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Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland - June 4, 1999
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Topic: Sympathy?? Return to archive
08-25-02 01:24 PM
BuckKarr Hey everybody. This is my first post here but I have been visiting the board for a long while now. I was wondering if anyone knows if the boys have even rehearsed Sympathy yet. Ive read some of the lists of all the rehearsed songs so far and Im not sure if Ive seen Sympathy on there. Im going to be so bummed if they dont bust that one out yet again for another kick ass tour. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to posting here in the future!

P.S. When was the last tour they did not play SFTD? I think it was the '81 tour but not sure

08-25-02 01:31 PM
JaggaRichards They could play SFTD in thier sleep, that's why it wasn't rehearsed. Rest easy-it'll be played on this tour!
08-25-02 01:47 PM
nankerphelge I stll bet they open with it! And they didn't play it on No Security or in '94 -- at least not in DC.

08-25-02 02:34 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 Sympathy for the devil was performed on later dates of voodoo lounge tour and they played it during no security.
08-25-02 02:49 PM
luxury1 Yeah, Sympathy was played at all the No Security shows I saw. I wonder in Nanky is selling any of that stuff he was smoking.
08-25-02 02:51 PM
JaggaRichards They did SFTD at Giants Stadium in '94 and Hartford NS in '99.
I think the last American Tour that SFTD was NOT performed was the '81 tour. But I could be wrong.
08-25-02 02:58 PM
Moonisup What confusing you is just the nature of my game!!!!
08-25-02 03:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot Nank....

Last song on both nights was Sympathy.

Daze Inn got you good bro.
08-25-02 03:22 PM
nankerphelge I stand corrected! And I don't sell my consumables - I
can't never hang on to them long enuf as it is.

Wait until NYC -- I will share muchly then -- can't wait
to SPIV outta control and drink a mess and
fill my lungs with some of the best chiba
you will ever find! My apothecary gets that super fucked
up stuff -- chibus retardus! The only problem
with it is he is unpredictable -- never know if he can fill
my order when I need it. So, I try but it is a
hot commodity and is gone quick. He better come thru, the
cock! This is the Stones dammit.

08-25-02 03:44 PM
Gazza >I stll bet they open with it! And they didn't play it on No Security or in '94 -- at least not in DC.

It was the final song played each night on the No Security shows. Great version,too!

Youre sort of right about '94 - they didnt play it until Las Vegas in mid October (as far as I remember) stayed in the show after that. It followed the little jazzy animated film that was shown on the video screen - prior to mid october,that sequence preceded "Love is Strong" in the show

as asked earlier in the thread ,last US tour it WASNT played was 1981. It wasnt played in 1978 and 1972 either, and only a few times in 1975 (LA and New York). Contrary to popular myth,it wasnt dropped from the setlist immediately after Altamont. they played it at the London theatre shows later that month,and again on every night of the 1970 European Tour plus one or two shows in the UK in 1971.

08-25-02 04:25 PM
hayo Gazza, speaking of 71 shows, do you no of any tapes excisting from this legendary UK tour?
The only show I have is in mediocre quality unfortunately.
08-25-02 05:42 PM
nankerphelge I can't believe that I have absolutely no recollection of Sympathy at the NS shows. And I call myself a Stones fan. I've obviously killed too many brain cells. I am taking a sabatical...

...There, that outta do it. Now, on with the fucking show!
08-25-02 07:25 PM
parmeda Nank...

I'm just sittin' here shaking my head, hon....
08-25-02 08:15 PM
nankerphelge You? I'm wonderin what else I missed!
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
I have a lot of fun tho...
08-25-02 08:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It was rehearsed on Friday according to Miss U
08-25-02 08:48 PM
nankerphelge I'll remember that! I went to the Ronald Regan school of memory, ah ... memory ah.....

Enhancement!! Yeah that's it -- memory enhancement

I went to the, ... the... what school was that?
The Ronald..... damn, it's on the tip of my tongue.
Ronald Regan!!! That's it!! Yeah. Ronald Regan school of, ah...

08-25-02 09:07 PM
JaggaRichards Plus when they do 'Sympathy' on this tour they should play it with a menacing, sinister edge, like in '69.
08-25-02 11:53 PM
Maxmeister [quote]nankerphelge wrote:
I stll bet they open with it!

Agreed. Sympathy is my first choice. It may not be the rocker that one might expect. But the buildup and the audience participation would work fine.
It's their best song so why not.
When I hear that first shake of the maraccas[sp] it's instant wood! It just doesn't get any better.

08-26-02 12:31 AM
When I hear that first shake of the maraccas[sp] it's instant wood! It just doesn't get any better.

Max...thanks for the flashback! You just made me twitch...
and yes, I think it's got to be their best song, done live of course.
08-26-02 05:42 AM
nankerphelge wrote:
I can't believe that I have absolutely no recollection of Sympathy at the NS shows. And I call myself a Stones fan.

hey Nanker

i can understand - i've only seen 'em once and i tell you now i couldn't tell you exactly all that they played or didn't

some really stick in the mind - TD, MY (which was hot when i saw it), Monkey Man, BTMMR, Slippin Away, Just My Imagination, Faraway Eyes, SFTD... i know they didn't do Wild Horses

but if they did or didn't play GS i honestly couldn't say & i know of other die hard fans who have said more or less the same thing... and i can't blame overindulgence - i indulged a bit but not too much - my high was going to be the band and they got me there... at times i was so overwhelmed by the fact that they were there in front of me that i found it hard at times to focus solely on the music - the whole experience was the moving thing(pathetic isn't it?)

as you say, you had a lot of fun and ultimately isn't that what it's all about?

08-26-02 06:52 AM
luxury1 Let's all check in with nankerphelge after the shows he attends to get the setlist.
08-26-02 07:54 AM
nankerphelge Hey I don't need your abuse -- I got dozens of people waitin' to abuse me!
08-26-02 10:48 AM
jb nanker, in 94 they played SFTD at Joe Robbie...Remember Mick was the Vodoo man?
08-26-02 10:49 AM
nankerphelge You know I think they actually played Sympathy in both '94 and '99!!

No shit!

08-26-02 10:51 AM
Soul Survivor That would just be awesome to open with it. The whole arena is dark, drums and percussion are going, then bam! "Please allow me to introduce myself....." is blaired over the speakers! Then Keef walks out and adds a lick here and there. Then Chaz starts beating away and Woodman joins Keith!

R 'N' Roll Heaven!
08-26-02 10:54 AM
jb Nanker, are you ever concerned that your prestigious Washington law firm monitors your e-mails and traces your pc to find out what sites you visit...I remember at my old firm, in 94, they got us all PC's etc....I never trusted them and for good reson..they spied on everyone's computers!
08-26-02 11:08 AM
sirmoonie Not to but in, but the only problem I have with posting from work is filling out time cards at the end of the day.

"Conference with client re summary judgment hearing. Draft post re Exile on Mainstreet. Conference w/ opposing counsel re same."
08-26-02 11:12 AM
nankerphelge I try not to think about it. If the man is gonna get ya, he's gonna get ya one way or another!

08-26-02 11:26 AM
jb Sir, I did not know you were a fellow barrister! Seems like a lot of us legal types follow the stones.
As far as time sheets, what a friggin joke...When I started practicing in 88, 1800 hrs the time I went on my own in 95, 2400 hrs was the about corporate accountability...a critical review of these time sheets would make Enron look like child's play! I love the "Review and Revise " entry...bill your client another 2 hrs b/c your Memo/Motion sucks!
08-26-02 12:01 PM
sirmoonie Yes, jb, there is a certain overlap with the superior intellect it requires to practice law and the superior intellect needed to truly appreciate the Rolling Stones.

Ah, just kidding. One thing I do love though is throwing Stonesisms into meetings, hearings and even briefs sometimes. Defending a motion to compel once, I told the judge that the opposing side "can't always get what they want your Honor and, in this instance, they shouldn't even get what the need." Another time, characterizing opposing counsel's S/J argument, I said "Your Honor, their argument is torn and frayed and its seen much better days." I do it quite often. I'm fucking nuts.

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