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Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland - June 4, 1999
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Topic: Guitars in Toronto Return to archive
08-23-02 06:10 AM
Mathijs The Anderson guitar Keith used for Torn & Frayed in Toronto (and Slipping Away and Not Fade Away in 1994/95) is an Anderson Cobra model (see header picture of today). Keith had a model with hollow chambers and quilted maple top built for him in order to achieve a more acoustic sound. Anderson has a great page at, and hereís some links to the Cobra model:

Further guitars I have seen on pictures of the Toronto gig:

Keith: 1952 Tele (macawber), 1959 Gibson ES-355TDSV (Thin-body, Dual humbuckers, Stereo Varitone), and 1956 Mary Kay Fender Stratocaster (blond ash body, gold hard ware).

Ron: 1957 Fender Stratocaster, 1963 Gibson Firebird V (non-reverse) and ESP Ron Wood Signature Telecaster WITHOUT B-bender (a B-bender can be recognised by a different position of the strap button on the butt of the guitar. Also, no songs where he would use a B-bender where played).

Amps Iíve seen are the two standard 1957 Fender Twin Reverb amps (well, not so standard for us mortals, but for KeithÖ.), and a smaller Fender Custom Shop Vibroverb on the side of the stage, most probably used by Jagger.

I hope that on the tour Keith is willing to add some more drive to his tone. I thought Canít You Hear Me Knocking was done quite well (Keith nailed the intro riff!) but his tone was way too clean and smooth to give the song any real drive or energy. In 1989/90 Keith used the same twin Reverbs, but had a Mesa/Boogie 300 series head for some more crunch and a 1968 Marshall 50 watt Plexi for the lead sound (and in 89 even a Soldano for the drive!). In 1994/95 he had dropped the Boogie, and in 1997 he had dropped the Marshall too. I really hope he adds the Boogie again to his equipment, as a track like CYHMK just needs the drive of some cranked tubes! You donít want to play the intro of Satisfaction on a smooth jazz guitar eitherÖ.


08-23-02 07:37 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 Ron using a non reversed firebird is rare. He has been known to use a reversed firebird in the past.
08-23-02 07:45 PM
nankerphelge God I love this board.
08-23-02 09:29 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 It is strange Ronnie didn't use a Tony Zamaitis for slide playing.
08-23-02 10:21 PM
FPM C10 Was I dreaming or did I see an AMPEG in Keith's stack? Or was that what Darryl was playing bass thru?

Anyway, I thought seeing an Ampeg onstage brought back memories of the Glory Days. It just needs the bottle of Jack Daniel's (black label - who the hell ever drank the green label anyway?)attachment. Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for 1972!
08-23-02 11:42 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Keith really needs to get back to the Boogies. This with a doubt is the best all-around amp out there. I've been using boogies for 17 years and there is no substitute! With tunes like CYHMK, Shelter and Bitch, among others, Keith needs to get that heavy crunch sound to make it sound convincing.
08-24-02 12:38 AM
sammy davis jr. Keith needs to bring back the man's amp- a Marshall. Leave the Boogies to Santana.
08-24-02 01:32 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! Sammy Jr, you must be out of your mind! Marshalls are great amps for sure and they have their place on certain songs, but Mesa/Boogie is the best versatile amp on the market. It has such a great tone. Use it for clean, distortion, crunch and everything in between. You just can't get that with a Marshall. If you where going for just distortion or a high intense lead, Marshall probably is the better amp. For AC/DC type bands, the Marshall would be great, but for The Stones sound and any band that goes between kick ass Rock, Country flavored tunes, Reggae, Jazz ect (Some times all in one set) There is no better workhorse then the Boogie! I'm sure you are partial to Marshallís but the facts cannot be denied! That's why Keith loves them and that's all right by me!
08-24-02 06:59 AM
Mathijs Stonesmillenium2001: you are right, it is a reversed one, I always get mixed up with those two!

And I whole heartedly agrea Boogies are the best ever amp for the Stones sound. Just listen to the sound they had in 1978 and 1981 on stage, and the complete Some Girls, ER, TY, UC and DW albums were recorded on Boogie Mark II's and III's. They have this signature raw, chimey sound that fits so well with a Telecaster, and thus with Keith. The strange thing is that Wood still seems to favour Boogies over anything. On his solo shows in London he used a Boogie Mark 3 head with a 2*12" cabinet, and he said he recorded the complete Slide on This and Absolute Beginners album with this Boogie. But with the Stones he changes to Fender and Vox again.

But check the todays header picture: Keith is playing the old Boogie 300 series head again, as was used on the 81/82 tour!

And on the Zemaitis: I would have expected Ron to use it on Happy in Toronto, but according to reports Ron played pedal steel on it, which is a nice change anyway!

08-24-02 11:19 AM
sammy davis jr. Keith gets his "signature sound" on record using tiny little Fender amps and overdriving them. Personally I thought the guitar sounds on the '78 and '81 tours was less thsn spectacular- tinny and too midrangy- no tone. I've never liked Ron's live sound- it's just too clean and brittle sounding- no sustain. While I don't think a balls to the wall distortion aound is right for the Stones, both of them could warm up the sound by running thru Marshalls with more overdrive. The newer Marshalls have a great clean tone as well...Check out Jeff Beck's live sound on "Brush With The Blues" on Who Else? to hear what they're capable of.
08-24-02 09:17 PM
Mathijs Just would like to add to my previous posting: Keith didn't stop using Boogie's in 1986. I just re-watched Live at the Holywood Palladium again, and he's using a Mesa/Boogie wicker/cane Mark 3 combo with a 4*12" cabinet. Anybody knows what he used in 1992/93 with the Winos?

08-26-02 07:00 AM
no_cole_porter Keith appears to be using two Tweed Fender Twins during the Main Offender tour. His 1957 Tweed Twin is on the left and another Twin is on the right on top of two Mesa/Boogie Cabs. There was an Ampeg amp next to it but I am assuming this is Drew Smith's bass amp. There weren't any other amps visable to me from the tape of the Boston 93' show like a Boogie Mark I or his Marshall for dirty sounds though. So I am not really sure. But It was kinda nice to see Keith whip out the 72' Custom for Something Else though.
[Edited by no_cole_porter]
08-26-02 07:31 AM
Mathijs Thanks no_cole_porter, I was just planning to watch the Boston 93 video in order to see the amps. Didn't he play Something Else on the Music Man Silhoutte, and Take It So Hard on the 72 custom?

By the way, there's a great bootl of this show by the Front Row label, and this boot has the best sound of any Stones or Stones related gig. The sound of Keith's guitar here is just amazing, it's so loud, raw and dirty! I have never been able to figure out why the Stones turned down keith's guitar for 90% compared to this Boston show, on the Voodoo Lounge tour.

08-27-02 06:26 AM
no_cole_porter Hey Mathijs,
You are right. Keith used his black Ernie Ball Silhouette for Something Else and his black 72' Custom Telecaster for How I Wish. I believe he was using Micawber for Take It So Hard because of the brass bridge.
[Edited by no_cole_porter]
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