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Shepherds Bush Empire, London - December 11, 2001
By Richard Young

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Topic: "Hiway Child" Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-23-02 12:46 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy This song is awesome. Absolutely fabulouso. La guitarra tiene cajones mas grande y interesante del mundo. Y aqui yo he matado (?) la lengua de Espanol. Lo siento, 'specialmente a Doctor Voodoo.

Who plays on it? What's its deal? Is it an original (Keno's archives say yes, but I'm not sure)? And, the most important question...

Why the *hell* was it left off Exile?

-tSYX --- Won't you come on and call my name...
08-23-02 12:49 PM
Miss U. Yes, I love it....very raunchy, loose & jammy.
08-23-02 12:56 PM
sirmoonie If its the song "Highway Child" on Hillside Blues, it is awesome. A very reliable poster at Gasland said that its Mick on guitar there. No Keith. Interesting as to Mick's songwriting abilities, IMO.

Exile is perfect the way it is, though. Can't even speculate as to what could be replaced.
08-23-02 12:58 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
Exile is perfect the way it is, though. Can't even speculate as to what could be replaced.

Too true, too true. The only one I could *think* of replacing is maybe "Just Wanna See His Face", and, now that I think about it, no, not even that.

That's *Mick* on the guitar? Good for him! Get that sucker out more often live, Micky!

-tSYX --- Red light women, plese don't party all night...
08-23-02 01:21 PM
sirmoonie "Go down, gas up your wife..."

Hey Savy, is that acoustic version of All Down The Line on your disk. Man, that tune just conjours up images of Mick and Keith hanging around, drinking, smoking, and jamming that leave a big smile on my face. And I'm a better person because of it. Singing sha la lay.....

08-23-02 02:13 PM
hayo Highway Child was actually recorded prior to the Beggars Banquet sessions at the Olympic Sound Studios.
Probably March 1968. It does feature Jimmy Miller on drums instead of Charlie Watts!

All the best,

08-23-02 08:26 PM
stonedinaustralia YES tXYS it's fully wicked

i suspect, 'tho not sure (someone out there know for sure?), it's an old blues theme (you have to go down the highway to get to the crossroads - key to the highway sort of thing )...did jimi h revamp it for "highway chile"?

- i love the rawness of it, totally honest and heartfelt - the thing is coming straight from the soul when keith starts cooking away it is almost supernatural - he can say more with one one brush of a chord than some so called "better" guitarists can do in a 1,000 note solo...he can really make that thing sound like a dangerous weapon

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-23-02 09:38 PM
beer Yeah, Highway Child is Great, along with the acoustic All Down the Line. I think both of them are on Mickboys Exile.
Have you noticed there is a riff in the middle of "Highway Child" that some 70's band totally ripped off? I can't remember the name of the band that copied it, Maybe 38 Special or REO Speedwagon or some shit.Some band that did a song called "Hold on Loosely" maybe?

08-23-02 09:42 PM
hayo wrote:
Highway Child was actually recorded prior to the Beggars Banquet sessions at the Olympic Sound Studios.
Probably March 1968. It does feature Jimmy Miller on drums instead of Charlie Watts!

All the best,


....You're bang on there Hayo! It was from the Banquet sessions, and great a song as it is, even jjf didn't appear on banquet......Bring these songs out of the vault, a bit of 20 bit remastering, and a multi- million seller for sure, even in todays fickle record/CD market.
08-24-02 12:54 AM
sirmoonie Yo beerie,

38 "Special" did "Hang On Loosely" although I'd have to listen to it for the first time in like 15 years to figure out if they ripped Highway Child. I'm sure they did - everybody rips our guys.

Dunno what SIA is talking about with Keith on HiChi. I heard its Micks geetar and until SIA says something else, I'm sticking with that story.

Then again, I'm very intoxicated right now, actually seeing double as I type, so I may have read all this shit wrong. Scoey??? Is dat flib snizzle? Chisel spamk, whaaa? Naaah, naahhh, man, I diggin' da scoots! Boooyahhhhhh! Kaaaaayyyoooooooo!

Jesus, this is ugly....

"Biff blast me upside down the mongo side, Ronnie!"
08-24-02 01:07 AM
stonedinaustralia you're right sirmoonie, i may well not know what i'm talking about... so that's mick hey... well i still think its fantastic

but are we 100% sure?

on the basis that you're correct, and i can offer nothing to contradict you, thanx for setting me straight

made myself look like a real fuckwit there hey?!

btw, "fuckwit" is a term known and used by all australians glad to see you all taking to it with such enthusiasm

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-24-02 02:08 AM
sirmoonie Not 100% sure, EssEyeAyy. Just read it in post from fellow C10 brudder and it caught my attention. Its some pretty fuzzy guitar and like the aforementioned C10 brudder, I always thought it was a bushwhacked Keefie. But it being Mick made sense of it. His type of song, IMO.

Snizzle, snizzle, bang, bang, boom
Need another drink......and DAMN soon!

"Help me, help help me, Ronnie!"
08-24-02 06:49 AM
Mathijs The guitar on Highway Child is 100% Keith, no question about that! It features all the signature riffs and bends, and even some tempo changes as only Keith can. Second, in 1968 Jagger was just starting to figure out the guitar, and no way he could play these (technically not too simple) riffs. In fact, it isn't until halfway the 90's that Jagger becomes a somewhat skilled guitar player. Before that, he actually sucks big time on guitar, not able to play anything more than simple A and D chords like on Fingerprint File (the main phased rythm guitar is Jagger and not Keith, while bass is Mick Taylor), and later additional third guitar on most Some Girls tracks. The main rythm guitar on Sway and Sad Sad Sad is Jagger too, but these open G patterns are easy to play, even if you hardly know how to play guitar.

"Keith says I can play guitar if I play quietly" -1978 tour.

08-24-02 08:17 AM
ERWAN Highway Child was recorded on Wedn June 26th 68 :the group jammed and recorded at Redlands in the "Fith Dimension" (the name given to Keith's basement, after he'd knocked out three walls into one large room), with Jimmy Miller, Glyn Johns and American musician, Ry Cooder on slide guitar.Songs recorded included :Highway Child and Still A Fool
08-24-02 10:23 AM
sirmoonie Allright, I'll try to dig up the source for the Mick-Guitar story. I dunno either way.
08-24-02 11:16 AM
sirmoonie wrote:
"Help me, help help me, Ronnie!"

Steal my Ronnie-cism, will ya? Mine aren't as to the point as Joey's, and usually involve ragging on Micky T.... I believe the full one went "Help me, help, help me Ronnie, Help me Ronnie, help, help me Ronnie, Help me Ronnie, yeah, Taylor outta my heart!"

As for "Hiway Child"... I think I've just realized where it went.

Listen to "Hiway Child".
Then, listen to "Worried About You".

Long shot, you say? Hey, "Start Me Up" was a reggae number...

-tSYX --- Ty-ai-aiaiyhme, is on my side... yes it is!
08-24-02 11:31 AM
The Worst I know two versions of the song one from the Beggars sessions, one from the Exile sessions. On bootlegs, the song is also titled as "Highway Chile" (don't know, whether Mick is actually singing "child" or "chile"), and all bootlegs give Jagger/Richards credit for the songwriting. I have read, that Mick, Keith and Charlie can be heard on the Beggars outtake of it.
BTW not my favorite Stones song, actually I'm glad, that it was never officially released.
08-24-02 05:35 PM
sirmoonie "Steal my Ronnie-cism, will ya?"

You ain't been around that long, son.

"Mine aren't as to the point as Joey's"

Joey, to the point? You make sirmoonie say huh????????
Still looking....
08-25-02 05:57 AM
Mathijs Erwen: you info is certainly not true. Highway Child features only Keith on guitar, there is no second guitarist. The slide guitar on Still a Fool is a trademark Brian Jones slide guitar, this is certainly not Ry Cooder.

simoonie: as far as I know Highway Child was only recorded in 1968, no other version exist. ON which boot do you have this second version form the exile period, and aren't you mixed up with another song?

08-25-02 11:51 AM
gotdablouse From Nico's wesbite:
"680200A February/March: Redlands, West Wittering, Sussex, KRís home. Producer: Jimmy Miller. Sound engineer: Eddie Kramer.
- Highway Child (MJ/KR) -unsure if from this session
- Hold On! I'm Comin' (Isaac Hayes/David Porter) -unverified
- Street Fighting Man I (MJ/KR) -instrumental version (under title Primo Grande), unverified recording on cassette
- Rock Me Baby (Bill Broonzy/Arthur Crudup) -unverified "

Only one version exists or been circulated as far as I know. I've always wondered if it was Keith or Mick on guitar. Sounds a bit "basic" for it to be Keith, no, I mean it's pretty much straight chords from a man who came up with the wonderfully subtle guitar arrangement of HTWomen !
08-25-02 11:56 AM
sirmoonie Mathijs, I think it says in liner notes for Mickboy's Main Street Revisited that Highway Child is Mick and Charlie only. I don't have those liner notes, so I can't verify, but I did read a post by someone very reliable with that information.

I'm sure you have Revisited, can you check liner notes? If Mickboy does say that, it would be interesting to find out where he got the info and if its actually correct.

If it turns out that I have just started off a stupid rumor, I apologize. I felt really bad about that Rod Stewart stomach pump bit I set off a while back and I don't want a repeat. Jeez man, I still get irate calls on that one.
08-25-02 01:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot From the "Main St. revisited" liner notes:

'Hiway Child
Finaly!!! Presented at the correct speed and fidelity. Surpasses the Black Box version. Contrary to opinion/rumors, this is just Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts playing, Keith is NOT on this recording. Jagger is obviously trying to keep up his rythm while singing. Charlie just drives the shit out of this one. Hopefully this will put all of the off speed versions in the ground...where they belong!

I don't know where Mb got his info...but I'll email him and ask.
08-26-02 06:06 AM
Mathijs Although the guitar of Highway Child doesn't sound to complicated (in fact the song is a fairly simple rocker -but an eefective one), the guitar isn't too simple to play. The bends in the main riff are typical Cuck Berry styled bends, which surely needs some serious practicing in order to do well. Mick jagger could have never played this guitar, certainly not in 1968, where he just started to learn the basic chords. Listen for example to the Surrey Rehearsels, recorded at Keith's basement by a visiting interviewer. There we have Jagger bashing away on guitar, and that surely isn't a treat to listen to.

08-26-02 06:19 AM
stonedinaustralia well, i'm confused...

but i would say you can't dismiss the thing as "basic" -'tho there are more than a few duff notes some of the runs and riffs involved are fairly adveturous rythmically and are certainly more than a basic guitar player bashing away on some chords (that's why it's so good for chrissakes)... as i say whoever it is is pushing the outside of their own envelope and isn't that all you could ask for

to me it sounds like keith really stretching himself

if it is mick he's doing a great parrot of keith

i eagerly await the final word on this debate

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-26-02 06:45 AM
bez85 to me it sounds very basic and i think it's jagger and charlie..
08-26-02 07:44 AM
Mathijs Highway Child is an one-taker: do you see Jagger playing the main riff and singing at the same time -at a time when Jagger couldn't play anything more than just a few basic chords?

08-26-02 07:51 AM
there seems to be a sub - plot developing - a keith and jimmy miller or mick and charlie position

well, forget the guitars, let's listen to the drums... i could almost go out on a limb and say if that's charlie i'll eat my hat

and have another listen to "happy" where jimmy m also drums - could be the same player ... don't you think??

so if it's jimmy m. then that leans to the "keith played it" version of events

as max would have it - developing
08-26-02 08:08 AM
Mathijs wrote:
Highway Child is an one-taker: do you see Jagger playing the main riff and singing at the same time -at a time when Jagger couldn't play anything more than just a few basic chords?


that's another good point (or points)

remember 'tho - as far as i know - mick wrote the music to "brown sugar" - but then, he got keith to play it for him!

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-26-02 09:37 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy The drums don't sound like Charlie from this period... but then again, Charlie has proven himself capable of playing just about everything... except "You Can't Always Get What You Want", which I am sure he never forgave Jimmy Miller for.

-tSYX --- blah blah blah blah heart... wrote your name right on my back...
08-26-02 11:35 AM
ERWAN Mathijs, you are true :I just said that Ry Cooder was include to those session in Redlands but He didn't play on Highway Child
Stonedinauqtralia, I think you can heat your hat : It's really Charlie who play on this song and it's so good!!!!
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