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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

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Topic: 99 reasons to be juiced up and sloppy Return to archive
08-21-02 01:14 AM
Riffhard Songs rehearsed as of 8/20
Stray Cat Blues
Mother's Little Helper
Blinded by Love
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
Turd on the run
Torn and Frayed
Thru and Thru
You got me rocking
Baby break it down
Beast of Burden
She's so cold
sweet virginia
Hitch Hike
Out Of Time
Hand Of Fate
Just my imagination
she smiled sweetly
Loving Cup
Turd on the run
Walk and Don't Look Back
I Got the Blues
Rocks Off
Harlem Shuffle
Just My Imagination
Miss you
Wild Horses
Monkey Man
When the Whip Comes Down
Cherry Oh Baby
Mannish Boy
Out of Tears
Rip This Joint
If You Can't Rock Me
Worried About You
Thief in the Night
Dead Flowers
Little Queenie
That's How Strong My Love Is
Salt of the Earth
All About You
I Can't Turn You Loose
Dear Doctor
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
How Can I Stop
Heart of Stone
I'm a King Bee
Brand New Car
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Hot Stuff
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Can't You Hear Me Knockin
Don't Stop---new song
I'm A King Bee
Paint It Black
She's A Rainbow
ROcks Off
Casino Boogie
Little Red Rooster
Mannish Boy
Hoochie Coochie Man
Love Train --the OJs
Little T n A
Ruby Tuesday
Rock Me Baby
I'm A Hawg For You
Love Train
Hip Shake
Dance Little Sister
Silver Train
The Worst
Going To A Go Go
Sad Sad Sad
Flight 505.
Like a Rolling Stone
Dance (Pt. I)
I Get A Kick Out of You
Monkey Man
No Expectations
Slipping Away
How Can I stop
Mixed Emotions
You Don't Have to Mean It
As Tears Go By
Start Me Up
All Down the Line
Beast of Burden
Tumbling Dice
All Down the Line

A very special thanks to StonesDoug from Shidoobee for compiling this updated list from the reahersals.

So this all very exciting,but how many of these cuts do think we are really gonna get?I mean,As Tears Go By?!That ain't gonna make the cut with the possible exception of a club gig.Same goes for She Smiled Sweetly.Hitch Hike?Winter?!I mean shit they've reahersed Flight 505 for god's sake!

I'd love to see every song on that list.Obviously they are reahersing a boat load of material for three venue plan.I'm just wondering what kind of set lists we're going to get at the different venues.The stadiums are going to get more than their share of the warhorses for sure,but I really think the arenas are going to get some real treats.Once they take the B stage and get that small club feel working I'm sure they'll be droping some very sweet treats indeed.

Damn!I am slap full up with Stonesitus and tour fever.Dear doctor please help me.I damaged.................


08-21-02 01:57 AM
parmeda "Juiced Up and Sloppy", Riff? ...

I think more on the lines of "Moist and Gonna Lose It Any Second Now"

What a list! I can't imagine how they're going to decide. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that discussion. I wonder...who really has the last word on the set lists? Is it a group effort? Does Mick and/or Keith have the last word on it? Does it matter? They can pull titles out of a hat and I'd be happy with that...

Yes, the anticipation is agonizing...

08-21-02 03:19 PM
jb Please god almighty, not Sad, Sad, Sad..horrible in 89 and what a wasted slot if this is played!!!
08-21-02 03:21 PM
Moonisup jb rules!! sad sad sad is sad sad sad
08-21-02 03:35 PM
sirmoonie I think its slicker than seagull snot that they are rehearsing Love Train by the OJs. Dynamicalistic, in fact.
08-21-02 03:38 PM
jb "Get all aboard, hold hands, on the love train , love train, tell all the folks in Egypt and Israel too"
08-21-02 03:50 PM
Moonisup I really don't know the song 'Love train'. Is it a good ore bad stonessong??

Chuck is down
08-21-02 04:08 PM
sirmoonie It isn't a "stonessong" hence the words "Love Train by the OJs."

The OJs were a Philly 70s soul group. As far as Stones doing material from that genre, I think there are better choices for the Stones than Love Train. Can't see Mick singing it. But it still is slicker than seagull snot that they are doing it. Thass a fack.

"What dey do....dey smile in you face, Ronnie!"
08-21-02 04:11 PM
jb It is a song recorded by the American group the O.J.'s who where a popular group in the early 70's recording on the MowTown label along with many other outstanding African-American groups like the Temptations,Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Supremes, little Stevie Wonder, etc. It is a cool song which got regular airplay in the early 70's.
08-21-02 04:15 PM
Moonisup Thanks jb!!

Moon is up

Chuck the fuck is down
08-21-02 05:02 PM
stonedinaustralia jb sorry to be a pedantic prat (but i can't seem to help myself)

the o'jays were not a motown band- they were from Philadelphia not Detroit and recorded for Philadelphia International home of the "the Philly Sound" and the Gamble/Huff songwriting/production team

as i mentioned on a previous post i reckon "backstabbers" would have been a better choice than "love train" but as mentioned above it is great that they are doing it

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]

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