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B- Stage @ Skydome- Toronto, April 26, 1998
By our friend Thierry "Anybody Seen My Website?" Joubaud ...Merci!

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: Bootlegs for the upcoming tour? Return to archive
08-22-02 07:25 AM
Moonisup Who knows how hard it is to get boots for the new tour. If they do a pay per view concert (I don't know that yet), that will surely be on boot, and in a good quality. but if they do everynight a theme (like 5 of exile, ore 5 of some girls). I have to seek another job. I want them all!!!! I hope there are coming new boots, with different songs. not like BTB with a few songs different, but like NS-tour, with nice songs 6 ore 5 different each night. I'm really hoping for that!!

Moon is up

Chuck the fuck Leavell is down

(I hope he taped the rehearsals just like in 1997)
08-22-02 01:05 PM
padre How did it go when Pearl Jam taped all the shows themselves on their tour a few years back and sold them via web (I think)?
I think it would be a great idea for the Stones, too! No markets for the boots and quality stuff from every single show. 10 bucks for one show's cds. No multitrack recording, just two: one to the soundboard and the other in the audience. Simple cardboard covers and the cds out in the market as soon as possible, before the boots. Maybe the markets wouldn't be huge but the hardcore fans would get what they need. Finally.
08-22-02 01:27 PM
JaggaRichards Bet it never happens
08-22-02 02:34 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Fuck paying for boots of the shows. I'll say it again, The Stones need to get over this crap about banning tapers. There should be a designated taping section at each and every show and the music should be traded for free among fans. It's total bullshit at this day and age that the music can't be distributed and shared for FREE! This is not the 70's when they where depending on big sales of live albums, it just doesn't happen anymore. What does The Stones have to loose by doing this? Once you pay for the ticket and see the show, it's over. The music that's left behind, give it to the fans. There should never be a price tag on music that was for the moment, and that's what Stones music is. Every show is a microcosm of something that is not available in every day life, so after it's done and over, what else good is it then to just enjoy for years to come. There just shouldn't be a price on something that was given to us to enjoy for that very short time. If The Stones think that it's going to hurt the concert sales, that's just total BS! Music distributed freely will only increase the number of people that could be exposed to the live performances that may not get a chance to otherwise. It's a shame that The Stones don't always have the fans best interest in mind. I suppose that they are set in their ways this late in the game, so I really don't look for things to change at this point, but it sure would be nice!
08-22-02 05:57 PM
Moonisup I love that too, but dream on...........

[Edited by Moonisup]
08-22-02 07:29 PM
Gazza Every show that comes into circulation will be made available via this site complete with artwork as a CDR tree for any registered user who wants a copy ,so you wont have to remortage your house to collect the shows from this tour....just buy a good selection of blank CDR's
08-22-02 09:44 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Gazza, that's some good news. At least we have some true music lovers on this board who don't care just about the ole mighty Dollar!
08-22-02 10:31 PM
Mottrush That is excellent news! Count me in if you need a hand in the Southern Hemisphere.

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