugar Pure shit.

A studio band through and through.

Has anyone ever heard a bootleg of them live even in their prime?


As a teenager I must have gone to the midnight movie to see The Song Remains The Same dozens of times. I could probably count the times I stayed awake on one hand.

But I agree that they still to this day have a huge teenager following.

Bonzo was the best part of that band and now sadly he floats above with Keith Moon.

"Want a whole lotta bucks, Ronnie!"

Maxy Von Snaggle Puffs!
08-28-02 12:02 PM
jb You are absolutely correct Max..They never sounded too good live.
jackie Martling and the whole Stern crww, including Howard, hate the Stones...I loved Stern, but he has made me despise him!
08-28-02 12:09 PM
Moonisup I never heard LZ live ore Howard stern (I know he is sad!)
08-28-02 12:10 PM
Joey " Bonzo was the best part of that band and now sadly he floats above with Keith Moon. "

You make young Joey melancholy

" Help Me Ronnie , Help Help Me Ronnie "

H. R. Puffin Joe

08-28-02 12:17 PM
jb Remember Joey, if you believe in forever, then life is just a one nights you remeber when the Righteous Brothers modified this song on the Dick Clark special to include all of our departed rock stars? Very moving and young jb swelled up..
08-28-02 12:31 PM
Maxlugar I had trouble believing there was an afterlife when I was a teenager.

<----- File Photo.

But now that I am older I KNOW there is somethng afterwards.

Life is too intricate and beautiful to have happened randomly.

Watch needs a watch maker.

Maxy Christ, Superstar!
08-28-02 12:38 PM
jb Max, you are like the lead character in the "Last Temptation"...may Joey have pity on your wretched soul!
08-28-02 12:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Zep getting back together?

I care about this....why?

I probably would have liked Zep a lot more if that Robert Plant guy wasn't involved.

Is it just me, or does the sound of fingernails scraping a chalkboard spill out everytime he opens his mouth.
08-28-02 12:45 PM
Mr T SS,

you don't like Zep, yet the Ramones 'embody rock n roll'

not that I don't wanna let it go - but I just don't understand....

and this reunion thing is kinda lame, but I can't say I'm very surprised
08-28-02 12:47 PM
Maxlugar Josh why do you attack me so?

"We are all HIS children" Maxlugar 8/28/02.

J.R.R Tolkmax!
08-28-02 12:50 PM
jb Max, do you like the song 'Do it to me one more time" by Captain and Tenille? Doesn't go "do something to me one more time"
[Edited by jb]
08-28-02 12:58 PM
Maxlugar Josh,

If you are to quote from the greatest rock and roll song of the last 16 years then I would appreciate you get the words right.

TIA! (Thanks In Advance)

Dirty fucker!

08-28-02 12:58 PM
Sir Stonesalot T&'s not that I don't like Led Zepplin, they are's just that I can't stand Robert Plant's voice. He sounds like an ol' tomcat caterwauling in the night. If someone else had been fronting them, I'd prolly have liked them a lot more.

Same with AC/DC...if that screechy guy wouldn't be all over everything, I'd probably dig them too.

I just don't like screechy caterwauling.
08-28-02 01:04 PM
steel driving hammer Shit yeah Maxy, Led Zep sucks live. Plain and simple.

Has anybody seen the bridge though?

Led Zep is just high school music, that fades away...

The Stones however, they stay w/ you, and seem to get better.

Plain and simple.

08-28-02 01:05 PM
jb I knew I was off the minute I posted it....unfortunately no edit function got the point...!
08-28-02 01:18 PM
Joey " I just don't like screechy caterwauling. "

It has its moments !!!!!!

Like everytime Gypsy finds the Chiba that I place in her underwear drawer .

Joey von Spanish Tony

08-28-02 01:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot The difference my dear Joey, is that gypsy is a sexy blonde chick with magnificent boobies.

Robert Plant is not.
08-28-02 01:30 PM
Moonisup Aren't you able to edit josh!!!

Look at your avatar (thanks for explaining the word). If you like slightly right you see: 'posted at....
well next to that in the middle of the thread there are 3 little icons!! the middle one is for editing!!
[Edited by Moonisup]
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