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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

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Topic: Update on "Rocks Off" video tree & help needed Return to archive
08-21-02 03:26 PM
Gazza As some of you may know,about 5 weeks ago I mentioned the possibility of a 40-year Stones video retrospective being treed here on "Rocks Off"....obviously theres some questions still to be resolved with varying video formats etc, but I still intend going ahead with it..

Ive decided that the compilation will take the form of two x 3-hour videos (ie 6 hours in all). All of the material will consist of songs from TV shows and TV specials, televised concerts,pro-shot videos of concerts and some promo videos (excluding the obvious ones that are on Vh1 every few days etc). All tracks are complete songs.

the reason I picked 3 hour videos is because they seem to be the longest length of tape for North America which can easily bought and taped for standard play recordings..

Ive done a first draft of what will be on the SECOND video, which will cover the period from 1981 to date. The first video will obviously cover the period from the early 60's to 1980. Theres still a couple of items Im waiting to get in high quality for tape 2 before I decide on the final edit, but heres what Ive recorded on the 3- hour tape for the "rough edit" (the finished version wont differ TOO much)

Under My Thumb - Tempe 13/12/81
Worried About You - promo
Waiting On A Friend - promo
Hang Fire - promo
Hoochie Coochie Man - Checkerboard Lounge 22/11/81 with Muddy Waters (pro-shot)
Let It Bleed - hampton 18/12/81
Going To A Go Go - promo
Jumpin Jack Flash - Wembley 26/6/82 (pro-shot)
Undercover - 2nd promo video with more footage of the Stones
She was Hot - promo
Too Much Blood - promo
One Hit To The Body - BBC documentary footage plus promo
Continental Drift - "The stones in Morocco" BBC documentary footage
Sympathy For The Devil - Dallas 11/11/89 (pro-shot)
Little Red Rooster - Atlantic City 17/12/89 with Eric Clapton
Gimme Shelter - Tokyo 26/2/90
Street Fighting Man - Barcelona 14/6/90
High Wire - promo
Sex Drive - promo (uncensored - ie,the "Wolfpuss" version)
Love is Strong - promo
Memory Motel - Washington final rehearsal 31/7/94
Sweet Virginia - Miami 25/11/94
out Of tears - promo
Midnight rambler - Rio de janeiro 4/2/95
The Spider and the Fly - studio recording,Tokyo march 1995
Shine A Light - Paradiso,Amsterdam 27/5/95
Clip from BTB tour announcement, Brookly Bridge,NY 18/8/97
Shame Shame Shame - Double Door,Chicago 18/9/97
Corrina - St louis 12/12/97 with Taj Mahal (left off DVD/video release of this show)
Little Queenie - Buenos Aires 30/3/98
You cant Always Get What You Want - Bremen 2/9/98
IORR and interviews - Chicago 12/4/99 (TFI Its the Rolling Stones special)

Hope to round it off with some stuff from the 2002 New york press conference/blimp footage when it arrives here shortly - and even some 2002 concert footage if it becomes available soon!. Theres some nice two camera audience films from the No Security Tour,but Im looking for pro-shots if anyone can help,otherwise I'll be using IORR from Chicago which is slightly intercut with interview footage (funny interviews though)

For the FIRST tape,Im looking to see if anyone can help with EXCELLENT quality footage from US TV shows from the 60's ie Ed Sullivan,Shindig MUST feature entire songs,not clips). i have a lot of European/UK TV stuff like ready Steady Go.Top of the Pops etc in perfect quality and can use that OK,but to balance it I'd like to sue some American footage too (or even from farther afield if possible...there was some great looking German concert footage in that recent "let it Bleed" documentary which id love to see in full!)

08-21-02 03:53 PM
steven hello ,

if you give me your adress , i can send it to you.
i taped it and it`s a really good documentary

Steven from Hamburg / Germany
08-21-02 04:05 PM
Gazza Thanks Steven

What I meant was - I do HAVE that documentary (I picked it up on satellite TV and taped it myself) but on the documentary they showed some CLIPS of concert footage from Germany in 1965 or so which looked terrific...I was looking for more of the original 60's broadcasts in case it includes a FULL song (I think it was "satisfaction" in one of the recordings)
08-21-02 04:16 PM
steven oh sorry , i should better read the things i reply .

have a nice day
08-21-02 04:52 PM
MRD8 Gazza,
I mailed your package on Monday...I added quite a bit of extra footage to the press conference and Ladies & Gentlemen video's...some really rare stuff...
08-21-02 05:32 PM
Gazza cheers - the cheques in the post (famous last words,but it is - honest!)
08-21-02 10:50 PM
CHIEFMOON Gazza, send me your address and I'll send you all the Stones
stuff from the company issued Ed Sullivan show tapes.

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