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Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland - June 4, 1999
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Topic: Dylan live and I'll be there Return to archive
08-23-02 11:02 PM
Prodigal Son Bob Dylan's gonna be at the Saddledome August 28th here in Calgary! And I'm going. Whoooo!!! I just hope he decides to do a good show cause he's in the mood. Either that or a garbled performance with complete re-arrangments of every song until "Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-dum" sounds like "Hurricane." But I really do want to see the Stones most of all; this is just plan B. Yet this being my first major concert I can't wait. I guess after the show I'll review it here and at Gasland.
08-23-02 11:27 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Enjoy the show! It's always a treat to see Bob. You never know what you're going to get! The surprise element is the fun part with him. I've seen some shows that he was way out there but it's always interesting. I've seen others he just totally rocked his ass off. I caught him here in my home base at Va. Tech last year and it was a great performance. I think he is using a different backing band lately. The best performance that I have seen was at RFK in 95' opening for The Dead. His band sounded simply awesome! Even on his off nights he still delivers the goods. I hope he comes my way soon again
08-24-02 01:08 AM
sirmoonie You enjoy that show Prodie! I saw Dylan for first time last year (which I have no excuse for since I'm 37), and it was one of top three shows I have ever seen.

Obviously you have heard what I didn't know when I first saw him - that he completely rearranges some of his classics. It did confuse me at first, but it was still fun once I caught on to what he was doing, an ultimately it was a great show. What a cool band. And just think how lucky we are that one of the top ten greats, no matter what scale you are looking at, is still hitting places like where you and I live.

Its gonna be nice man.

Review away, I'm interested.
08-24-02 06:26 AM
F505 Saw Bob two years ago in Rotterdam and it was damned good! He has a great band with Larry Campbell in great shape. I didn't expect it but Bob was rockin' like hell. Enjoy the show!
08-24-02 12:00 PM
T&A GEt out and see Bob while you can. There are growing rumors within the Dylan camp that he may hang it up or at least drastically reduce his live performing schedule after this year. Apparently his crew has been told to look for new work starting next year. The NET (Never Ending Tour) has been going virtually non-stop since 1988.

08-24-02 12:55 PM
Gimme Shelter I'll be seeing Bob on October 8th here in Sacramento. Saw him about the same time last year and he was great!!!!!
08-24-02 01:03 PM
T&A Gimme Shelter:

I'll be there as well. Also to both Berkeley shows. He might be playing Sacto on the 9th, too.

Great show last year in Sacto - Memorial Aud is an awesome venue.
08-25-02 03:48 PM
Gimme Shelter Now if only the Stones would play Memorial on this tour. I wish.
08-25-02 04:26 PM
sonicrock saw bob 31 times and the stones 7 not my fault if bob is touring a lot more, saw him last year in paris it was his better performance since, 1993 the new band well his two last year band, really rocks watch out for the first song, a gospel with three voices,, not always the same song,his got 5 or 6 different gospel start song. but ,there all fantastic my favorite is i m the man st thomas, by the way if somebody knows how wrote that song, i ll appreciate very much ..........sonicrock
08-25-02 10:21 PM
Soul Survivor I could never really get into Bob, what are some good songs?
08-26-02 12:50 AM
Bluzian Ive seen Dylan a few times, and have always been pleasantly
surprised and content. His back-up band KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

He was here in Toronto the other day, but I missed it..
(as well missed the Palais Royale..but..) oh well..

Good tunes? Um.. All of them?

"Hurricane" , "Sylvio", "Positively Fourth Street",
"Honest With Me", "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down",
"All Along The WatchTower" (before Jimi knicked it).
Plenty of Dylan tunes.. several hundred home-growns he's
08-26-02 07:23 AM
Lazy Bones I saw Dylan in Toronto, 16th August. The bastard was the sole reason I couldn't attend the Palais! Great show, as always, though!
08-26-02 09:35 PM
Gazza >I could never really get into Bob, what are some good songs

more than you'll ever have time to appreciate!
08-26-02 09:51 PM
Martha Bob Dylan is simply a category all his own (IMO)..I will see him when he returns to the States.. does anyone know when that may be?

Enjoy the shows!

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