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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Shepherds Bush Empire, London - December 11, 2001
By Richard Young

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: no fresh news? Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-28-02 01:32 PM
marclaff Where are the Stones;Can't find any infos.
They can't begin the tour without some "dressed rehearsals" and a real set list.
08-28-02 01:52 PM
jb There is a rumour that they may rehearse in Toronto..also may play a club show at Palise in Toronto. Rumour has it they may play "Can you hear me knocking". Good luck!!!
08-28-02 02:14 PM
Moonisup I've heard that an album is coming out called 40 licks, and maybe a new tour!!!!!! I thinks it hits Boston first!

Well no news I that I know of! I'm hoping for a clubgig for the boston fans!
08-28-02 02:25 PM
jb I heard the single will be called "Don't Stop" ...sounds cool!
08-28-02 02:29 PM
Moonisup Here is another rumour!!!!!
The stones will play in New york during their tour and I think ronnie is with them, just a rumour!! Don't spread the word yet! I think it will be the Roseland ballroom
08-28-02 02:33 PM
padre Is Bill Wyman still with them? Is this going to be the last tour?
08-28-02 02:35 PM
Moonisup I've heard from an inside source that Bill has said goodbye to the stones!!!! And yes it will probably the last tour after the next 4 (1 has past)
08-28-02 02:36 PM
jb I heard ronnie is in rehab..this can't be true!
08-28-02 02:42 PM
Moonisup Oh no!! I've heard Micks solo album ain't selling that well and he is becoming a knight of the queens pussy!!!!
ah dirty
08-28-02 02:49 PM
Honky Tonk Man I heard Brian Jones is no longer a member and Mick is on Viagra. Is this true?


08-28-02 02:53 PM
Moonisup Could mick be on Viagra, did he kept his libido and lost skil to get him up!!
I have news!! Mick Taylor Quit!!!!
Ronnie wood ore Harvey mandel could be the replacements

08-28-02 02:56 PM
Joey I have heard rumors that Mick Taylor is parking the Stones' cars at the Rehearsal center .

I hear things !!!!

I hear Things !!!!

J. Diddy !

08-28-02 03:00 PM
jb A guy named Joey told me that John Entwhistle has a heart condition , and if he did not cut out the coke, he could very well die of a heart attack on the eve of the Who's tour while staying at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas!!! Man, I hope this is 'nt true.
[Edited by jb]
08-28-02 03:06 PM
Moonisup Oh no John bad boy!!
I've heard that Sir paul is gonna mary a one legged girl, and that he's gonna play pipe with the fake leg at it during his tour
08-28-02 03:12 PM
jb Yeh,I heard Paul was going to release an album called fredom and try to use the 9/11 tragedy to promote what i heard is a dreadful album and an upcoming tour. I hope Paul really does'nt do this...!
08-28-02 03:14 PM
Maxlugar I just heard that Maxy is gonna come up with a new catch phrase that will sweep the nation!

Fuck Yup!

It's true!

Anglo Maxin!
08-28-02 03:15 PM
Moonisup I heard paul is bad, arrogant and trying to steal royalties away from a dead guy named John, he wants macca/ lennon instead of lennon macca. Bad to steal from a dead men
08-28-02 03:17 PM
Joey " I just heard that Maxy is gonna come up with a new catch phrase that will sweep the nation! "

I hope it is as good as " Space for the Papa " ?????

" The Wall was just warmed over Arthur Ronnie "

J. Diddy


08-28-02 03:17 PM
jb I heard that a guy named maxlugar loved the DirtyWork album and overdosed on qualudes b/c Joey did'nt like it.
08-28-02 03:19 PM
Moonisup I've heard that Bill W fucked a 15 year old chick, that dirty basterd! and his son married her mother later!
08-28-02 03:19 PM
Maxlugar That was it Joey! Fuck Yup! That's the phrase: Fuck Yup!

Do you like it?

Is it stealable?


08-28-02 03:31 PM
Joey " That was it Joey! Fuck Yup! That's the phrase: Fuck Yup! "

Absolutely Bathetic !

Maxy , ever since you came back from Vacation your posts have dropped a notch in quality .

I recommend playing your " Starter Kit " this evening as soon as you get home .

I don't want me to start copying " Fiji Joe " do you ???????? I have been eyeballing his posts recently .

" Help Me Ronnie "

J. Fly !

08-28-02 04:05 PM
Soul Survivor Well, you missed the free concert for Brian, it was in July. I hear this guy Mick Taylor was pretty good. They will go on a world tour in a few months
08-28-02 04:17 PM
Scottfree "I know nothing....nothing" Sgt. Schultz
08-28-02 04:49 PM
Nasty Habits
Soul Survivor wrote:
Well, you missed the free concert for Brian, it was in July. I hear this guy Mick Taylor was pretty good. They will go on a world tour in a few months

Fortunately they're going to do another free concert somewhere adjacent to Golden Gate Park to usher in the new millenium and set up a microcosmic society to teach people how to function at large gatherings.

08-28-02 04:53 PM
Boomhauer They cancelled "Perfect Strangers"? Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Balki, where are you???
08-28-02 04:53 PM
Soul Survivor I hear the fat guy with a beard from the Hell's Angel's got beat up in a bar fight............Keith gave him the ol' left hook because the fat guy pissed in Keith's mug.

Well at least that's what hapenned in my dream!

08-28-02 04:54 PM
Moonisup I wonder if there's a homevideo of Bill and Mandy, just like R kelly has!!!
08-28-02 04:57 PM
Soul Survivor And there will be a special about it on VH-1........aires next Wednesday at 8:00. It's called "Bill Wyman: Young At Heart"
08-28-02 05:03 PM
Moonisup Bill wrote brown sugar: it was called young pussy at first

Young pussy how come you taste so good
Cold cold Bill bound for girlie pants
[Edited by Moonisup]
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