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Topic: Best covered Rolling Stones song Return to archive
08-24-02 06:13 AM
F505 My top 3 is:

1. Brown sugar (Ryan Adams live Paradiso 6-2-2002)

2. Ventilator Blues (Clarence Gatemouth Brown)

3. Before they make me run (Steve Earle and the Supersuckers)

And many more...
08-24-02 06:19 AM
Moonisup Jumping Jack flash by Johnny winter (on cover you)

Brown suger by Little Richard (cover you)

Satisfaction Otis Redding
08-24-02 06:25 AM
shakedhandswithkeith 1. wild horses - jewel (live version)
08-24-02 06:29 AM
F505 Shaked, how long is it ago you washed your hands?
08-24-02 06:29 AM
scull My favourite is Marianne Faithfull doing Sister Morphine, but as she may have written the lyrics I guess is not 'really' a cover.
08-24-02 08:21 AM
ERWAN My favourite songs are
1- Loving Cup
2- Sway
3- Can't You Hear Me Knocking
and many more
08-24-02 09:23 AM
The Eggman Best Covered Songs:

no order

Johnny Winter - JJf (esspecially when he screams ROCK AND ROLL!!! at the begining)

Otis Redding - Satisfaction (in this version you can see where Jagger gets ideas from changing this song around, notable in Hyde Park)

DEVO - Satisfaction (only because it was in CASINO)

so far thats it

WTF is Ryan Adams If he don't play a resembles of Rock then why do you even talk about him???

only Adams that sounds like the only Adams I know is Bryan Adams and he plays rock...or well used to
[Edited by The Eggman]
08-24-02 10:43 AM
F505 eggman wrote

WTF is Ryan Adams If he don't play a resembles of Rock then why do you even talk about him???

Didn't know Otis Redding was a rocker. Ryan Adams plays country rock and is quite well known these days. Check out his excellent cd Gold.

08-24-02 10:49 AM
08-24-02 08:35 PM
Mr T GUNS N ROSES - Sympathy

SOUNDGARDEN - Stray Cat Blues
08-24-02 09:22 PM
cwatts07644 johnny thunders- play with fire
08-24-02 09:27 PM
Stonesprofessor In No partic order....

Otis Redding and DEVO- Satisfaction

Johnny Cash- No Expectations

Gatemouth- Ventilator

actually BOTH Cover Me and Stone Blue are pretty cool from beginning to end!
08-24-02 10:13 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Here's my favorites:

1)Let's Spend The Night Together- The Jerry Garcia Band
2)Torn and Frayed- The Black Crowes
3)The Last Time- The Grateful Dead
4)Sway- I don't know the name of the artist, but it has a very country flavor to it. If anyone knows of this tune, please let me know.
08-24-02 10:20 PM
Nasty Habits The Dirt Bombs - The Storm

The Devil Dogs - It's Not Easy

The Reigning Sound - I'd Much Rather Be with the Boys

The First Four - Empty Heart

Los Apson - Satisfaccion (íNo soy nada!)

The Dead Boys - Tell Me

The Real Kids - Grown Up Wrong

New Bomb Turks - Summer Romance

Pagans - Heart of Stone

Love - Can't Explain (actually not a cover, more a direct rip off of "What a Shame", but unbelievably cool nonetheless)
08-25-02 03:57 AM
hotlicks bset covered rolling stones song here's my 3 worst cover's
satis faction-bad reaction
street fighting man-tnt
the last time-catch 23
they all appear on a album called- as tears go by,it is awful but if anyone want's to trade????????
08-25-02 04:24 AM
beer Hey Happy Motherfucker, i think it is Alejendro Escavedo that you're thinking of. He covered Sway.

08-25-02 07:53 AM
gypsymofo60 Does anybody remember 'The Residents'?......19th Nervous breakdown?.......Paper bags on thier heads, circa..1978/79....Seriously though; the best cover imho was The Gunners; 'Sympathy'....they didn't try to copy it, and they didn't try to out do the original, D'ya know what I mean?.....Oh! and who could ignore The Flying Burrito Bros.-'Wild Horses', actualy released prior to The Stones original, I think!....The Who's 'The Last Time' & 'Under My Thumb' are pretty good too.
08-25-02 08:34 AM
sonicrock johnny thunders play with fire
chesterfield kings gotta get away and can t believe it rip off a bootleg
troggs satisfaction
flamin groovies jumping jack flash
lyres stoned
the bourbon the last time
and the french band the playboys the last time and it s not easy in french
08-25-02 10:23 AM
padre Hellacopters: Gimme Shelter
08-25-02 12:53 PM
JaggaRichards Otis' version of Satisfaction
08-25-02 06:36 PM
CousinCocaine There have been a lot of great Stones covers over the years.
Forgot most of them at the moment. For a start I remember:

A. Ecovedas - Sway
Humple Pie - Honky Tonk Woman
Montrose- Connection
J. Winter did very nice covers
and the Flamin Groovies too
Joe Cocker- H.T. Woman
Melanie- Ruby Tuesday
Luther Allison- You can't always get . .
Handsome Family-Faraway Eyes
Eric Burdon - Paint it black
Roger Chapman-Let's spend the night together
Townes van Zandt- Dead Flowers
Jason & the Scorchers - 19th Nervous Breakdown
+ I really like Ryan Adams Brown Sugar version !!
Hey there have been too much !!
08-26-02 12:00 AM
kc152 Get Off Of My Cloud By The Flying Pickets
08-26-02 12:59 AM
Bluzian Has to be:

#1 Muddy Waters "Let's SPend The Night Together"!! '68
(without a doubt in my mind!!!!!)
#2 Joe Louis Walker's "Heart of Stone"
#3 Luther Allison "YCAGWYW" (the bootleg LIVE version only!)
#4 Tina Turner "Honky Tonk Women" circa '71
#5 Black Crowes "Silver Train"
08-26-02 04:51 AM
stonedinaustralia i won't say these are the best but they haven't been mentioned yet both have their merits (awaiting abuse on the second)

bowie's LSTNT - cool by me - i really like the break he added where it all fall's apart ("let's do it.. let's make..." etc.)

bette midler's - "beast of burden" - once you get over the fact that she's essentially broadway and not "rock n roll" -i like quite like it (on the rare occasions that i hear it) she belts it out like a trouper and she's got the sass

i've already sung the praises of the cowboy junkies "dead flowers" in another thread

i generally like all the female vocalists that give it a go and very few of the male - melanies "ruby tuesday" is another, already mentioned, that i have always liked

it's a pity nina simone didn't tackle one in her prime when she did those dylan and bee gees (yeah, weird but she makes them work) covers - her take on the beatles "revolution" cut lennon's to shreds (imho)- she could've really done something with the likes of GS or YCAGWYW

to close, you would really have to put otis' "satisfaction" in a league of it's own - imagine how m&k would have felt having him do one of their tunes - 'tho that muddy waters' version of LSTNT (which i haven't heard) sounds like it would be right up there

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-26-02 05:58 PM
F505 Just forgot that amazing version of Mothers little helper by Arno Hintjes, the former Belgian lead singer of TC Matic
08-26-02 06:00 PM
Ruskafarian Tea Party - Paint It Black
08-26-02 08:54 PM
beer "Under My Thumb" by Social Distortion.

08-26-02 11:51 PM
Bluzian Oh, and Leon Russell doin' Jumpin' Jack Flash!!!!!!!!!! :-)
08-26-02 11:56 PM
Bluzian The Muddy Waters version of LSTNT is an instant hard-on!!!!
Its' waaaaaaaaa~aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better than any stones
attempt! Musically, it sounds like Cream, (Sunshine of Your LOve)
to the lyrics of Let's Spend... but the way Muddy ad-libs his
way thru, trying to cajole some honey into spendin' the night
with him is fucking wicked!!!!! *LOLOL* The song is off
"Electric Mud" produced by Marshall Chess (I'm sure you know
who he is) and it's from 1968, at an attempt to make Muddy
psychadelic, er, "electric mud", get it?

I emplore you to stop at nothing to getting this record/track!
The liner notes, pictures, quality is bar none. If I knew
more about technology, I'd send it to you right now man.

08-27-02 12:48 AM
patioaintdry SFTD-Jane's Addiction

Gimme Shelter-The Sisters of Mercy

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