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Topic: European Tour & Mick Taylor Return to archive
08-20-02 03:59 AM
The Europe leg of the tour is still being routed because they want to go to india beforehand but nothing is decided. Mick Taylor will not be performing at any shows on the whole tour.
08-20-02 04:02 AM
Moonisup But they will announce it October won't they, if you know, are the rumours true about so much shows in Holland?

thank you in advance!

Moon is up sun is down
08-20-02 04:06 AM
SERGEI A month ago I saw a schedule that had 6 dates in Holland but as I said this will probably have changed because of the India Situation.
08-20-02 04:17 AM
Moonisup Yeah, I saw it on IORR-site, so you mean the complete EURO-tour of 2003 is rescheduled? SO the IORR tour site isn't up to date anymore?

Nice of you for helping me out, and also for sharing you're info of the Toronto date!!

08-20-02 07:38 AM
Honky Tonk Man I VERY VERY much doubt the Stones will play India. You would have to be living i a cave not to realize there is trouble out there. Hell, if they are no playing in Brazil or Argentina they are most certainly not going to play India.

Dont worry Moonisup!, IORR is always spot on, what you see for the Europeon Dates is what we will get. I hope!!

08-20-02 07:39 AM
Moonisup I hope so Alex since I'm living in it, it will be great so much concerts in such a small country
08-20-02 07:51 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Of all of the euro nations The Dutch have the most insatiable appetite for tickets....hence the number of shows...sadly nothing to do with the fact that MT lives there.
08-20-02 08:02 AM
Moonisup Since you're a mick T fan, he lives in Groningen! the place where you fall of the earth! Groningen of all places!
But the Dutch have always been a great crowd, since we molested the cops at the Kurhaus!!
08-20-02 09:36 AM
Honky Tonk Man Plus, everything is Legal in Amsterdam!

08-20-02 10:55 AM
torn&frayed Sad news about MT Sergei but thanks for looking into it - was hoping against hope for a MT guest spot this time around given the whole 40th anniversary thing but I guess it's just not in the cards - makes you wonder though about how petty the Stones are in their business affairs - I think most will agree that the Taylor years produced the Stones best music and that was in large part due to Taylor's talent and musical influence. No knock on Ronnie but hearing Taylor perform live again w/the band would have provided the fans lucky enough to attend with a show they'd not soon forget.

It's unfortunate that many of the band's fans today have never had the opportunity to see MT perform live w/ them - at this point I guess they never will - For this 40th anniversary tour you'd think that would have held alot more weight in the band's thinking than whatever dollars and nonsense went down 25 years ago between them - sad, sad sad.

08-20-02 05:04 PM
SERGEI The IORR dates are wrong, the whole european tour is being re-routed. The Stones don't get along with Mick T anymore. It was sad, the last time I saw him was backstage at wembley on the B2B tour and he was so drunk he had to be escorted to his car. Fingers crossed one day he'll play with them again.
08-20-02 05:24 PM
Nellcote Look, let's stop this crying about Taylor coming back to the band.


Let him go play the Jimi Hendrix show. He's gone on with his life, let the Stones go on without him.

After all, that's what the guitar wizard wanted in '74 anyway!

Sure, it's great music, but-IT'S OVER FOLKS!!!

Ronnie has been in longer than Brian/Mick T together,
it's a different band.

The Stones owe him nothing, not one shot at playing, 40th
anniversary or not.

As far Sergi is concerned, thank you for the information!
08-21-02 04:25 PM
Shattered I think one good reason why we long to see M. Taylor play with the Stones again, other than the fact that with Taylor the Stones were almost God, is because deep down we know throughout the last 27 years Ronnie wasn't always deserving of the top guitar job he was given in 1975.
08-22-02 08:06 PM
Gimme Shelter Actually, according to the book "It's Only Rock & Roll, the Ultimate Guide to the Rolling Stones", Mick Taylor has played live with the Stones since his depature. On December 14, 1981 at the Kemper arena in Kansas, he played the entire show with them at the request of both Keith and Ron. He also was present when the Stones were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in '88.
08-22-02 10:48 PM
torn&frayed I'd heard about that performance - Anyone know if any boots exist of that show or has anyone here actually attended it? If so, how was it?
08-22-02 10:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, there's a crappy aud. tape that VGP put out. Show's not very good...Taylor was playing very pedestrian rehearsals what-so-ever...just walked out & winged it. Not the awe inspiring event that many would think it would be.
08-22-02 11:22 PM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
I VERY VERY much doubt the Stones will play India. You would have to be living i a cave not to realize there is trouble out there. Hell, if they are no playing in Brazil or Argentina they are most certainly not going to play India.

Dont worry Moonisup!, IORR is always spot on, what you see for the Europeon Dates is what we will get. I hope!!


....Well if there is to be a sub-continent leg of the tour they could always call it "The Armageddon Leg"....Is that politicaly incorrect?..Ooh, and the fire is sweeping my very street today.....
08-22-02 11:24 PM
beer Are there any pictures of that 81 gig where Taylor played with the Stones?
I still think it's quite possible that Taylor will make an appearence on this tour. If the Stones don't like him, why would they have let him play in 81, or why would Keith have let Taylor play on Talk Is Cheap? I'm pretty sure Keith and Mick Taylor played a little club gig in New York that was spur of the moment. Taylor was playing a solo show and Keith showed up(maybe it was the other way around) and went onstage and they played "Key to the Highway" and some others. If Keith will still play with Taylor then it's a possibility that he might play a show with the Stones.

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