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Shepherds Bush Empire, London - December 11, 2001
By Richard Young

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08-26-02 01:20 PM
Soul Survivor Out of curosity, who besides me also posts at Gasland
08-26-02 01:23 PM
nankerphelge I do occasionally.
08-26-02 04:17 PM
Honky Tonk Man I was a regular at Gasland for a long time, most of my posting there was done when i was still at school. Its a great place. I used to post as Alex, not HTM. I post there from time to time. Theres a few of us on here who are ex regulars from Kenos board. If i didnt start posting at his board i would not be goping to America this year. I know that much

Thanks Keno!


08-26-02 04:22 PM
jb I am a GasX3 regular from 97 forward...
08-26-02 04:22 PM
scope I posted there a while back and then stopped going there and other site for that matter. When I returned, I didn't recognize most names there, then Maxy clued me in to this place. I still check out what's going on there once in a while.
08-26-02 04:34 PM
nankerphelge A lot of the regulars from Keno's started originally at Stonesworld -- which had a format very much like Keno's. I found SW in the spring of '96 -- Stripped had been out for a while and the rumours were flowing about what would become B2B (I can't even remember what some of the rumoured names for B2B were at the time, but they were goofy).

FPM was there then -- I think he was there before me. Max was there. DREW BLOWS was there. A very nice woman named Tina was there. Blue Lena occasionally.

That board hit the skids and then another interim board was used by most of the regulars until it went absolutely haywire -- some nutcase was posting all sorts of weird shit there. Then Keno started up with the old SW format and we all bailed!

I wish now I had kept a record of it all. Been some very fun times at these places -- met some of the nicest folks (also some of the weirdest) and have generally and genuinely enjoyed it all!
08-26-02 04:45 PM
Honky Tonk Man Yeah you have been lurking around Gasland for a while jb. You are in aloit of the early archives. You were not posting much around early to mid 2001 though. Thats when i was posting there a hell of alot. I dont know why i stoped posting there so much. Alot of the regulars stoped posting and things dried up a bit i guess. Wheres Moonlightmile C10? He does'nt seem to post much these days. Anyway, most of the BEST posters from that board (ME FOR EXAMPLE!) can now be found on this board. Best place to post is both boards.

08-26-02 04:47 PM
Moonisup I'm sometimes around, but I like this more! it's different, more clear!
08-26-02 04:48 PM
jb I was off the site for about 4 months b/c of some 9/11 comments I made ...Keno forgave and I returned. I don't post as much b/c it's hard to takes a lot of time...still a wonderful site and I will always have fond memories of Nanker tracking me dowm at my law office...LOL!
08-26-02 05:26 PM
Scot Rocks Sometimes I post there, however not as much as here.

08-26-02 05:46 PM
Martha I posted there under the name Melody for a bit, but since my computer is older it is way too slow and takes forever to post and to read through the threads....... especially when it is half-way through the month or more, so I gave it up. This site is fantastic, easy to access and to read..great posts and great photos..and all the news that's fit to print. I check it daily, and have met some very wonderful stonesicated kinfolk here.

08-26-02 05:48 PM
Soul Survivor I remember seeing "Sir Stonesalot" post there alot, but now he only posts here? Is it because I stole his initials?
08-26-02 06:09 PM
Joey I have been submitting quality posts there on a very regular basis since 1999 .

The Joey

Established 1999 ( March 6th , 1:20 AM )

YES !!!!!!

08-26-02 06:12 PM
Moonisup Who is the man on your picture joe!!! he look my great-great grandfather ahahaaha
08-26-02 06:14 PM
Riffhard I used to post at StonesWorld back in 96-97.In fact as I recall Keno used the handle JumpingJackFlash back then.Temple was great young poster,as was his alter ego, Hopkin the Ferret.

I used to post at Keno's alot more than I do these days.I like the site but,as mentioned,it's too slow.I like the fact that all new posts return to the top of the threads here also.This site is just easier all the way around.there are not as many trolls here either.

08-26-02 06:17 PM
stonedinaustralia riff

excuse my ignorance - but i only wish to learn - what exactly is a "troll"

08-26-02 06:20 PM
Maxlugar The final selling point for me is the fact that you don't get flamed by cowards who keep changing their name here.

Fuck the cowards!

08-26-02 06:37 PM
Sir Stonesalot *Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppp*
08-26-02 06:52 PM
T&A same name on gasland - StonesTod on Shidoobee.
08-26-02 08:07 PM
steel driving hammer Been at Gasland since it opened it's heavenly gates.

Was scared at first so I told everyone I was a African American UPS delivery driver.

Then I was driving to Chicago to visit my sister and was thinking of a internet Stones handle. Thought of Stones lyrics people would recognize. After about an hour of thinking, the name Steel Diving Hammer came across me like a freight train rolling down the tracks. Plus I love Chuck Berry.

Right Nanker! I sung that song I wrote that fucking book!
Love how you change your thing once in a while...

7 more days and all they gotta do is survive.
08-26-02 08:14 PM
Soul Survivor September 8 will be my 1 year anniversery at Gasland
08-26-02 09:12 PM
nankerphelge Steelie -- it twas you that inspired me to play with my profile settings or whatever the hell they are called! I love that feature of this board -- I can pick a lyric that fits the mood! "I sung that song" was for my recent inability to recall Sympathy on the NS tour.

All of the sites have their moments -- i think this one just plain rocks!!
08-26-02 11:10 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Is Cockroach with us? I do remember him and I think it was a previous moniker of one of you.

I love all boards, I was in SW and more on Exile from SW, but by far more on the official board for B2B where I met Gazza and Jaxx and many others, the Brian Jones fan club, Goin' Home, and now I love the boards we have listed in our Message Board Links

We are good friends of Bjornulf (Tell me/IORR), Stonesdoug (Shidoobee... where I introduced the word Shidoobeeland as far as I know), Ulf, and of course Keno our very good ol' friend and the great gassers over there.

I love the fact that there are just a few who are "excluive" to only one board, and many of us use to post and/or lurk all boards. It makes the Stones community on the net, unique. Each board with their own signature.

Are you a boardaholic? Just answer by yourself the 12 questions we posted, I think 3 or 4 years ago...

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
08-26-02 11:14 PM
full moon I post there.....
08-27-02 01:30 AM
Prodigal Son I have posted there since September of 2000. At first, I was an inexperienced poster not used to mb's. Hell, I had just gotten my internet back up after 2 years without a company! So I went under a lame handle I used at other boards, Net Pimp. After a year I saw it was not a Stones related handle so why bother. Plus I regularly pissed off Sugar Blue, AzQb, Sir Stonesalot and Moonlight Mile with my posts. Then I realized nobody else used my name, so I dug up the Stones blues classic as my new moniker. The last year I was inactive for a while, then started posting a lot over at Gasland, then discovered Rocks off was now teeming with members so I logged in. Now I've absolutely grown to love this board. Maturing as a Stones fanatic and poster over the last year sure made it more fun. I post here more often nowadays. I can remember SS, Joey, Steel Driving Hammer, AzQb, Fleabit Peanut Monkey and Miss U (aka Hot Stuff) all were regulars now and when I started.
08-27-02 02:49 AM
Staffan Hmm, I began posting at Keno's board probably around 2-2 1/2 years ago.. I didn't post much then, I was only a young boy. Then I found this place which I like too. That was in April when Gasland was flooded with ticket posts and all the regulars disappeared. So that's why I went here but now when it's good at Keno's place again, I post more over there...
08-27-02 08:36 AM
FPM C10 What was the question?

I post both places. Can't fit me whole handle in the box here so I use my initials. My favorite color is black, my parents names : Boris and Dirt.
08-27-02 09:01 AM
steel driving hammer steel Fleabit driving Peanut hammer Monkey!

What the hell you doin' up so early in the AM?

You just post bail or turned tail?

Looks like Sympathy won't be the opener.

Hope it's not IORR either.

My favorite color is Blue, all shades.

My parents names are Avery Brown and Deloris Jackson.
08-27-02 09:38 AM
"Looks like Sympathy won't be the opener. "

It could very well be " Gimme Shelter " !!!!!!

Oh Hell , keep it " Jumping Jack Flash "

08-27-02 11:58 AM
sirmoonie Yo HTM/Alex, I was moonlightmile. And you're still my main man at Stones ground zero, you passport slinging madman!

Yo Prodigal, your posts never pissed me off. Go back and find one where I said anything bad about you. Well maybe you can find one, because I've tangoed with damn near everyone at least once, but you won't find much more than that. I've always been impressed with your vast musical knowledge, even if it took you a while to channel it effectively. Remember, I taught you the art of selective vulgritude?

Yo Steelie, thanks for explaining your roots. I always wondered what people were talking about regarding your "black" days. Don't tell me you posted as Octavious Washington.

I started posting at Gasland in January 2000 after a guy I was talking to in a bar told me all about it in great detail. Even wrote down the URL on my business card. Bizarre thing is I have never figured out who he was. I doubt he's even there anymore, if he ever was. Maybe it was a vision from god.

The boards have opened up a entire new universe that I never knew existed: boots, all the factual minutia, and that there are people crazier about the Stones than I am. Plus C10! Holy Bejesus on a popsicle stick! The mother of all insane weekends and, in some ways, one of the strangest things I have ever done. And believe me, I've done a lot of seriously fucked up stuff in my life.

I followed by buddies over here, didn't even know it existed until late last year. Love both sites, but the speed problems (temporary, I hope) at Keno's are messing things up a bit. The pics here are tremendous! Thanks VCIW for the neat little surprise every morning.

Wish I had been around for Stonesworld. Watching some of you guys grow and come of age as the great Stones posters that you are today would have been nice.

And now, back to hardcore drinking. Love you pissneckers! See ya!
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