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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Shepherds Bush Empire, London - December 11, 2001
By Richard Young

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: Most under-rated Stones tune/album Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
08-23-02 12:38 PM
glencar From Josh: "Yes, Friday thank fucking god!!! I have to replace my avatar, however, as a few people on another board I post
on are intolerant, hateful, mean-spirited, and evil."

People hate the whole Clinton/Gore thing. You might also tell these guys what your handle is on the other board. The women seem to object to it.
08-23-02 12:38 PM
sirmoonie Joey, whats the meaning of life? I'm kinda perpelexed right now.
08-23-02 12:43 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy "Country Honk"... love it to death.

One of the best Keith ballads of all time is "How Can I Stop", off Bridges. Absolutely wonderful.

"All About You" comes close to "You Got The Silver" in terms of balladitity.

"All The Way Down".

"Casino Boogie" - quite interesting - Keith unwittingly copies a late 1910s French avant-garde art form that got people beat up in Paris, where they take art far too seriously. He drew random clips of magazines and so forth out of a hat to help out with the lyrics - makes for some great lyrics. "Judge and jury walk out hand in hand..." It's basically what Mick does, just coming out of Keith's hat rather than Mick's mouth.

I can't get over this "Hiway Child" on "Main Street Remastered" - one of my favorites of theirs, now. In fact, I'm going to turn to it right now! Hah! Take that, "Tumbling Dice"! (I still love you, platonically, of course.)

"Short And Curlies" - the best lyrics. Ever. No, wait... that's...

"Too Much Blood". They do not, however, make up for the overall suckocity of the song.

And my overall favorite neglected song that I'm dying to hear on the remasters -

"Child Of The Moon".

-tSYX --- Doncha know by now?
08-23-02 12:53 PM
Moonisup Still in Amsterdam?
08-23-02 12:55 PM
Moonisup wrote:
Still in Amsterdam?

Uh-*huh*! Drinking age 16 and having a blast - going to go out on a limb and try a "Keith" tonight (Vodka and orange soda - have to settle for Fanta, they don't know what Sunkist is), just for experimental purposes. And I haven't been drunk yet - the US needs to lighten up and adopt the European culture - get kids drinking with their families early so they learn tolerance.

Then again, did it work with Ronnie?

-tSYX --- Run run run run run, Ronnie c'mon!
08-23-02 01:04 PM
Moonisup Vodka rules!!
08-23-02 01:07 PM
Moonisup wrote:
Vodka rules!!

Does it, then? I've had a taste of it once before and it didn't taste like much of anything. I like my Guinness and haven't had anything really 'hard' before coming here - my first night! An Italian liquor! Delicious and nutritious!

Ah well - 's all well and good that I'm getting this outta my system before school starts - I like drinks, but I'm not for getting drunk anywhere public - I'll probably pontificate at them until I fall over and am dragged out and used as the party's doormat.

-tSYX --- Get so mezmerized, all that inside me...
08-23-02 01:12 PM
Moonisup You'll taste wodka with jus d'orange if you mix it right!
60 % jus
40 % wodkaa!!

Btw are you having fun in Amsterdam? Howlong will you stay there?
08-23-02 01:20 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Moon, it's great! I'm here with my dear grandmother, who is very kind but also a bit old and has trouble with the viciousness of this city's traffic! She has very nearly been clipped by the bikes many times. I'm enjoying myself immensely - tomorrow when she's resting I'll go out for awhile, see what trouble I can stir up. What's that big stage going up over the pond behind the Reichstag (terrible phonetic spelling)? Sponsored by "Uit" markets? Kind of like a Dutch 7-11, I'd assume. I'm out of here early Sunday morning - back home to interview down at Georgetown! Nervous... hope they don't like the Eagles...

-tSYX --- I'm a-highway bound!
08-23-02 01:25 PM
Moonisup Sunday there is a Rolling stones day in utrecht, 20 mins by train from amsterdam!! I will go definetly! It's always nice the stonesdays in Holland!
08-23-02 01:39 PM
jb GlenCar...lets be honest...I am a flaming liberal ..yet, if someone had an avatar with Reagan,Bush, Limbaugh, etc...I would not bombard the administator of a site to have it removed...It's called freedom of speech, and although these sites are privately owned ,and thus, they can have their own rules, it is scary how some people are so fucking intolerant...At first, I was kind of surprised, as the Stones were/are anti-establishment and I thought a lot of fans would be on the liberal side. However, after giving it some more thought, most of us here are baby boomers..35-50 who are somewhat affluent. Like the Stones, we are no longer "Street Fighting Man" and our idealistic hopes and dreams for a better world have long been replaced with family, career, mortgages, car payments, and college tuition...
We now live in the age of cynicism , where respect for other views has long been forgotten....Whether you are liberal, conservative, apolitical, etc, you should not be threatened by diversity of is what made this country label someone as unpatriotic b/c he/she does not think the way you do, is simply not the american way...
08-23-02 01:47 PM
David for album, I'm going with undercover
song, Dancing with Mr D
08-23-02 02:21 PM
Joey "Joey, whats the meaning of life? I'm kinda perpelexed right now. "

Moonie ...............The meaning of life is this :

" Man looks into the Abyss and sees the ' Dirty Work ' album staring back up at him . It is at this moment that man finds his character , and that is what keeps man out of the abyss . "

-- Thank You

The Joey

Established 1999 ( March 6th , 1:21 AM )

Gimme a J ! J !
Gimme a O ! O !
Gimme a E ! E !
Gimme a Y ! Y !

What's that spell ? Joey !
What's that spell ? Joey !
What's that spell ? Joey !

Yeeeeeaaaaaaah Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


08-23-02 02:41 PM
Scot Rocks The 21 drinking age in America always amazes me, some people here think 18 is too high as in europe everywhere it is 16. Jack D. is nice straight, or with coke or Southern Comfort I also like, try it with lemonade too which is also nice. Vodka, well is nice with orange, lemonade, red bull anything really.


08-23-02 02:42 PM
Joey " I like Eggs !!! "

08-23-02 02:43 PM
Scot Rocks
jb wrote:
We now live in the age of cynicism , where respect for other views has long been forgotten....Whether you are liberal, conservative, apolitical, etc, you should not be threatened by diversity of is what made this country label someone as unpatriotic b/c he/she does not think the way you do, is simply not the american way...

Very true, wise words indeed jb.

08-23-02 02:56 PM
sirmoonie "The 21 drinking age in America always amazes me"

Its fucking ridiculous, ScoRoie. Inflicted up us hard working Americans by religuous right wing scumbag fucks who don't know how to party and never listen to the Stones. But I get back at them! I drink twice as much not that I've overage! Yes! We shall overcome.......

Dude, where you from in Scotland? I'm actually from Outer Hebrides or Western Isles as they are now called, although I've been living in US almost all my life. When I was around 12 I asked my dad why we went back to Scotland twice a year to stay with relatives. "Because everyone drinks" is what the old man told me. "Because everyone drinks."
08-23-02 03:02 PM
jb We were lucky...when I was 18 drinking was legal in Fla.
08-23-02 03:07 PM
Joey " Corporations are destroying America . They are shrinking and reducing everyones standards and values to the amoral arithmetic of the bottom line . "

-- William Greider ( 1993 ) From the book ' Who will tell the people ( Great stories about the Rolling Stones and other legends ) '

J . Bo Fly

08-23-02 03:07 PM
Moonisup That strange rule in the VS doesn't work! Kids try it anyway, and when something is forbidden, they'll try it even harder, and then it just goes wrong!! There is no parental control ore any social control over it, legalize, then you can control it also much better

that's my view of it!!

moon is up
08-23-02 03:22 PM
jb All drugs should be legalized.....Joey needs them.
08-23-02 03:27 PM
Moonisup well don't don't follow the dutch example that a little over the top, but hash could be legalized, but not with GWB
08-23-02 03:36 PM
jb Having been exposed to the myriad of drugs , it is my personal experience that once you've tried them, unless you are an addictive person, you generally do not abuse them. The only drug that is very difficult to stop , is crack is quite a unique high and in my younger years(over 15 yrs ago), I remember crawling on my friends rug in college looking for a "rock"...kinda pathetic, but we all grow up.
08-23-02 03:49 PM
Moonisup You only get addicted, when you're mentally instabel, yep you're right jb.
a strong person is stronger then that
08-23-02 03:53 PM
jb What is the famous park in Holland where all the people get high?
08-23-02 03:59 PM
Moonisup Vondelpark
08-23-02 04:01 PM
jb I thought that was a club....don't they have great concerts there?
08-23-02 04:03 PM
Moonisup Sometimes but not great artist, local stuff and so on
08-23-02 04:12 PM
jb Enjoy your weekend Moon....hope the Stones event is a lot of fun....Time for me to head home listening to "Brussels Affair" and take the wife and kiddies out for dinner...Regards....
08-23-02 04:13 PM
Moonisup yeah have a nice dinner. It's here 22.15 Bye!
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